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How To Get Lipstick Off of a Cat

Would you like to know how to get lipstick off of a cat?


Blue Dawn. Blue Dawn is how to get lipstick off of a cat.


how to get lipstick off of a cat blue Dawn is how to get lipstick off of a cat fuck yeah keywords blue Dawn gets lipstick off cats get lipstick off of a cat with blue Dawn I'm pretty sure this isn't how SEO works anymore Amy how to get lipstick off of a cat blue Dawn there's no stopping me now because I know how to get lipstick off of a cat you know how BLUE DAWN that's how do I think there's super heavy search engine competition for "how to get lipstick off of a cat" or something (FYI blue Dawn in how you get lipstick off of a cat) no I just want to help anyone else who needs to get lipstick off of a cat because apparently getting lipstick on a cat is a thing that can happen in your life and you just need the Internet to tell you that blue Dawn is how you get lipstick off of a cat blue Dawn cat blue Dawn lipstick blue Dawn off redrum redrum redrum

Thank you for the advice, Internet. Let us now never speak of this again. 



If that cat shits blue bubbles you're on your own (though probably the internet will have a cure for that as well, and a cure for the cure's cure's cure that includes green Dawn for curing blue poop bubbles in cats Dawn dish liquid is amazing green Dawn oh but wait SEO isn't in comments I don't think damn green Dawn antibacterial).


Taking credit on this one! I was the first to propose it on your last blog post, even if you find the idea somewhere else...


Blue Dawn also gets hair dye out of your hair. Once I self dyed my hair and it was a disaster. That blue dawn pulled that too dark permanent hair dye right out of my hair. And then conditioned the crap out of my hair because it was SO dry!!


Blue Dawn can do most anything! Hooray for Blue Dawn!

Kaycee in Texas

Blue Dawn also works when your two year old covers their entire body with peanut butter and you not only have to figure out how to remove peanut butter from the child, but also the bathtub and the bar of soap that end up also coated in peanut butter from your first ineffectual attempts at remediation.

LD's Mom

In my quick Google search you notched out Yahoo Answers for the number one spot. That's a win, right?


Poor Max! I still am in shock that you are able to bathe him. I can't imagine even trying to bathe my 2 Siamese cats... I mean, aren't cats self cleaning?? (Unless covered in lipstick, of course)


JUST.DYING.OVER.HERE. I'm pretty sure that's not how SEO works either, except, APPARENTLY IT IS (though my Google still shows Yahoo answers ahead of your post, but let's let the linkbait sink in a bit. =])


:) love blue dawn. A bath with blue dawn helps with poison ivy, gets the bad oil off your skin. It gets butter and grease off of your favorite jeans too.


I believe that Blue Dawn will take anything off of anything else. It also works for bad hair dye. . . ask me how I know. . .


Hahah, you're #2 on Google search results.



Oh man. You kill me. Blue DAWN!! I'll never look at cat hair on my lipstick the same again.


You're a better and more determined woman that I. I just would've left it and let him lick it off on his own. But I'm sorry and lazy like that! :)


Blue Dawn does not, however, remove an entire jar of Vick's Baby Rub from a three year old's curly hair. Even washing with it twice. Even washing with it twice and 13 times with shampoo. Even washing with it twice, 13 times with shampoo, and letting three days pass before trying again.

Sue W.

Blue Dawn will also relieve some (not ALL) of the pain of Fire Ant bites. Do not dilute, use full strength.Apply with a Q-Tip.
Blue Dawn may be the Windex of our generation! See: My Big, Fat Greek Wedding.


Who knew. Well, now the Internets do. You're #1 on my Google search. Well done. (Poor kitty.)


Can Blue Dawn get ink off of a cat? Not to scare you or anything but my kids are 17 and 14 and though you would think the color the cat phase was over (like I did) I'm still surprised from time to time to find the cat has gone blue or red when I get home.

If it does, can some one send me a bottle or two because I live in France and we may have the Eiffel Tower, but we most definitely do not have anything like Blue Dawn.

Thank you!


While eating lunch on the patio of the restaurant in my building at work, a window washer was working nearby, and I asked him what they use to clean skyscrapers. Yep. Blue Dawn.


You might want to get Ike this book. Haha.


Back to #1 google search result! Congrats.


#2 on my search. I'm also in the camp of I Can't Believe Your Cat Tolerates A Bath. I'd have to use raptor gloves to get away with that in my house.


Huzzah! Second and third spot on Google! Now I need to remember this Blue Dawn tip for later.


Blue Dawn will also suffocate the fleas on a brand new (to us) puppy (procured from the Amish) who is too young for other flea treatments. Sometimes a second scrub is needed, but dayum, it worked! Who knew?! (The pet store I called, that's who....)


You may only be the second search result for "how to get lipstick off a cat" but you're the first search result for "Blue Dawn redrum."


If they use Dawn for getting the junk off of ducks caught in oil spills, then yes, lipstick off a cat should work;)


It is also the only thing that will remove Aquaphor from a 2.5 year old girl's hair. If she happened to be left alone in a bathroom at a friend's house and attempted to wash her hair and face while washing her hands for dinner. All with Aquaphor. So much gloopy, thick, vaseline-like Aquaphor. It also took a full three blue Dawn shampoos and a fine tooth comb to get it out of her hair. She used a lot of Aquaphor. Her friend's dad now calls her Shiny.


#2 in my google search just now :)


You're an asshole. You ask for advice from these nice people and then become bitchy when you get it? Get over yourself, you're not as relevant as you think.


you rock & blue dawn is awesome & this why you bathe your animals when they're babies - so they'll tolerate getting lipstick off with blue dawn as adults!

Wish U.S Were Here

Haha! I can imagine how many people google that question and will now have this pop up! Also, I have a really important question.. Did you ever find the T2 shorts?!?!

Elisabet M

Hahahaha! Poor cat :( But your post is #1, #2 AND #3 when I googled it.

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