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Noah made this in art class. It's a bell. A holiday bell. 

I mean. What did YOU think it was? Come on now. OBVIOUSLY you grab the pink part and shake it, and then there's a smaller blue ball inside the big blue ball part that kinda...dings or something. 

You perv, you.



This was me a couple weeks ago, rocking out with my fanny pack pain pump. I never left the house with it (other than to the doctor's office), and now that might be my single biggest regret of this whole surgery experience. Look at it! It's magnificent. So sassy. Perfect for cell phone, keys, etc. If I still had it I'd wear that shit everywhere. 

RIP fanny pack pain pump. 


Photo 1

I gave our trusty Ikea high chair away to a friend, and once Ezra noticed its absence, he immediately filled the void with Bloon and her booster seat. He sets out a different dinner for her every night. 

This tortilla-filled sandwich was her Christmas feast, and was admittedly a little heavy on the carbs. But hey! It's a holiday. Go nuts, girl.

(In the background: A DC Super Hero Cookbook for kids, a gift to him from my mom. It's hilarious and Ezra's obsessed with it.)


Photo 2

For my birthday, the recipient of our high chair gave me the classic combination of Brown Booze and Lisa Frank. The pen writes in six (6) colors and yes, there are one thousand, eight hundred and eighty five (1,885) stickers in that book and I have not shared a single one with my children. Because they are mine and I need all of them for reasons.



OF COURSE you don't share those Lisa Frank stickers! That shit used to be more valuable in elementary school than cigs are in prison :P


OK at first I thought EZRA gave you the booze and stickers and I thought, hmm, how did he buy that?

Also this made me laugh. A lot.


So jealous! Lisa Frank brings back such awesome memories.


Absolutely do not share those Lisa Frank stickers, or the sweet pen. Also, I love Bloon so much.

Lisa (Yes that's really my name)

I am a 32 year old engineer working at a robotics company. My heart still races at the idea of that many Lisa Frank stickers.


Oh,The Mighty. It's a good thing I only know you through the computer, or I may have had to gobble him and Bloon right up. As it is, I'm eyeing my own adorable 5 year old right now. Cutiepie with a side of graham cracker crumbs for second breakfast!

And I just one-clicked the hell out of that cookbook, yes I did.


Fun random Lisa Frank story: one of my chickens escaped and ended up in her yard.


Noah's bell is awesome. Such innocence. Enjoy it now, because, you know, teen-dom is lurking. And I'm happy to see Bloon still holds a place of prominence in Ezra's life. Lurv him.


I love everything about this post.

But especially Bloon.

Sue W.

Bloon is a lucky girl to have Zah for her person. The 12 year old by in me snickered at Noah's bell. I'm sorry and I'm sending myself to the corner for a time-out!

Sue W.

"By" = boy. Sorry


Noah's bell made me spew my drink at a coffee shop. Literally.

Have you given Ezra the Gross-Out Cakes cookbook? It's pretty great, in a disgusting kind of way.


I can't wait to watch food network one day and see His All Mighty Za-ness on Chopped or something. Also you never fail to make me smile :)


And then Amazon suggested I get a motherfucking Batman cookie cutter along with the book and I'm all OK fine sure, whatever, I'll use it. I MEAN HE'LL USE IT.


I work in a 4th/5th classroom that has been doing a mask making workshop with a local theater group. Imagine my mirth as I helped them create their elephants and unicorns and EVERY LAST mask is innocently, but unmistakably, phallic. I suggested that we sell them at a fundraiser to raise money for classroom supplies ("Penises For Pencils").


Please pull that "bell" out at his high school grad party. PLEEEEEEEASE.


I had never heard of Lisa Frank. I'm a little older than you are, so I guess I missed the fad. Thanks for the link. What a crazy story--and so sad. Would be nice if she could get mental help and return her brand to greatness. Can't help but think of her boys in the context of that story, either.

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