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#THATDRESS is blue and black, you are all insane, like literally the entire Internet is taking crazy pills because that is a blue goddamn dress. Also I forgot my Twitter password and am too lazy to reset it so I'm posting this here because Typepad remembers my Twitter password and will post my Very Important Opinion on this Very Important Matter for me. 

(Jason sees white and gold, as do several other friends and coworkers I have randomly polled and bothered on Skype. They are obviously wrong and yet not to exaggerate or freak out here, but this whole thing has still managed to make me doubt everything I thought I knew to be true, because I just looked at the dress again and realized it's becoming MORE BLUE each time I see it. YOU GUYS THERE IS A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX WE'RE ALL ACTUALLY NAKED ROBOT FUEL FLOATING IN GOOP BECAUSE THERE IS NO DRESS.)

(Or: White balance and science. Either/or.)

Anyway, while I'm here, I guess I should think of some other things to talk about? 

1) Snow days and two hour delays and ALSO two-hour-delays-that-turn-into-full-snow-days-an-hour-later are all politely invited to SUCK IT. 

2) We had Noah's annual IEP meeting this week and absolutely nothing worth blogging about happened. That is a damn good IEP meeting. Noah rocks, as does his school.

3) Twice-baked sweet potatoes with bacon-sesame brittle. You are welcome. Feel free to substitute ice cream for the sweet potatoes, or to just make a batch of bacon brittle and eat it straight out of some Gladware for a couple days. 

4) I have a headache right now, either from low blood sugar or from staring at that goddamned (BLUE) dress too hard all morning, but I feel like both causes could be fixed with some bacon brittle.

5) Yep yeah gotta go got important things to do with bacon. 





Sorry, but it looks white and gold to me! No blue or black at all!


Yes! I thought I was losing my damn mind last night... that dress is BLUEBLUEBLUE. My fiance sees "white and beige", and I don't know if I can marry him now.

Bacon brittle sounds like heaven...


I see light blue and bronze...

I need to know what this says about me.


It keeps switching on me! Obviously white & gold and then, just as obviously blue & black. I am doubting my own sanity.


Tiffany, I see light blue and bronze too! And nobody is mentioning that at all. Are our eyes broken?


Tara, maybe it's a "T" name thing. That's all I've got!


The dress is white and gold. WHITE. AND. GOLD. That is all.


Blue and black!


"Feel free to substitute ice cream for the sweet potatoes." How many other recipes does this work with?


Of course it's blue!


Tiffany and Tara -- light blue and bronze for me too.


Who cares about that stupid (white and gold) dress?! LLAMAS. I mean, priorities, people.


BLUE AND BLACK. Everybody else is insane. It's BLUE. It's not like it's light blue, people! It's a very obviously blue shade of blue. Crazy.


It's an optical illusion - your retina is compensating for the overexposed background. Here's a good explanation: Also, optical illusions are awesome to show your kids. These are great:


Right? So fucking blue.

I totally found where they sold the dress, it's ACTUALLY blue. We win.


I'm so over that stupid dress. I hate it. I was seeing white gold until I watched the video explaining how it tricks the mind. Then I saw blue black. Now the stupid thing changes every time I look at it.

Sue W.

Kinda like the optical illusion of is it two faces or is it a vase, every blessed time I look at that stoopid dress, I see a different color. I so hope the Interwebs is ready to move, the. eff. on. today!


Did u see the new bacon wrapped pizza from Litt le Cesars? Bacon wraps completely around the crust. America is just going to die of a heart attack like right now.


So, the dress is white/gold and everyone else are either liars or are having some sort of mass-hallucination.

UNTIL I happened to scroll past the dress and it turned black/blue. ?! Now I can see it as white/gold, black/blue, or blue/brown.

Try scrolling/moving it around quickly and see if it changes for you. Apparently, 75% of people see the white/gold version, 25% see the black/blue.


Light blue and bronze. That is all

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