Oh, Floridaaaa
When Working From Home Attacks!

You'd Think After a Week of Not Writing I'd Have Something to Talk About Besides Soap.

Second (and last) long-ass business trip on the month is over. Nothing like working a ton of 17-hour days in a row and then coming home all, "OH MY GOD I ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING AND NOW HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO."

It's good to be home again. And to not have to go ANYWHERE else for a good long time, except maybe to go buy some wine.

It's also good to have blog readers who Really Get You.



Big thank you to Kristen who MAY or MAY NOT have used her important J-O-B connections to hook me up with a very special room service delivery of ALL OF THE HYATT SOAPS.

Seriously. Look at all these fucking soaps. 


(Not including the three additional non-packaged soaps in active rotation in my soap dish, shower and travel toiletry bag. YASSSSSS.)

So I suppose I finally have enough soaps to stop panicking about running out before the next time I stay at a Hyatt. Maybe. Possibly.


Also, because we're sharing and I try to be a very honest and transparent blogger, I have one last confession. This happened:


I suppose this is the final nail in the I'M A PROFESSIONAL BLAWWWWGGGGGER COOL KID coffin, because I ditched my aging, groaning MacBook for a Surface Pro ahead of this business trip. Because it was small and light and practical and I can doodle proofreading marks on the screen. And now my carry-on bag doesn't burst all the blood vessels in my shoulder by the time I get through airport security.

(True story.) 

I am now a full-time corporate drone who occasionally blogs for fun during my 17 minutes of free time each week. The circle of life, or maybe just money. 

But at least my skin looks radiant, and my shoulder is SEXY AS FUCK. 



Do you love the Pro? I'm deciding between a Surface Pro and a Macbook Pro for my personal computer. Enjoy the soap!

Sue W.

So now you're a soap-aholic? I guess there are worse things you could be.


I love that you got your soap!!! It's little things in life like having the perfect soap for your skin that make life so much more pleasant. :)


Microsoft noooooo! ;) (Seriously though, Macbook Air! No doodles, but I mean..)


You made me laugh out loud by writing about soaps and shoulders! No pressure, but you can not be this good at your other job... probably you are. :)


But what if the Hyatt changes their soap? I hoard deodorant for exactly that reason- they're always discontinuing my scents!

Suzy Q



OMG I GOT A MENTION ON THE BLOG!!! So happy to help you GET ALL THE SOAPS! Also happy you are home for awhile.


Pls blog about the surface pro, because I am also becoming more professional-like what with the kid deciding to grow up and get all independent on me. Also happy that you will be home for awhile.


Oh but it is the BEST soap...I *might* have entirely too many bars in my closet...thank you to the really cool maid


My Mac just died and I am wallowing in indecision about its replacement. Yes, please do tell more about your purchase.

Fraulein N

I've never even tried that soap, but looking at these pictures of ALL THE SOAP makes me feel like I need it in my life.


Dude, I'm a full time corporate drone and I spend my 17 minutes a week, like budgeting or picking my butt or watering my fruit trees or watching DEEPLY unredeeming TV. (Like the worst TV, I'm serious.) I don't even blawg! You gotta do what you gotta do. I say this as a single mom of two who is so cursed as to not. enjoy. my job. But it pays the bills, even comfortably, so I don't even know how much longer I can complain.

[Heh. I think/hope you will get that.]

I'm just saying, I do miss hearing from you more, but hell, 17 minutes spent on your internet minions is good enough, and who could fault you for turning in the direction of consistent, reliable support for your own little minions.

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