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This post is sponsored by Munchkin.

Today I am writing about the most disgusting room in my house: My children's bathroom.

Don't get me wrong, I try. I clean it more than any other bathroom in the house. We haven't been able to invest in a real update/makeover but I at least painted it, bought the coordinating towels/shower curtain/bathmat things, added extra storage, and hung cute-slash-funny-cuz-they're-true prints on the wall. 


(It's like a SAT question in action: Rank these three activities in order of Always, Sometimes and Ha Ha Yeah Fat Chance.)

And yet every time I go in there it's disgusting all over again. Why is there toothpaste everywhere? What is splattered all over the mirror? How did all these Cheerios get stuck to this hand towel? Why are there two dozen band-aid wrappers piled in the sink? Is that lipstick or blood on the wall, oh my God, and WHY IS THE FLOOR SO STICKY?

Sometimes I am tempted to just stop going in there. Just cede control of the bathroom to the children, close the door and never speak of it again. Maybe tie a white disinfecting wipe to the doorknob as a flag of surrender.

That's probably why, after all these years and many many boy children, we still bathe all three kids together, assembly line style. Get in, get clean, and get out so I can also get out of here before I notice that someone peed on the shower curtain. AGAIN. 

Okay, fine. I'm not that mean. They love bathtime, and it's probably the ONE TIME they miraculously manage to co-exist in a small crowded space without a war breaking out. When we bathe them separately they never seem to have as much fun, so fine. Everybody in!

Three kids in one small bathtub doesn't leave much room for anything else, toy-wise, but they always make it work by simply playing upwards and outwards. 




We bought our first set of these Munchkin letters when Noah was a baby. We're on our second set now, but mostly because the kids kept taking their favorite letters out of the bathroom and losing them. 


And everybody knows you can't properly act out Chicka Chicka Boom Boom without a full alphabet. H is at the top of the dated 70s tile tree. 

(P.S. Points to Ezra for spelling out my name. I'm pretty sure he was just angling for an after-bath lollipop but I'll take it.)



And now, the BEST PART:


Glorious. It's like the one little thing that gives me a sense of control in a bathroom full of chaos. 

Actually, scratch that. There's a second little thing, which became an obvious necessity in the wake of the great Lipstick On A Cat (Among Many Other Beauty Products) Debacle of 2014





Man, instead of wasting all those words complaining about the (disgusting) bathroom, I should have just made this post be an Ode to the Folding Footstool, complete with the musical number from Waiting For Guffman. Ike can no longer drag a stool around for medicine cabinet mischief purposes, and I can stash it away so I have one less thing to trip over/curse at/clean toothpaste off of. LOVE THIS STOOL. HATE THAT FLOOR TILE. 

Thanks again to Munchkin for sponsoring this post and for continuing to make such awesome products we've used and loved for many, many years now. *pours one out for our old Munchkin sippy cups* 

GIVEAWAY TIME: Five (5) winners will receive one (1) Secure Grip Bath Caddy™ and one (1) set of 5 Sea Squirts. Must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident. Enter via this Rafflecopter giveaway between today (March 30) and April 6th. 

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I love Munchkin's sippy cups and spoons. Will have to check out their bath products too!


This is my life.


We loved the letters! When my girls were little, I may or may not have used them to spell out bad words to entertain myself during bath time. And then they learned to read...LOL!


The folding footstool - genius!

Lauren B

Fantastic. Still rocking the munchkin diaper pail at my place.


I'm super interested in this foot stool. Currently we had a huge wooden rubber ducky stool and I hate it with a passion.


With 4 kids and 4 bathrooms we definitely need another stool! We are on out third set of those letters!


My sister has four boys (bless her heart) ranging from ages 13-3. They monitor the dishing out of the toothpaste assembly line style. I used to think it was crazy before I had my own kids.

It's pretty genius.


We love those letters, too! They got a little chewed on during the early childhood months, but held up surprisingly well!


OMG...those Munchkin snack catchers are STILL in use in my house and car...with my SIX year old. Thanks for never having to vacuum my car, Munchkin!


Amalah, what is that lovely contraption in the corner of the bathtub holding the letters?

It's not the secure grip bath caddy, but something else, and the link on the photo only goes to munchkin's general website.

Help? This sponsored post is handy! We love the letters ourselves but need to contain them better.


I need this in my life!


We had to zip tie our stools to the kitchen island. I understand the need to fold up a foot stool.


These letters are important.

Angie Rogers-Howell

I love their sippy cups. Must check out this stool. I have a 16 month old who insists on climbing on everything and creating much havoc everywhere she goes!


My three girls (5, 2, 9 months) are bathed together and would love, love, love this prize!


These look cute!


Oh a folding stool is a must-have in our teeny tiny half-bath (the only bathroom on the main floor) with a 4-year-old boy and a chair-height toilet! :D


Having a very "duh" moment that I didn't know bath letters existed. My son is alphabet obsessed and has been grabbing letter magnets to bring in the tub, and I decided that wasn't a battle I felt like having so I let him.

Alexia C

Folding footstool = genius!


Kids are so different. My son figured out how to unfold our stool before he was two, long before his older sister.

May I ask why the boys aren't made to clean after themselves? Maybe they are, but they just don't do it if you aren't watching? I hate toothpaste on the sink so I monitor the toothpaste every night, and have my daughter (just turned six) clean up any messes. I'm also trying to teach my son to clean up his pee messes. If I find a mess, I ask him to come wipe it up.


I've all but abandoned the bathtub. I put the boys in our walk in shower and then I don't have to kill my back and knees leaning over the tub. The letters and other stick ons are the best for playing in the shower!


When my sister-in-law gave us flat bath things, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out they could go on the wall. I just couldn't figure out how to assemble the pirate ship for the water when it had no connector tabs. DUH.


folding step stools are the best invention ever. i have yet to find a suction cup toy caddy that works though. let's see if I win :)


We love our Munchkin letters too - favorite bathtime toy for a long time!


Love that step stool! It would be perfect for our one tiny bathroom.


The mesh tub toy holder is genius!


we used to have those letters and i almost forgot about them! hope to win or buy another set!


Bathrooms are the worst. But those alphabet letters look fun!


Love the Munchkin Elmo spoon and fork.


We have that stool! We love the folding nature, but apparently you are better at hiding it away than I am. We also have the heavy Ikea stepstools, which only my five year old is really strong enough to carry around. My not-quite-two-year-old much prefers the munchkin stool. He folds up the stool, carries it to where he wants to make mischief and unfolds it, all without any help! Now that we have it, his destructive mischief is completely independent!


that stool is awesome fold it up and hide until needed


That corner organizer would be handy!


I already have too many munchkin products to name. But we might just have to get a set of those letters. If I can pry the "red boat" out of her hands at bath time she might learn something...

Kim Z

We have a bunch of munchkin feeding products. Love their plates and cups.


My absolute favorite Munchkin products are the multi-plates and -bowls!

My kids eat on almost nothing else. We have the previous colors though, and so because I am anal about such things, we can't buy any new ones!!! Good thing they last forever! Now I just have to wash, wash, wash!


Imight get that footstool, my baby is almost two and should be enabled to wash his hands himself.

Pee on shower curtain: IKEA has nice washable ones that dry in less than an hour - no more icky vinyl.

Lucia Frohling

I am SO getting that stool! I have twin two year olds... enough said!


I love the corner 'basket'! Wish I had that when the grandchildren come to visit.


But where do you hide the folding footstool? Simon has one, and he carries it around the whole house. Sigh.


I just had to say "Stools are for fools!"

Love that movie...

Carolyn A

Bowls with lids!!! I freakin' love those.


The 360 cup looks neat.


You've got me pretty intrigued by the folding stool--can the boys fold it and unfold it themselves so that I don't have to run up there to assist each time they need to wash hands?


I love the inflatable ducky bathtub! Our almost-3-year-old is still using it!

Jenn S.

folding footstool -- so awesome!


Oh I love our folding footstool... I'm short, we have a 2 story house, my kids are 6 and 2, so we have two stools in the downstairs for kitchen and half-bathroom sink use, and 3 upstairs... A 2-step for the 2 year old for teeth and hair, a one-step for the 6 year old so they can both use the sink at the same time, AND one in the 6yo's closet so she can actually reach her hanging stuff.

The folding stool is my favorite, though. It lives downstairs so I can reach things too. The kids can both totally fold it and carry it around, only sometimes pinching their fingers in the process... Good thing my kids are not the "smear stuff everywhere" or "use a stool to get into mischief" types! My 6 year old grabs a counter stool but all she does with it is fix herself breakfast 😂

Melissa D

I love their spoons!


My sole male child is 14 and has his very own bathroom to use and keep clean. His aim is absolutely horrible and my female-y suggestions to SIT DOWN or at least POINT IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT are lost on him when he is groggily going during the night. I'm now on to AT LEAST USE A CLOROX WIPE ON IT AFTERWARDS AND DO NOT FORGET THE FLOOR. In my mind, though, I'm thinking four more years and the dorm staff will be on it.

Nikki Johnson

The caddy. Mama needs that caddy.


I love their sippy cups, bowls, utensils, etc.


I just wanted to say that we have that floor tile as well. Used to be in both bathrooms, but the upstairs is now one nice sheet of vinyl. But I also loathe that tile, it's horrible.


Oh holy crap that hanging basket looks amazing.




I love your blog! My baby is obsessed with the Munchkin rubber duck. Like, lights up in smiles and manic giggles obsessed.


We still have those letters, but they're pretty grody from all that soap scum!


I love those letters! Going on kid #3 in our house.?we also have the snack traps- genius!


They have thr best spoons


The arm and hammer diaper bag and dispensers are AMAZING.


I finally bought a folding step stool at Christmas for the kitchen. Now the 9 year old can reach more stuff and the 12 year old can reach the higher stuff (like when he unloads the dishwasher there no reason to not put something away) and it's handy for me but easy to store. I just cleaned their bathroom today. I have Oscar and Felix. You can look at the sink/counter and tell.

Christine Treece

Why have I never heard of this before! The bathtub toy scoop is the best thing! Awesome!

Emilia Hald

Those letters look so great. Maybe they would make my son like bath time again.


I loved those letters. They were THE BEST for baths. My other favorite-till-I-die Munchkin product is the teeny medicine cup that comes with a pacifier attachment. I give that to every new mom I know.


This is one of my biggest fears


We have the letters so we definitely need to the caddy.


Just bought a set of the bath letters a couple of weeks ago. I'd been eyeing them for ages. And also for ages, our kid ate chunks out of books, destroyed indestructible teethers and foam didn't seem like a good idea. We're finally passed the "gnaw on everything" stage, and I used the letters as the prize for filling up the potty sticker chart. Last I saw them, she was making alphabet soup. Pretty sure they are currently in the pretend kitchen microwave. Great toy.

Lisa W

I love the bath caddy and we lived by the sippy cups when DD was little.


Quit hatin. I'm 71 and I hate that tile too, but it is coming back in. (I know, I'm pissed too).

Theresa B

The super scoop!


I've been using the munchkin bottle warmer to scald my milk once I found out that I have a lipase issue. It's been a life saver and really easy to use.


That bath toy holder looks fantastic! Love our munchkin sippy cups too.


Ok, not going to lie, I totally want the bathtub caddy to hold my book and drink in the bath... And ohmagerd the turtle!


I love that footstool!! We have so many Munchkin products that I swear we single-handedly keep them in business!


Our three kids get bathed together for the same reasons, and the only bath toys we have in the tub right now are those letters too, and we also have the little folding stool. The biggest difference at our house? Our not-quite-two-year-old has just about figured out how to fold and unfold the stool. We're doomed.


Snack Catchers are life savers!!!


Our favorite is the Munchkin snack cups. They (mostly) keep the cereal in the bowl on the way to daycare. :)


We love those bath letters! I need that folding stool.

Kristin C

We have some of Munchkin's feeding products - currently trying to get our 7 month old to explore the Miracle 360 sippy cup! I can't wait to get some of their items for the bathroom once we hit that stage of childhood! The folding stool will be great, as our son's bathroom is also our guest bathroom.


I don't have any yet. But this stuff looks sweet.


We love those bath letters!


Stool boom!

Sarah N.

I like the straw sippies and the snack cups.


Love their sippy cups!


want those letters!

Mary H.

We love our Munchkin bath letters!


My fave is the fold away stool. We have one and use it for everything!!

Mary Pat

Bath time is easier (and somehow quicker?) with two kids. Munchkin makes quality products. Can't beat their silly cups! And the Munchkin dishwasher basket we have been using for three plus years looks as new as the day we got it.


Love the Munchkin snack catchers! our dog does not.

Melinda Michelle

My baby is only 2 months old, so we use the munchkin dishwasher basket for bottle parts- each grandparent has exclaimed how much that wish they'd had one!


This is inspiring me to break out the Munchkin letters that we got for Christmas but have been sitting in a bag ever since!


I love my seat guardians. They make me feel like one day, actual people will be able to sit on my seats instead of my super safe, super heavy, car seats.

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