Fat Hot Ham: Liveblog Edition
Boss Cat

Killingme, VT

This was Them, last Thursday morning, approximately one minute into our drive up to Killington, Vermont. 


This was Me.


Jason's brother has a condo at the ski resort, and it's been over 10 freaking years since we've gone there, much to my ski bum husband's displeasure. But making the drive while pregnant, or with a baby, or with someone still potty training (and we've had at least one of those things going on every winter for the past decade) has always killed any chance at visiting.

This year we had no such excuse, other than my own abject terror.


(This was Me approximately two minutes into the drive, marking the occasion of Noah's very first ARE WE THERE YET?)

The boys watched DVDs the entire way up and trashed the minivan with spilled juice boxes, granola bar wrappers and upended containers of fries. Ike at least took a long nap, while the other two took turns covering the whining shift. Our GPS promised to get us there in 7.5 hours; we arrived well over 12 hours later thanks to five different people's out-of-sync demands of food, caffeine and bathrooms.

(And of course just about every bathroom demand came about 30 seconds after we passed the last rest stop for the next 75 miles.)

(There was some roadside peeing and I will not apologize for it.)

(Them, not me. I remained a picture of grace and dignity while frantically dashing into fast food places where I had zero intention of purchasing anything.)

The next couple days were better.


I didn't get to ski (ha ha ha I make it sound like I wanted to ha ha ha you know I would fall on my ass and break a million bones), but mostly hung out with my awesome sister-in-law while the boys all attended lessons and camps and had a blast.



IMG_0590 (1)



Seeing how happy it made Jason to share his sport with the boys actually made me reconsider my non-skiing-non-dying stance. He managed to get me to promise to give it another try next year.


It's only fair, since he's always supported my interests in Competitive Wine Drinking While Sitting On Comfortable Couches. 

Ike got really into the ski resort town fashion scene.






They all bonded with their cousin, who could be Ezra's long-lost sister.


Noah taught her how to play Minecraft. She fit right in. 


I didn't sleep very well, I gained like five pounds and the drive home yesterday was long and boring and aggravating.


I can't wait to go back.



Love all the pictures, and especially the ones of the boys in their ski outfits. Sounds like a great trip.


Tell Jason you want PRIVATE lessons for several days when you go. A couple of full days and then an hour each morning to remind you of what you learned. Under no circumstances let someone you know try to teach you (unless they teach skiing for a living). And then be ready for the boys to ski (literal) circles around you while they encourage you.


OMG...the Ikeness in his goggles. Swoon.


Those Ike pictures-all the pictures are DARLING!! I love when you have pictures in a post :) We regularly (2-3 times a year) drive 8 hours to my hometown, granted we only have one toddler. BUT if we travel during daytime, it easily will take 10-12 hours. We usually leave around 4, I take the first driving shift-stop for a late dinner around 6:30-7, then continue on through the night with a sleeping toddler and arrive around the 1-3 am window-late but not OMG impossible late-at least not for my husband, who does the driving after around 9 or 10 o'clock. It works for us. Thought I would share it as an option.


How do you feel about snowshoeing? I'm a total klutz and refuse to ski, but snowshoeing is really great exercise and a nice way to see some of the fun scenery just off the trails and you still feel like you're out doing something. My husband also enjoys going out with me for a day or two as its still plenty active.


Bah - I can barely stand the 1 1/2 hr drive from Denver up to our ski resorts, so you get made props from me, missy.

"Competitive Wine Drinking While Sitting On Comfortable Couches" may be my new winter (and summer...) activity!


*mad, not made. Sheesh.


I have two boys and have resisted skiing with them their whole lives. Finally two Christmases ago I gave it a try (never having skied before). Here I was, a 40+ year old woman learning to ski. Since then we've gone on 4 ski trips as a family. I have officially advanced to "blue" skiing and am no longer a beginner. My boys are so proud of me. (I will still always love the wine drinking part of apres skiing the best, though.)


How did Ike do with skiing? How much did he actually ski? My husband really wants to go on a ski trip, but I am wondering how my three year old will handle it. Maybe next winter, after he turns 4? I just don't want it to be he and I trying to find something to do the whole time, while my husband skis.

Suzy Q

What a great trip!


Great pictures!!! "Competitive Wine Drinking While Sitting On Comfortable Couches" -- that's my kind of winter sport!!

And is Jason wearing a Terminus shirt?? Are you sure he's not a cannibal?? Advertising it like that and all...

Sue W.

Heart melt with Zah and Ike cuteness!


I love the photo of you and Jason. You two look awesome, and it's a sweet photo.


I had two similar trips this winter with my 3.5 and 6 year old. And I was shocked at how much the car ride didn't really suck that much. Aside from everything taking longer due to all those ill timed potty breaks we all survived and had fun. Ike looks like he had fun. Clara- my youngest - went to ski camp twice and both times her favorite part was "going inside." My oldest loved it until she un-ironically barreled into a slow sign at a not very slow speed.


I think this post sums up parenting in general. "It was hell, and I can't wait to do it again!" LOL. Great pictures.


Keep making the trip and it should get better. We drive six hours to visit my parents and my 6 and 3 year olds do remarkably well now that they ate both old enough to be entertained by tablets. They usually watch cartoons the whole way and we are free with the snacks. And, we make one scheduled pee break. Everybody goes whether they feel like it or not. :-)


Yea!! I started skiing when I was three, and my kids started this winter at just-barely-four and seven. This winter we decided to casually try it and see if they liked it. My older one (who loves the outdoors so much that he forgets about all else) took to it with gusto. My four year old, who isn't as driven by sports and the outdoors, liked it sometimes and other times was a bit whiny and complained. I started skiing when I was three, and I remember often feeling like my younger one. I didn't fall in love with skiing until I was about six, and was a little tougher and more coordinated. My younger kid had a blast sledding this winter, which is a fun alternative for non-skiing younger kids on a family ski vacation.


Somebody got the whole "distraction in the car" business backwards. It seems to me that it would make a LOT more sense for the adults to have headphones and other distractions FROM the kids on long drives like that. *my next billion dollar idea!*


Good heavens, Noah looks like his Daddy! So funny, because he looked just like you when he was younger.

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