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This post is sponsored by NatureBox.


The last time I ordered a delivery of snacks from NatureBox, I specifically picked out lunchbox-friendly snacks that my kids would like. From over 100 snack options! Which was like, ACK SO MANY OPTIONS! But it was a hit! I stole one bag of vegetable chips for myself and watched as the other four bags were quickly inhaled by my ever-ravenous pack of calorie monsters.

This time? I was like, NOPE IT'S ALL FOR MAMA.


We had an economy-size box of cheddar crackers, five varieties of cereal, and a dozen boxes of granola bars in my pantry (they were buy two get one free oh yeaaaahhh). I'd just made and froze a double-batch of mini banana muffins and we were fully stocked on bananas, apples and oranges. 

So with the kids clearly set on snacks for like...oh lord, the next 24 hours...I decided to see if I could find some snacks for me, and for my New Diet World Order (of Not Eating So Freaking Much and Backing Away From the Crap).

Good snacks have been absolutely essential to my food plan: Since I'm eating much smaller meals, I need *something* to hold me over until the next one, and while that *something* needs to be healthy, it also needs to scratch whatever craving itch I have going on. If I want something salty and crunchy, some fruit ain't gonna do it, and like five minutes later I'll be raiding the pantry in search of something else, and oh look leftover tortilla chips from our last dinner party! LET US EAT ALL OF THEM IN WILD CARB ABANDON.

I searched for my NatureBox selections using a few search parameters: I wanted low-carb, high-protein, and/or low-calorie options. I also opted for savory over sweet, with one exception that I picked for the boys, because I am not a COMPLETE jerk.*


From left to right: mini Belgian waffles for the kids, garden tomato-flavored almonds (omg), asiago and cheddar cheese crisps (OMG), guacamole bites (ARE U KIDDING ME), and a "harvest nut mix" that contains just about every crunchy cracky salty savory thing you can imagine (HAPPY DORK DANCE).

Almonds have been my go-to afternoon snack for ages now. Usually raw and unsalted, because I don't know, I hate joy and happiness. But most of the flavored varieties I can find in stores opt for sugar-y sweetness and syrups, which are not my jam. These tomato-seasoned almonds were a revelation.


(What, you don't have a Lego Simpsons House on your desk at work? I'm sorry, that's a real shame.)


And don't even get me started on the cheese crisps. These are delightfully low-carb, according to the bag's nutritional information, but my brain and tongue refuse to believe that, because these are like a potato chip had a baby with a cheesey cracker and then turned that baby up to 11. THERE'S WITCHCRAFT AFOOT.

I don't have photos of the guacamole bits or harvest nut mix. Because Jason and I ate them all. (Each bag is three to five servings. The almonds and cheese crisps lasted me about five days each, but all bets were off once I had to share with my husband, boo.) Jason was like, "And why haven't we signed up for this yet? This is amazing."

So yeah, I'm signing up for the free trial, but maybe won't tell anybody about it, so I can have more interesting snack options that I don't have to feel guilty about, and will help me stay on track with that whole mindful eating thing that's working pretty well so far. (Jason can buy his own box.)

*I am actually a complete jerk. I gave Ike exactly one of the mini Belgian waffles and that was it, and mostly just so I could take a photo for this post. But then I discovered they taste really really really really good dunked in my morning coffee and I don't let my kids drink coffee so oh well I guess they are mine now.



Giveaway timez!!! Two randomly selected commenters will each receive a FREE six-month membership to NatureBox! To enter, just go here and check out NatureBox's snack selections, then leave a comment below telling me which snack(s) you'd like to try. (U.S. and Canada only, giveaway will close in one week, please see full giveaway rules and terms here.)

But in the meantime, you can still get a FREE box of the most popular snacks by signing up for a free trial here.  (Again, U.S. and Canada only, not valid on gift subscriptions and cannot be combined with other offers.)




Oh....chocolate nom noms.....nom nom nom. Sorry a little hungry :)


JALAPENO CASHEWS. I'm a spicy lover. I also really like nuts as a snack.


Guacamole bites. BOOM. DONE.

...but maybe also some of the parmesan garlic pop pops because they look delicious, although my coworkers would hate me forever.


you had me at "mini belgian waffles"

Jennifer E

Dark cocoa almonds. Yum!

Debbie Angelo

OM NOM NOM NOM..umm, I mean, I'd like to try the tomato crunches, please! FOR SIX MONTHS. :)

Elizabeth L.

So many good things. I would want to try one of the kale options. Once you develop a taste for kale, you want everything kale!


Praline pumpkin seeds, lemon almond biscotti, and the sourdough cheddar pretzels - really, I'd like to try them all!


I've already tried NatureBox snacks, so I know that my favorite is a tie between the Sea Salt Pop Pops and the Masa Chips (salty snacks over here, please!) Thanks for the giveaway!!


I'd loooove to win this! I've only heard good things about nature box.


I'd love to win this! I've only heard good things about Nature Box.

Heather A

Sriacha pop pops....come to Mama😃

Julia Poorshaghaghi

i am also savory over sweet. these all sound dreamy...

sriracha roasted cashews, asiago & cheddar cheese crisps, honey dijon preztels, garden tomato crunchies, and sweet and salty nut medley

did i pick too much? haha

Heidi T

I want to try that Harvest Nut Mix - I am always trying to find non spicy savory nut mixes!


I need to try that jalapeno white cheddar popcorn! OMG.


Pistaschio power clusters!


Do you know those competitions they have at bars to see who can drink one of every beer they serve, and they just get, like, a beer mug with their name on it (and maybe cirrhosis)? I want to start a club where we get to try ALL OF THE SNACKS!

But for rule-following purposes, I'll limit myself to Parmesan garlic pop pops! Or maybe blueberry Greek yogurt pretzels. Or both.


Anything with "nom noms" in the name has already won me over! And those cheesy crisp deals. Yeah, those will do.


Parmesan garlic pop pops...the tomato almonds sound like they'd be right up my alley too...

Cheryl S.

I want them all. But two that definitely caught my eye were baked Seasame stix (OMG. I would have to ration them. I love Sesame stix so much!)

And praline pumpkin seeds. NOM!

Megan H.

I'm in love with anything that is a 'mix'. Makes me feel like I'm getting a big snack variety in each serving!


Jalapeno white cheddar popcorn because, ZOMG, and Italian bistro pretzels because I am dying to know what that means. What does that mean?!?!


Those almonds sound delish.


Praline Pumpkin Seeds!


Definitely the asiago and cheddar cheese crisps...and the dark cocoa almonds.

Jacki @ Two Forks One Love

Pear Praline Crunch get in my face.


Duh, mini Belgian waffles!


Praline pumpkin seeds. Yes please!!

Anjanette Elliott

Cheese bits and guacamole things sound amazing! Thank you for including Canada.


Sriracha Roasted Cashews...soooo good! My kids like some of the stuff too, but I'm like, whatever, you have a drawer full of stuff. Come.To.Mama


Man, everything looks so good! If I had to choose just one though, it would be the sriracha cashews.

Suzy Q

Apple pie oat clusters, ZOMG. Also those cheese crisps and Belgian waffle thingies. And the cinnamon kernels.

Martine Sutera

Snacks make me happy. Sriracha pop pops or cashews would make me ecstatic. And I could eat the jalapeno popcorn like it's my job. :-)


Those cheese crisps sound amazing!!


Om nom nom nom!!! Dark Chocolate Berry Snack Mix. All of the things! All of the things!

Jen R

Mmm... Sea Salt Pop Pops and Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops and Pear Praline Crunch... and I haven't even made it past the first page!


Sriracha Rice Crackers!!!


Sriracha Rice Crackers!!!

Melissa H.

Jalapeno cashews!!! Yum! :)

Becky H

Sea Salt Sun-Crunch looks like a winner in my book!


Um...I'd like to try ALL OF THE SNACKS. But I'd probably start with the asiago & cheddar cheese crisps and peanut butter nom noms.

Felicity Marie

Mini Belgian waffles. Oh yes.


I'm all over the Sriracha Rice Crackers or Lemon Tea Cookies because I'm addicted to the Great British Bake Off and now want all the baked goods.


Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels and Sriracha Pop Pops please!


The first one I see that I want is the sea salt sun-crunch. On, those look good.

Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

Those guacamole bites sound amazing. I'd love to try them along with a whole bunch of other amazing sounding snacks on their site!

Elaine C. B.

Pretty much any of the almond snacks. Or anything else with nuts really. But I don't know if I'm eligible for this giveaway anyway because while my address is technically a U.S. address it's an APO and I don't know if they'll ship to me or not.

Jen V

Definitely the sriracha pop pops or jalapeno cashews, for sure.

Teresa McLear

asiago and cheddar cheese crisps -these are what i wanna try ASAP!


These look so good. I am a Pop Pop kind of girl... plus the lentil loops? Umm. Also, there are no waffles on that menu, so I need to speak with someone about that.

Laura 6

Seriously, they all look good. But I'd be especially partial to flavored almonds and other nuts.


The Dark Cocoa Sun-Crunch looks little chocolate cookies but with 6 grams of protein!


Guacamole bites


Garlic Plantains!! My mouth is watering!

Tricia Owen

i am currently a subscriber of said FANTABULOUS snack member uh...thing. But 6 months free sounds hella sweet!

Have you tried the golden apple tea biscuits? Or the coffee kettle corn? Because you really should. Not at all super sweet, but they are exactly magnificent! I keep meaning to try the guacamole bites. I also keep forgetting to keep my "pantry" stocked with stuff I like...actually want. But, meh, I'll do it later ;)

Hmm...would I even be able to get the free 6 months of im already a member? That would make me very sad if not. And it'd be all your fault ;) only kidding. sort of :P

Michelle B

Color me intrigued about SRIRACHA ROASTED CASHEWS. Yum.


DARK COCOA NOM NOMS LOOK FANTABULOUS!!!! Also, ASIAGO & CHEDDAR CHEESE CRISPS would be worth a shot since I'm addicted to freaking cheezits way more than i should be.


Sriracha cashews x547985743985742!


Sriracha cashews x547985743985742!


The Parmesean Garlic Pop Pops look amazing...

Faith Harbert

Praline Pumpkin Seeds and the plantains!! There was other stuff that I cannot haz that looked yummy but the celiac says no fun food for you lady!! At least they had lots of good options for people like me that weren't dirt and twigs too! Exciting!!


My kingdom for those guacamole bites!


Any flavored almonds or the sriracha cashews, please!


Dark cocoa almonds would be my single choice, but I'd hate to make a single choice. Everything looks good - I even want to try the weird things.

Laura Beth

OMG guacamole bites!!?? Must have!!


Guacamole bites, every time!


The asiago cheese crisps for sure. Your description matches exactly what I want when I'm feeling snacky!

Jessica Oeffner

omg! Jalpeno almonds, guac bites, cheese crisps, I'm trying really hard to stay low carb for my health & to look decent for sister's wedding in June, so this sounds like a amazing solution!!


yogurt pretzels!


I am pregnant with my second right now and this child basically wants me to starve because I have aversions to like ALL FOODS. But I really want to try the roasted Peruvian corn kernels and jalapeno white cheddar pop corn. I really need power snacks for when I can force some food down. Thanks Amalah!!!!!

Angie Rogers-Howell

So many good options! I'm really digging the idea of jalepeno nuts right now though.

Angie Rogers-Howell

So many good options. But I'm thinking the jalapeno nuts look really good right now. It's 11:00 AM and I'm starving!


Oh wow, 1 of everything. Pumpkin pralines, all the sweet and salty combos and the asiago cheese crisps!


Oh wow, 1 of everything. Pumpkin pralines, all the sweet and salty combos and the asiago cheese crisps!

Jennifer in Ohio

Is it wrong to say all of them??


The dark cocoa almonds!!! Mmmmm.


The Citrus Kick Almonds sound delicious. Also, I would never turn down the Praline Pumpkin Seed.


Oh my god, it's so hard to choose. Coconut cashews, citrus kick almonds, lemon bell pepper kale many yummy things. The guacamole bites aren't listed though. They sounded good too.


Those cheese crisps sound amazing! Or dark chocolate pretzel pops...excuse me, I think I need to go find a snack now.


Pick me, pick me! Praline pumpkin seeds sound AMAZING!


The question isn't what snack do I want to try; it's what do I NOT want to try. They all look so yummy. The figgy bars, peanut butter nom noms, mango orange fruit chews.... Yum!

I suppose I'd have to pick some out for the kids, too. Or not.


I was all set to say "Are you kidding? Dark Chocolate Nom Noms, what else?" and then I saw the coffee kettle popcorn.


Jan Ross

Dark chocolate pretzel pops. Oh, yeah.

Jill H

Cranberry melody


the tomato flavored almonds look really good.


Honey Crunch Crisps!? Coffee kettle corn!? Hellllooooo.


Anything and everything with cashews!


Waffles or popcorn! I can't pick one, can I still enter if I am breaking the rules?


Waffles or popcorn! I can't pick one, can I still enter if I am breaking the rules?

Sue R

I've been trying the Graze snacks, but these sound like a great idea too!


sourdough cheddar pretzels!


Dark Cocoa Nom Noms! No, PB&J Granola! No, Pear Praline Crunch!


Asiago & cheddar cheese crisps sound good!


dark chocolate pretzel pops, yo.


Oh dear lord; Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels!
Sugar, salt, crunch!!!


Oh dear lord; Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels!
Sugar, salt, crunch!!!


The tomato-almonds sound great, and I just couldn't possibly narrow down any of the dried fruit options they all sounds delicious!!


Anything of the 'nom nom' family because hells yes. Also the coconut cashews. And the dark chocolate pretzel pops. And those cheese crisps. And I need to stop looking now. #hungry


Pistachio Power Clusters and Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pops!


Sweet Blueberry Almonds!!

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