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It happened! It really happened! You can now own an important piece of history: 

The tire is for sale on Craigslist.

Does anyone need a tire? This particular kind of tire? Is that a good price for a tire? Who knows! Who cares. Someone please come buy this stupid tire so I can finally stop doing stupid shit like this:

This has been TIREWATCH 2015: THE TIREWATCHENING, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood assholes who literally filmed like seven different versions of this video with different sad songs playing in the background, ultimately proving once and for all that the tire is not even close to my biggest problem right now. 


In response to this post, Jason just sent me the following video:

Funny. Very funny. You realize the entire neighborhood knows we're batshit crazy now, right?




Teresa McLear

The ad states *sidewalk damage...shouldn't that be side WALL? Maybe I am completely wrong...I am NO tire


OMG. This is dangerous. You have now taught me that public husband shaming works. Fence and playground staining...come to mama!


Was Ike in the background looking wistful in each of the 7 videos?


I need to do this with the 17,000 piles on my husbands desk he's always totally going to clean up any second now.


Fantastic. Maybe I can get my husband to move the falling apart 1950s dresser out of my kitchen which has been functioning as a lame island because, we could maybe use it for something? Someday? Do we really have to get rid of it? *SIGH*

Suzy Q

That. Is. Awesome.

I think Jason wins this one!

Janice Barnett

Amy thanks so much for the post. It made me laugh on what has been a very stressful day.


Hahahahaha! Oh you guys cracked me up at work. Ike mournfully looking on was a nice added touch.


Hahaha! You made me smile on a very stressful day. Jason's latest version is the best!


lol I showed it to my daughter and her response perfectly sums this all up:



It may make your neighbors think you're crazy, but this makes me want to be your very best friend because you guys are awesome!


Jason for the win. Because Barry White.


LOLOL you guys are awesome. I wish I was your neighbor!


OMG I love you guys.


I will buy your tire if you will buy my dog run fencing.

I don't have a dog so the dog run seems like a weird thing to own. Maybe I can call it an outdoor playpen? Baby Jail?


I still need to know why he has only one tire for sale. How does that happen?

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