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Super Exciting Fun-Time Obligatory Easter Photo Round-Up

I was out with Noah on Saturday morning when someone asked him if he was excited for Easter.

Oh. Right! That. Uhh.

(Geez, Easter Bunny. Get your shit together.)

A quick trip to Target for some books and candy later, we were officially ready to half-ass this holiday.





I don't think anybody minded.



(And yes, I'm aware they all need haircuts. That was the original Saturday afternoon plan that got bumped for Easter shopping. Because I can only accomplish one thing a day because I AM NOT A TIME MANAGEMENT WIZARD.) 



(Nice bedroom slippers, Amy. Thanks for dressing up for the occasion.)

ALSO, IMPORTANT TRUTHER MOMENT. If you follow my husband on Facebook/Instagram, you may notice that, despite regularly posting photos of/from our back deck, SOMETHING IS CONSISTENTLY MISSING:


Yes. Good work on the container garden, husband! Looks really nice and organized. 

Shame I have access to your camera roll online though.





Starting to wonder, though: Are we really watching the tire, or is the tire watching us?

This has been TIREWATCH 2015: THE TIREWATCHENING, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood assholes who didn't even bother dyeing real Easter eggs this year and who don't feel even a little sorry about it. 



public outing of husband lies always puts me in a good mood!


Anyone who tells you what you should do with your children's hair should be popped in the kisser. And slippers RULE.


We colored 18 eggs for 5 children. And the easter bunny came Saturday morning because Saturday afternoon we began a 1200 mile "vacation". Michigan to Florida with only 2 children in tow, but it was the 2 and 5 year old... It was a barrel of fricken monkeys...


Please don't tell my children that you can dye eggs at home. And we won't even discuss all the pins for glitter eggs.

Speaking of glitter egg pins, have you tried pinterest for tire hiding solutions?



At least you watched your kids find the eggs! I was in bed, too hung over to participate. *MOMOFTHEYEAR*


Thank you for being the antidote of Facebook (where my feed is full of perfect family photos).


I think this year was officially the Year That Easter Surprised Everyone, because guess where *I* was on Saturday afternoon??? Yep, at Target, procuring alllllll the Easter things. And we did not dye eggs either. Didn't even make an Easter dinner - crashed a friend's house for that. So, there you go.

Kris H.

Is Jason wearing a School House Rock shirt? The Easter Bunny shops at Target for our house too, and a SHR shirt from the men's department was one of the things in my teenage daughter's basket this year. The tiny bit of the shirt that I can see in the second photo looks like the shirt she got.

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