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The Spring Break That Never Ends

Rainy drab days around here. 

Starting to feel a little sorry for the tire. 


He seems lonely. 

Or perhaps I am simply jealous that the tire is at least getting some peace and quiet and isn't trying to work while this is happening six inches from its laptop and also not pictured is all the SCREEEEEEAAAAAMMMMMINGGGGG:





At least they're (mostly) wearing helmets?

This has been TIREWATCH: THE TIREWATCHENING, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood assholes who are starting to project their encroaching sense of ennui on the tire, while also referring to the tire as a "he," and oh my God, school needs to start up again before I have a complete break from reality and move the tire into my foyer and like, put a decorative candle and a tray for my keys on top of it him.



I hope you're setting a good example for those boys and also wearing a helmet =P

Kimberly Smith

Oh! Life with boys.... The noise level never actually decreases... (Says mom of 20yr old and 15yr old boys)


Actually I think that first picture depicts the screaming quite well. Have fun!


I vote bring the fire inside and give it a helmet


*TIRE, because I cannot type today


I think "upcycled tires" is the Google search term you were looking for.


Oh you need to pinterest search for ideas for that tire!!!! hahaha. omg.I just went on there and typed in "upcycle tire"... you need to go do this asap. Hahaha


273,000 results on Google for "upcycled tires" ! Take a look at the images. I'm still chuckling!


I can't post a pic as my comment, however, I just saw a post in my local Buy Nothing FB group that says "Does anyone have any old tires laying around? I'm getting some goats next month, and looking to make a couple toys for them to play on "
Perhaps this is just the beginnings of your billy goat playground.


Yeah, seriously! Put that tire to work!


What is it about boys and play that involves beating the crap out of each other? (Says the one who ended spring break by taking the almost-4-year-old to urgent care to make sure he didn't actually break his face when he fell face first out of the top bunk while wrestling with his big brother)

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