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The Spring Break That Never Ends

World War Lego

The first great crisis of Spring Break 2015 is here and happening, and has the ranks thoroughly divided. 

A single Lego minifigure is missing. It is apparently a VERY IMPORTANT minifigure, because its status as lost has rendered Noah's entire Hero Factory collection useless, because he cannot play Hero Factory without this minifigure. They have told me this minifigure's name 14 billion times, but I still have no idea who or what they are talking about. I think it's red?

According to Noah, the minifigure was last seen in Ike's possession. Ike maintains that he put it back in Noah's room where it belongs.

Again, according to Noah, this is a damned dirty lie because he's looked "everywhere" in his room and it's not there. I remain neutral, because I'm pretty sure looking "everywhere" involved little more than standing in the center of the room and sort of idly glancing around, the way he also looks "everywhere" for his shoes, which are typically three feet away and in his direct line of sight. And yet also nowhere to be found! Strange, that. 

After more fruitless searching (at one point they attempted to use Ike like a search dog, making him smell another Hero Factory minifigure in hopes he'd then lead them to the missing one), Noah posted the following sign on his door, joining the grand tradition of thoroughly annoyed big brothers everywhere:


(Noah Storch only! Keep out Ike!)

Ezra has taken Ike's side in the dispute, and decided to fire back.


(Ezra ole and Ike ole Cep do oat Nowa.)

(When asked to translate Ezra looked at me witheringly and said "Ezra only and Ike only. Keep out Noah." Like DUH, MOM.)

As of this writing, the minifigure remains missing, and the standoff continues.


This is all only slightly more interesting than watching a tire.

(Yes, the tire is still there. I fear the public shaming is having the opposite effect on Jason, who seems to think he's doing me a favor by providing me with ongoing blog fodder. And while that typically would be a valid point, I think I can speak for us all when I say not like this, Jason. NOT LIKE THIS.)





This has been TIREWATCH 2015: THE TIREWATCHENING, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood assholes who should probably consider using a different anti-frizz hair product. 



Anti-Frizz? My first thought was "Amy's hair looks nice in that picture."


When it comes down to it, check the bedsheets, in the couch, under the fridge and the vaccum. Stage a treasure hunt with reward?

Amy gabriel

I lol'd at this. Also, check the vacuum bag


Put it where he can't ignore it. Like on his side of the bed. Or on top of his car. I dunno. Get creative. He might get the message then. ;-)


Also, I'm with Minnie on your hair issue. You look gorgeous.


I'm sorry (not sorry), but I have really enjoyed the return of Tirewatch...I liked the first one so very much, and this one has not disappointed!


I agree with Lauren. I loved the first Tire Watch! And I am loving this one too! The boys' door notices remind me of my own childhood and the notes my sisters used to put up. Ah the memories and the fact that some things are the same as they were 60 odd years ago! :)


Loren! Not Lauren -- daggone Spell Correct!!


I am astounded that you have so many Legos and only missing one mini fig!! We are just venturing into Lego land and already EVERY set is missing just enough pieces to render it completely useless. And This Is Why We Can't Have Things.


I'm way too amused by Tirewatch 2015. Probably because my husband does crap like this all the time.

Wacky Mommy

Still hearing complaints at our house cuz Neville Longbottom's head disappeared from HP Lego set and why did his sis allow That Brat who was visiting to play with *his* Legos, why? Set is worthless without Neville's head! Etc. So good luck on this one.


Make your husband Watch "Rubber" on Netflix every night until he removes the tire.


I tucked minifigs (series 12) in big Easter eggs on Sunday. DS #2 was over the moon to discover the lifeguard with his rescue buoy and TEENY TINY binoculars. Five minutes later those TEENY TINY binoculars supposedly disappeared under a haphazardly installed piece of kitchen floor trim.

Dad was summoned, chisels and crowbars put to work. One piece of floor trim haphazardly removed and... no binoculars. The child later found them in his bedroom. WTH, teeny tiny binoculars?!

Also, check out Bricklink. You can order ANY replacement Lego piece or figure there. Also eBay.


You can always look on and order a replacement piece for next to nothing and they offer free shipping!


How are you so funny??


Oh man Amy. I'm in my late 20's and my own mother's "mom look" has lost all effectiveness against me but that last picture of you with that annoyed look makes me want to get in my car, drive down from Canada and take care of that tire myself.


I love the dueling signs on the doors right next to each other!

And having been reading since Tirewatch 2006: The Tirewatching, I'm thoroughly loving the 2015 sequel!

PS I am envious that it is warm enough there that you are outside without a coat, much less sleeves. We are expecting snow tonight here in NH *sniffle*


I have several thoughts. Thought one, you should put something equally as annoying as the tire is for you in prime territory for Jason. Then lets see who gives first. Thought two, you look fantastic! Thought three, for the zillionth time I wish your comment section had "likes" as Facebook does. Not only are you freaking hilarious, but so are your readers!

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