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Last night, after dinner but before Game of Thrones straight-up murdered my soul, I asked the boys to stand together for a photo. 


I really don't know what I was expecting. 


Other than a perfectly accurate picture of what life is like around these three.


Which is exactly what I got.

Ike looks to Ezra...


Ezra looks to Noah...


Noah does his own thing and does not care if anyone can see him...



And Ike needs a haircut. 



Just another typical night in the Storch household. 

Noah and Ezra will be home from school in approximately 45 minutes, and then shit will get real. I'm just glad they like each other. For now, anyway. 




Adorable boys!!


I can't believe they get out so early in Maryland! We still have another week in DC. Then my first baby graduates Kindergarten. Ahhh.


For the record since I find it interesting to see the posts about kids who are still in school - mine were done the last week of May. They start in mid-August though.

I've read articles saying we aren't supposed to compliment girl children on their looks first thing, so let's suppose it applies to boys, too. But - to their MOTHER - it should be okay to mention that they are all very handsome boys! The energy that comes through even in still photos is overwhelmingly positive.


My heart still hurts from last nights Game of Thrones :(

Sue W.

They are too gosh-darn cute!


I love that Noah looks more and more like Jason, Ike looks more and more like you, and Ezra is right in the middle (IMO). It's very satisfying in a 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' kinda way.


Super cute, and will be fun for them to recreate when they are all grown strapping men (sob!)....


I thought you were going to say, "I don't know what I expected, but what I got was perfection." Look at those boys. That's...just...I can't even.

Also, I can't even Game of Thrones. I feel like they're just layering the devastation on top of the still-quivering broken hearts they left behind last week. Come on! (Although, if I was Cersei, I would be like "NO SHAME," ding ding ding, "NO SHAME," ding ding ding. Wow.


Those are just adorable. (And some parts of MD are still in school until next Tuesday. Just sayin'.)

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