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THRILLING HAIR UPDATE: I posted this in the comments section of yesterday's post, but as I'm probably the only person who reads them, I'll repeat myself. Thanks to all my fellow oily-scalped laaaaaaadddddies for all the advice and tips. I most definitely own dry shampoo and have been using it for many years. I have tried all the brands and spent ALL THE MONEY. (My favorites are Lush No Drought, although I recommend transferring it to an applicator bottle like this, because the original packaging sucks, and Not Your Mother's Clean Freak or Batiste

But dry shampoo just hasn't been cutting it for me for months now -- I use it at night; wake up with an actual oil slick on my head. I wash my hair in the morning; need to apply dry shampoo by late afternoon. That's entirely too much product, not to mention the daily use of my expensive color-safe shampoo, which STILL causes my color to fade since I only use semi-perm. (Hair is way too fine for ammonia-based colors. Breaks right the fuck off. Plus semi-perm adds a little volume at the roots for some reason.)

ANYWAY OH MY GOD ISN'T THIS ALL SO INTERESTING: My hair looks so much better this morning! I mean, it's all pillow-smushed and frizzy, but it's not oily. It's. Not. Oily! My face was less shiny when I woke up too, which...whoa. Bonus. So I think I'm going to give it a quick cold-water rinse today so I can style it, but continue on with the no-shampoo thing for a bit longer. Then hopefully, HOPEFULLY, figure out how many days I can realistically go on a regular basis in-between washes. 

I promise to keep you updated every step of the way on the truly fascinating topic of Amy's Disgusting Hair. 


Yesterday afternoon, Ike and I finally exhausted all of his options for self-amusement. He'd played with all of Noah's Forbidden Toys, assembled all the puzzles, catered a large picnic in the living room, etc. I had a couple work things to finish up and about an hour before his brothers would be home to provide a distraction, sooooo....TELEVISION TIME IT IS.

I put Nick Jr. on. Ike heard the beep of the TV and came running, super excited because WHOA TV IN THE DAYTIME? Crazy. Maybe she'll bust out a giant bag of M&Ms and let me fill up a kiddie pool with them.

Go Diego, Go! was on. Ike stared at it, confused. "This is not Transformers?" he asked. 

Poor, poor third baby. 

Ezra at least got a couple years of preschool TV overlap with Noah, but by the time Ike came along they'd both abandoned most of it behind in favor of...well, absolute garbage television. The 22-minute toy commercial kind of television, with lots of BOOMS and BANGS and KARATE CHOPS, where each season introduces 1) a new species of villain, which you can buy, 2) a bunch of slightly different modes of transportation/hide-outs, which you can buy, and 3) HA HA HA the returning heroes all changed their uniforms/helmets/colors juuuuuuuust slightly, so fuck it, let's buy them, all over again!

I tried to fight it for awhile. Everyone gets a turn to pick that night's cartoon or movie (on the weekend), so for Ike's turn I would insist on something slightly age-appropriate. An Elmo movie. Curious George. Mister Rogers, Thomas, Blue's Clues...all the stuff that the other two used to watch over and over without complaint, but now found to be hella boring. 

But it didn't take long for Ike to take back his choice. When it was his turn to pick, he wanted the big kid stuff. The Lego Ninjago, Chima, Hero Factory bullshit. Old 1980s era Transformers, or Cartoon Network shows that totally understand the gentle comic nuance that is Characters Getting Kicked In The Balls. 

So basically, he had no idea what to make of Go Diego, Go! 

(For the record, I cannot stand Go Diego, Go! either, and am not even fooling myself that by putting it on, I was making some kind of wise investment in my child's educational future. CLICK TAKE A PIC CLICK TAKE A PIC SHUT UP ROSIE PEREZ THAT'S NOT EVEN HOW CAMERAS FUCKING WORK.)

When Ike walked in, Diego was screeching to the audience at home to put their hands over their ears because...I don't know. Something about a dumb baby animal being dumb and far from home and it's neglectful parent. The usual. But I noticed Ike put his hands on his ears. Ah-ha! The format works! Listen to the glowing TV box and do exactly what it says, little viewer monkey! OBEY MY DOG!

The next command involved yelling something in Spanish, so I decided to join in. I yelled it out and looked over at Ike and encouraged him to join me.

...and that child gave me the best, most hilariously pitying side-eye I have ever seen. Like, woman, get a hold of yourself for Christ's sake. 

"It's TV, Mom." he sighed. "They don't hear you, actually."

(Not that "actually" comes out more like "actual wee.")

Turns out he only followed the ear-covering instruction because despite the lack of shit getting blown up, Diego is just too damn loud. I have to agree with that assessment. 



OMG. Diego was never my kids' thing, but every time I hear the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song I have an involuntary bodily reaction. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog"...shut the eff up, Mickey!


I just wanted you to know that I didn't read your post yesterday, so when I came upon this post promising updates to the oily hair situation, I was, in fact, THRILLED. (That was a lot of commas. I don't even know.) Anyway, I've got this whole annoying oily hair/itchy scalp/hair looks stupid thing going myself and I was very happy to read about your adventures/learnings. I don't know what my point is... maybe that you're not alone! I am excited about this blog topic and also trying at-home experiments on my hair because I want it to be pretty, dammit!


I once went an entire YEAR washing my hair every other day and it NEVER looked ok on the second day. That my oily hair issues have vanished is one of my favourite parts of pregnancy! September will be a sad month for hair (but at least there will be a baby to distract from it).
Also, my kid thankfully doesn't watch a lot of Dora and Diego, but that they are always SHOUTING is so annoying!!

10 days

I read often, rarely comment - but the whole hairs conversation is near & dear.

I am writing this to confess that I go... gulp ... 10+ days between washes. NOW - to clarify, I do a cold water rinse and condition every day, or really every time I shower, bc listen, I work from home and sometimes the shower is just a concept, not a reality. But, yup - 10 days between shampoos. Granted I have crazy thick, curly, coarse hair - so the dirtier it is, the better it looks.

So - that's my true confession of this Friday.


OK, coming back to recommend the shampoo that I like. I actually walked into a Lush store because I knew you liked their stuff and I tried a bar of their Montalbano solid shampoo. I love this stuff and find that it keeps my hair clean and shiny for longer than regular shampoo (and it's got a great lemon scent). The bar also lasts forever, so it ends up being really cheap per use. My husband is a convert. If you are looking for a new shampoo you should try it.


I love it when they use their words. My 6 year old often uses "literally" and it cracks me up even though Archer wouldn't approve of the mostly "figuratively" usage.


Have you tried Overtone color conditioner? I can't (job at a conservative firm that pays me blah blah I can never do anything fun) but want to live vicariously through someone with candy-colored hair.


I actually put my 10 month old in the jumper yesterday and said, "here, watch power rangers with your (3 year old) brother." The 3 year old has, naturally, been corrupted by the 6 year old. So, that enormous box of Sesame Street stuff from my oldest's toddler days can... probably go up on Craig's List right now :/


Gah Diego, gah! It's pretty much always a baby animal trapped on a ledge bleating Ayudame! Ayudame!. They need a new concept. My kids have actually been watching a lot of Dora Dora the Exploradora after I put a temporary kibosh on shows with fighting/violence. My almost six-year-old boy complained but in the interim he's the one asking for Dora and I think he secretly likes it a lot & is relieved to have a break from Chima and the like. Those shows are pretty heavy, even with the cute Lego animation.


I switched to Dove Oxygen moisture for fine limp hair (I don't really have either), but I've gone 3 days without shampooing and conditioning and you can't even tell. This is even without getting my hair wet in between. I would suggest trying this for the greasers out there. Good luck!


Sweet! My 2 yr old little sweet girl mostly likes Hulk, Lego Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Spiderman& his Amazing Friends. Because her 4 yr old brother does. She actually likes Diego too though.


My son always preferred Dora (so did the girls -- Diego came along once they were too old anyway) BUT to this day I am overly concerned about their safety. Woods. Foxes. Missing animals. Grumpy old trolls. Dora's mama is too busy with the twins?


"Actual wee." I am dying. I can just hear it.


We cut cable and my almost four year old reminds me every day that he WANTS THE BOX BACK. We get DVD's from the library and I told him the Dora ones don't work in our DVR. Diego fits into this category, too. WHY MUST THEY YELL ALL THE TIME!?!?!?


Hello dear Amy,
I know you will get loads of advice, but my personal experience my oily hair was helped immensely (and completely irradiated) when I started using this, on my mum's advice:

Australian Tea Tree Organic Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

(bought from amazon)

Before my hair would get super oily within 24hours of washing I can go 4 or 5 days without washing it, and it is soft and fluffy and non-oily with this shampoo.

Best wishes


That should have said "eradicated" and not "irradiated"



Hi Amy,
Another long time reader here, who never had the guts to comment :)
Although you already got tons of advice about your hair, I wanted to share my advice too.
I recently read that baking soda has a PH of 9.5 and hair has a PH of 5. This means that baking soda is not PH neutral but acidic. So, in the long run baking soda will do damage to your hair. A really great alternative is rye flour. I have used this for a couple of weeks now and my greasy itchy scalp is calm like never before. I found out about it here:
Have a great (itch free) summer! Best wishes from Amsterdam

Leigh Ann

Poor third baby indeed. With my older girls it was all Signing Time, Yo Gabba Gabba, all the cute preschool shows. With my youngest, she just clung to whatever it was they were watching. They've recently pulled up this thing on Netflix called Lottie Dottie Chicken. It's terrible and loud and full of terrible preschool songs, but I kind of love that they love it.


I haven't read all of the comments so forgive me if this has been mentioned, but I remember years ago, Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera (was that the name) has some issue with perpetually oily hair, and I forget what she did to resolve it, but I think it did get resolved. Apple Cider Vinegar, maybe? I think you two know/knew each other? Might be worth a shot to reach out. If not, go to the dermatologist. If it's a scalp thing, they might be able to prescribe a shampoo that controls the oil. Good luck!


Hoo boy we do have a lot to say about hair washing :) And hair is so similar to yours that I'll throw in my two cents. I have naturally fine dark blonde hair that I have dyed red for a couple of years now. The issue is things that clean hair well via traditional chemistry also strip red color (which being red, is already jonesing to get off your hair the second you color it anyway, if it's like mine :). I'm a couple of weeks in trying Wen (cleansing conditioner) and so far I'm really happy with it. It doesn't strip the color, I don't need to use color conditioner to try to put the color back in that the shampoo took out, my hair is super soft and shiny. And I'm slowly able to go longer between washes without so much scalp oiliness, although I do use dry shampoo when I need to stretch it an extra day. Oh, I should mention: it does take a LOT...I tried to apply sparingly at first and it was a hot mess of nope.

P.S. I've been reading this blog since your pre-babies/infertility days and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these years of honesty, good advice (blue apron, omfg YES), parenting commiseration and making me laugh out loud :)


Since I've only got the one, I look at the amazon selection of tv and wish, wistfully, for the days when we can at least watch Ninjago. Until then I'll watching f'ing In the Night Garden, stupid Daniel Tiger and Mr Tumble (British tv shows, which he loooooooves). Can't wait until we can watch the Clone Wars together!


Dora and Diego and their little Canadian friend Cailliou of all the vowels are no longer allowed in my home. I hate Dora and Diego and their ilk. We watch Octonauts (for the SCIENCE obvs) and Blaze and Paw Patrol. And yes, the Disney movie pantheon with a helping of Studio Ghibli.


You've probably been told this, but I really like WEN instead of shampoo. Really like it.


Wild Kratts: best little kid show ever! My 8 yo finally aged out of it, and I'm so sad.

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