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Let's Distract Ourselves With All the Dumb Stuff I Did This Week

It's been one of those days/weeks when personal blogging feels especially self-absorbed. I have news coverage from South Carolina open in all my other browser tabs and then I come HERE and like...what do I even write about? The biggest problem I encountered all week is that we're down to only one working iPhone charger so Jason and I are constantly fighting for custody of it, and I ordered a few more but they haven't arrived yet because the next-day shipping from Amazon Prime is taking soooooo looooonnnnnng yoouuuuuuu guuuuuuuyyyyyysssssss. 

Yeah. Okay, self. 

I guess I'll just post some pictures and try to think about things that are not terrible. 


This week's "Are We Really Moving Or Is Jason Just Pulling An Elaborate Prank On Amy To Get Her To Clean Shit Up" project was organizing the shelves in the basement. This, believe or not, is the "AFTER" and is the result of many hours of sorting and purging and (of course) at least one overly dramatic-looking injury:


Note that basement photo does include the shelves in the corners. Those are still a damn mess. But look! There's an EMPTY shelf! There's no shit piled up on the floor except for the weight bench shit, which doesn't look great but whatever! There's stuff in boxes and the stuff in the boxes is actually related in some manner! Need a cooler? Go get one off the Cooler Shelf! 

*pats self on back, promptly injures rotator cuff* 


Ike kept me company. This is him "doing exercise." 

(See I wasn't kidding about the pajamas-all-day thing.)


Yesterday I took the boys out for pizza as a reward for sitting quietly and behaving in a waiting room during an appointment I had. And also for not probing for details about the appointment. They seemed to think it was doctor's office and I let them go with that. 


(I was getting a bikini wax. Sorry, kids.)




We had a very nice time. As much eye-rolling I do here on the blog about their wild pack behavior, they are all really easy and well-behaved out in public. I am no longer consumed with panic at my total out-numbered-ness when I take them places. 


I mean, they're complete and utter weirdos, every last one. But I definitely prefer them that way. 



Hm,'re usually pretty TMI. Do you have any post bikini-wax tips for redness? Asking for a friend who got one yesterday but now wearing pants is um...painful. Not to mention a bikini + ocean water.


Thanks for mentioning Charleston. I went to college there and grew up about an hour away. Looking at your adorable kids is helping right now.


We totally prefer them weird, too. Need a little bit of their cute faces this week to balance out the shitty news elsewhere.

Before I read the caption, I thought this was going to turn into an Ike-at-the-Dentist post.

I'm so glad you're hanging onto the pack and play. Makes me hopeful for more cute babies in the future. I think that just maybe crossed a million different social lines about stalkerism and inquiring about people's reproductive plans.


I spy homebrew gear! Did we know about that?


Ha Julie, I just came on here to make fun of her for holding on to the pack n play! The times people with babies visit, you can always borrow one. This is a realization you come to after moving twice in a year.


Ha! I argued for keeping the Pack & Play because I have a friend with a very small baby and having nap/sleep option here means she can hang out longer drinking wine with me. I doubt we will take it with us, though. No moar babiez for us.


@Amy I've been getting waxed for so long now I don't really have to bother with any aftercare anymore. Just whatever unscented moisturizer I have around. I used to use azulene oil though, and it seemed to help a lot. And my waxer always recommends exfoliating with a sugar scrub a day or two afterwards. (I never listen.)


Thank you for at least acknowledging Charleston. I get that life goes on and horrid things happen everywhere, every day but I've been dismayed at the lack of commentary from a lot of bloggers (mommy and otherwise). Not even a "my thoughts are with the families and community." ANYWAY, I am also extra-appreciative of the fun distraction in the way of your cute kids. That last picture is frame-worthy.


Ha! So I am not the only one to notice the pack n play.

Glad to see my same aged child is not the only one who prefers all day jammies. He wore pajama pants to Home Depot this weekend.


I am duly impressed with the basement organization! Someone recently posted "embarrassing" Before & After pictures of their "messiest closet." Her "before" closet is what any of my closets aspire to look like as an after picture. It was disheartening.


I will now aspire to get our post-renovation storage room aka junk room to that level of organized.
Because of all the things like coolers that live elsewhere (like the front porch or the corner of the family room) when they could live on shelves in the storage room if I would just put on a (very needed) dust mask and go get rid of about forty things in there we will never use but shoved in there when we renovated.


All-day-pajamas is not just a frequent concession, it's THE RULE here, lol. You want to get dressed if we're not actually leaving the house today? Then you'd better be tall enough to reach the knobs on the washer and dryer and do your own damn laundry.


"bikini wax" made me laugh really hard. And you know, after all the news this week, I really needed a laugh. Thank you.


I hope the basement could be more better.

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