The Joys of Owning a Home You Don't Want to Own Anymore



I request subtitles.


Wow! We have the same soundtrack playing! All day. Everyday.


Except for the actual WORDS, this sounds a lot like whatever was fighting in my backyard last night. Raccoons, probably...


Sounds familiar.


Wow, I think I'm beginning to understand your trouble getting blog items posted.

Sue W.

Is there a mommy camp, with wine and chocolate you could go to?!


I love Ike's little face at the end, like "Yeah, she's still up there, guys. Not dead yet."


My mother-in-law and sister-in-law watch my boys and her boys. 4 boys ages 4,3,2,1 - I imagine this is what their house sounds like alllll day every day.


That just blended into the sounds of my house so well I'm not sure what was video and what wasn't.


Ike has fantastic peripheral vision.


If I could virtually buy you a drink (or 10), I would.


I have the four girls version! I could not escape them while we were in the RV ''vacationing''.


Are you sure there are only humans down there? I swear I heard a raptor.


Strangely enough I miss those days now that my kids are grown.

Suzy Q

Ike peeking up at the end is perfect.


That was freaking awesome. Just because b


Why am I always shocked when I realize your kids have voices? Or when I hear your voice? I think I must read your blog in my own voice and assume all your babies are still babies lol. Also, Ike peeking up like, Hey mom what's up? Priceless.


Hi. You're probably gonna think this is a little creepy, but I'm doing it anyway. I am a mom of a 19, 17 and 15 and have been reading your blog for years. (Is 2001ish possible? I have memories of reading every day at a particular job, but they could be false). Anyway, let's just say it has been a very long time. And then I got this Job. And the Job has me on a crazy travel schedule. And my three are grownish, so I can do it. (bonus, it has a value in society and is a noble pursuit). I have spent years seeing parenting challenges through your eyes in retrospect because my kids are older. So. The Job. I am writing from Hawaii. I haven't been home to Florida for 34 days. I was in Seattle for 10, Denver for 7 and Hawaii for 17. As I sit her needing to pack so I can go home tomorrow, I am catching up on the last year of your blog that I totally forgot to read. Because. The Job. And I just wanted to congratulate you on quitting yours and tell you that I've missed you and your kids. I can't believe how HUGE they are since I last checked. Keep doing what you do!!!!


THIS. I was actually thinking about writing an Advice Smackdown question about the screaming, like, do children ever stop screaming? Can you make them stop screaming without screaming your own head off? Is it considered neglect to put in earplugs and pour a glass of wine? Perhaps my questions are (mostly) answered with this post.

Lisa V

Remember when you struggled to get pregnant? :)


Yeah, my boys, 19 and 18, are headed off to the Air Force and college. My house will be silent. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.


I've had suspicions about what having 3 boys was like. Confirmed.

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