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So we have some news.

We made an offer on a house yesterday morning. (A yellow one, obviously.) It was a lowball offer, but I wrote the sellers a letter, which apparently made a huge difference. (Go meeeeeee!) They countered, we accepted, we close on August 21. 

(And now you know where we're moving, if you can make it out through all the screaming.)

(And yeah, my child is in his underwear because he doesn't have any clean pajamas. Because his parents haven't done a single blessed load of laundry in weeks. That was probably the last time I bothered to makeup on, too. What of it? We found us a house, bitches!)



Holy cow you guys get things done FAST! Congratulations!!!


Also, no worries: underwear=pajamas :)


Holy crap the collective excitement of this video had me tearing up a little bit. Congratulations to all of you. This is just the raddest news :)

Sassy Apple

I LOVE how excited Noah is, and I LOVE how much leverage you can get from this video when he's a teenager....
Congratulations, and I can hardly wait to see pictures. Which is weird because I don't really know you, but I do?

Suzy Q



I LOVE that you're ALL so EXCITED about your NEW YELLOW HOUSE!!!! Congrats! Well done.


I love your kids so much. Congratulations!


Totally could not understand where you're moving to - besides the yellow house!!! - but yay!!!


Congratulations! You're moving to my town! OMG! I think you're gonna like it here!

(I've read your blog forever because I love it. I'm gonna run into you somewhere and be awkward. But I assume you'll be awkward back at me.)


Adorable video. I didn't listen to sound, but adorable smiles!


YAY!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!


Seriously, though, that's great. If you need any local EC recommendations (liquor stores, CSAs, playgrounds, Bon Chon Chicken, etc...), send me an e-mail. We have two kids near yours in age (6 and 4) and have seen some shit.


Yay for the yellow house!!!




Woo hoo!!!




Congratulations Storch Family! :)


Yay!!!!! Great job!!!

julie w

Howard County has such a great educational excellent choice! (Also, if if you are moving to dorsey hall neighborhood HOWDY NEIGHBOR.)


What I find so heartbreaking is how sad they seem.


omg, that is THE BEST! now i wish I was moving into the yellow house...sounds amazing!!! :)

congrats to y'all!!!


Congrats! That's so exciting! Have fun in your quest for boxes and all the packing. FYI, unpacking is SO much easier when the kids are in bed and there is some kind of wine/alcohol involved. :)


So exciting! And thanks for sharing this experience! I never want to move ever again but I LOVE the whole house hunting process and then getting to put your own touches and your kid's touches on everything! Can't wait for future Amalah posts from the YELLOW HOUSE!


I love how excited you guys are!!!!!congrats!!!!



Cathy Stoutner

So great! Yay everybody!!

Nicole B

Congratulations! Hope the moving is smooth! :)


That's great news! I was worried you guys wouldn't find anything based on your last post about the strange layouts and such! Good luck with the move, I'm sure it will make for great blog posts!!


Congrats! My Dad and Stepmom live on the edge of Savage/Laurel. Of course I remember when their house used to be across the street from a cow field. It's all delevoped now and my baby sister went to elementary school in said cow field. Ha!


What a delight to see all of your joy! Congratulations!


1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. omg Noah is such a string bean! I don't even know why you apologized for the undies, my kids basically strip down 5 minutes after we finish eating dinner. Or sometimes lunch. or breakfast. hah.



Sue W.

Congrats! A big yellow house just sounds so sunny and fresh! Now go get packing!!


Congratulations! Yellow is a good color for a house. All cheerful and stuff. Yay!


Congrats! A yellow house sounds perfect.


Congrats very exciting news! Sounds like you are coming to my neck of the woods, let me know if you need anything or have any questions. HoCo is a good place with some good peoples, but can take some getting used to (trust me on this)...


YAYYYYY!!!! How exciting, and what a huge relief that must be. Congrats to you and the fam!


But he does have clean underwear, so in the grand scheme of parenting you're still on top of things. Congratulations on your new home!


I adore your children. Wherever you are moving to, which I totally couldn't understand, they will rock the neighborhood.


Hooray hooray! Hope the move goes smoothly and everyone loves the yellow house! (I live in a yellow house!)


Yep. All of us internet-type stalkers need to see pictures of your new house. Does it have a tire?


Awesome! My house is yellow too! YEAH!


I love how they both bend their knees and pick their feet up off the floor. Hanging from your neck and back!

Congrats on the house.


Um, I love Noah. That is all. Congrats!


Congrats to you all. It's a great town and I really think you will like it here. Schools are good, athletics are good, quality of life is high. It can be a little intense and competitive but Lord knows you guys have experienced that where you already are, so that won't be a big change.

Please feel free to message me on fb if you want any advice on preschools for Ike. Also, if you want help with kiddos on the EC side, I have two sons who are GREAT at playing with boys and would absolutely love to be babysitters for you guys. No kidding.


Did anyone just think of Summer Magic? No? Just me, then?

I do love yellow houses, because of that movie. Happy new adventures to your family!


I love their excitement!! My SIL and BIL live in Howard County and they really like it there. The schools are top notch!!


Congratulations! I heard "we're moving to Ellicott City!!!" I might have missed a few exclamation points though. ;)



Rebecca Van Hout

So excited for you!! Your children are adorable :)


Holy cats, you're moving to my town! You guys are going to love it here - it is kid central. OMG - I'm probably going to see you in Target someday and totally fan girl on you. Please forgive me in advance and congratulations on the house!


i'm guessing those double Blue Apron boxes are going to come in handy right about now! Congratulations! Im so glad you were able to find something without needing a transitional home.

Cheryl S.

Super congrats on the house!

As to the video, I'd take it down only because Noah's new schoolmates are probably pretty internet savvy and would give him hell if they find it!


I lived in Ellicott City for a number of years (right near the railroad museum in the historic district). I love how close it is to Baltimore and DC and the character is adorable. If you haven't already, you'll quickly start hating Columbia. :)


But how does the mail slot look?


The house gods were in your favor. Fucking privilege.


I have been so lucky to read your blog for 10 years now. I am so excited for your family and this new adventure!! We live in Glen Dirty, I mean BURNIE and my husband grew up in Columbia so YAY!!


I have been reading your blog for years now but don't often comment (I know, I'm the selfish reader!) because I always chicken out at the end, but I would have to say if I'm going to delurk this is a good a time as any! I'm an EC resident as well and moved here only last summer. So far it's been pretty great for the most part! I also have to echo Ann and say if I run into you at Target I will either fan girl you and run over squealing or throw myself behind a rack of clothes and hyperventilate. That's not creepy or crazy at all, right? Welcome to the neighborhood!


Welcome (in advance) to HoCo. I've lived in Columbia for 20 years now and, aside from the stupid street names in Columbia- I drew the line at living on Feathered Head, but I did spend some time on Humblebee Road- I love it. The Columbia Ale House has great food as well as lots of good beers.


Wonderful Whirlwind! Congrats on the selling and the buying of the yellow house!

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