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So that's like, my primary operating state right now. I'm trying to write and work, keep kids fed and somewhat entertained, get all kinds of paperwork in order for schools and loans and god knows what else. And then the thoughts of I should pack I should pack I should pack creeps in.

So I do that thing where you grab a box and are like, I am going to pack up everything in this room right now!, only the first box is full before you've even cleared off a small shelf. So you get another box, and that fills up just as quickly and there's still no visible progress being made and everything that's not a book is awkward and pointy and doesn't fit in the box AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIII.


(The full extent of my packing progress.)

(Yes, we are getting estimates for both moving and packing. I have no idea how we'll pay for packing but I'm not really sure it's optional at this point. How much plasma can a human donate in three and a half weeks?)

As soon as the home inspection was over* and the house OFFICIALLY did not need to be "show-ready," things immediately devolved back into chaos. LEGO EVERYWHERE. TOWERING LAUNDRY PILES. UNMADE BEDS AND RANDOM SHOES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR FOR YOU TO TRIP ON. 

I drove Jason INSANE in the weeks leading up to our house going on the market. Like he would beg me to stop, stahhhhhp cleaning things, sit down, for the love of God just sit down for a minute, but I couldn't. I just physically couldn't. I took lap after lap around the house, cleaning up clutter I'd just decluttered up 10 minutes prior, moving more things into cabinets and closets, attacking microscopic wall smudges with a Magic Eraser and/or touch-up paint. I redid all the lighting concepts and polished the door handles. The house looked freaking GREAT. 

(After it sold in like, 15 minutes, I OF COURSE smugly accepted Jason's acknowledgement that my OCD had indeed paid off. And when we toured potential houses where the owners hadn't even freaking vacuumed the sea of visible pet hair, or made the tiniest attempt at minor repairs/decluttering/staging, he got a little insulted on my behalf.)

Now he comes home and there's a giant pile of stuffed animals in the foyer and puzzle pieces everywhere else and breakfast dishes still on the counter and he opens his mouth to say something but then doesn't because he is a smart person who would like to live long enough to at least park our cars in the garage at the new house. He's pretty excited about the garage. 

More about the new place later, I suppose, but now I must get back to my previously scheduled day of AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIII.

*The house behaved for the inspection, more or less. A bathroom fan stopped working that very day, like it worked in the morning before I left but was apparently dead an hour later during the inspection. But the dishwasher didn't explode and the attic wasn't full of raccoons and nothing caught on fire. So thanks for that, house. 




When I eventually move from here, I think I'll just burn everything because the idea of actually having to pack it makes my eyeball twitch.


Pay the movers to pack. Seriously. It is worth it, and 5 years later that we didn't do it is one of the biggest regrets of my life. We also had to pack our stuff to store it for 30 days and there are like RULES for that and I own china for like 1600 people and seriously, that was just dumb.


And that is why I'm never moving and no one can make me. We have too much stuff, I just can't even fathom moving it all. And i've been decluttering and donating..but it's never ending. Good luck, really hoping for pictures of the new place as you settle in and decorate (so i can steal whatever genius organizational ideas you come up with).

Sue W.

I am cheering you on from Florida. Can you hear me! Go Amy Go! Rah, rah, sis boom bah!


Yep. Pay someone to pack that stuff. When we moved in 2013, it was about an 1800 sq ft 3 bedroom house and the packing bill was only about $1400. Not that it doesn't add up when you're going through such an expensive process, but yeah, it totally saved my sanity. I'd have turned tricks to pay for it if I had to. Not sure there's really a market for that, though.


We've moved a few times. The last move was paid for by an employer and we had everything packed professionally for the first time. DO IT. I still made myself a little crazy with organizing, purging, self-packing of delicate or embarrassing items, but seriously, it was so worth it not to have to pack the bulk of it.


As a house junkie, I am dying to find out more about the yellow house that has a garage. Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Style? Eeek! Congratulations, btw!


I feel like you do. Baby nr2 is due in 5 weeks...


The packers are worth every stinking penny. Seriously.

Spend your time on the paperwork, packing a suitcase for each of you with the basics, setting up anything you need done at the house...let the packers pack!

Also: paper plates! Good luck!


We've been packed and moved several times. My husband's employer footed the bill, so I gotta say, I didn't do a damn thing and it felt great! I would suggest, however, clarifying if the packers will UNPACK and repack the boxes you have already packed. There may or may not have been an incident involving a blow-up doll that was received as a gag gift, used as impromptu packing material for some of my art supplies (because funny!), and then promptly forgotten until a mover was repacking an unapproved "Customer Packed Box". Explanations were given, if not believed. And I'm living proof you can't die of embarrassment.


I've moved 5 times in the last 7 years. We've had packers every time--for a 3-4 bedroom house it has been about $1500 every time (around $3500-$4000 for moving and packing). Be sure to ask if they will come back and take the used boxes away when you are done unpacking. Some will for free, some will charge $150ish.


Definitely pay to have someone pack you (even though they will even pack up your trash & move it to your new house). Keep in mind depending I. Your closing date you could go a whole month 'without' a mortgage payment - that could be your packing budget (unless it is already your mover budget!)


Ahhh - more house details over at AlphaMom! Sweet!

Erica L.

I've moved 11 times in the last 12 years. I enjoy the purging and the packing. Mostly the purging... I hear you can do that without moving, but I think it's just a nasty rumor.


So, how long until the new house gets an inaugural tire in the entryway?


@ blu_canary:

omg, lololol. I would have died!




Oh hilarious about the house behaving. When we bought our house, our inspector discovered the dishwasher was broken (i.e. five minutes after she turned it on, it was flooding the floor). So we told the owner about the break and asked for $650 off our original offer to replace it, which the owner accepted. The first weekend in our new house, in the middle of dinner, the oven started beeping LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY and WOULD NOT SHUT OFF - and the electrical panel was PAINTED SHUT. I thought,"Touche home owner." Once we pried the electrical panel and flipped the breaker, the oven went right back to working again. So I only had to replace the dishwasher, and not the dishwasher and oven. I did wonder how recently the dishwasher had broken - like had it been broken a long time and they didn't want to replace it (and hoped the inspection wouldn't reveal it) or whether it had broken for the first time that day.

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