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So that's done. Ish. Still have the inspection/appraisal gauntlet to get through (YOU BEST BEHAVE, HOUSE), but we accepted an offer last night. And broke more than a few hearts in the process, unfortunately, including a woman who literally barged into the house with her agent five minutes before our agent arrived with a stack of offers. They insisted that our agent encouraged them to come (a total lie, turned out), then they looked around and wouldn't leave and then the woman started crying when it became clear that no, SERIOUSLY, you do not have a chance at buying this house, please just go, okay?

So that was...weird. 

We close in 30 days, three days before school starts. We're touring 17 goddamn houses tomorrow. 

(We're moving kind of far away, if you haven't guessed that already. We're staying in Maryland but moving far enough away that driving there is a significant time commitment. Basically cashing out of a crazy inflated low-inventory sellers' market and heading to much calmer, cheaper pastures. IN THEORY, anyway.)

I have no idea how or if this is all going to work out, so I'm trying to just not think about it too hard so I don't sprain my brain or something. 

/flailing Kermit arms




And good luck!

Elaine C. B.

Congratulations! And please try not to strain your brain. Things work out the way they're supposed to.


The great thing about house hunting these days is that you can use your phone to help you sort everything out. Take ltos of pictures and even more notes. Hell, there's probably even an app for that. Hmm...sponsored post coming up maybe? LOL!

P.S. Congrats!!!


That was supposed to say lots. Oops!


This gives me even more hope you are heading my way! HoCo schools FTW, yo! Anyway if it is my way and you happen to need a place to perch or want any of the scoop let me know because HoCo is lovely but also a beast of its own!


OMG! So you're really leaving the metro area? Not that I ever saw you IRL, despite the fact that we both seem to haunt Two Amys, but booooo!!! Please tell me you at least get chickens out of this. I always wanted chickens.


Okay, that woman who barged into your house needs to get a grip. There are other houses, lady!

Good luck with you house hunt! So stressful and so exciting!


Congratulations! That's a big step :) I have no idea how far away "far away" is, but I'm in Clarksburg and LOVE it. I've also lived in Derwood, Gaithersburg, and Olney. The fact that there is more space and more calm is really what sold me. Good luck on finding your new place! If you need info on restaurants and things to do out here in the boonies- let me know!


I'm sure you'll find something, if not in the first 17(!) then very very soon.


Wow! Congratulations on breaking the land speed record for listing to being under contract! And welcome to North MoCo (I hope!) :)


Don't lose hope of finding a house. We moved to a different state with 4 kids. Our house was sold, we flew to new location with all the kids and saw 18 houses in 3 days. The one we bought was the second to last house we saw. I'll admit, end of Day 2, with no house in sight, I was panicking. But it worked out. :) Congrats on the bidding war!!


We're moving over an hour away too. My husband took a video of every house so we could see the flow and remember what it looked like from multiple angles. I hope you guys find a good one!


Whoo Hoo! So I don't know what "far away" means and I don't need to. But I was the one who posted the link to the house in Hagerstown yesterday. If you are interested, the current owner has extensive dealings with the local school district and can give you the 411 on IEPs etc. That's the last I'll say unless you email me for more info #crazyhousepusher :) Regardless, good luck in your search!




Glad I'm not the only one who wants to know where you're moving...we're all stalkers, yay! Lucky you. :) Anyway, Baltimore County in da houze...Hereford Zone to be precise. It's purdy here (like postcard purdy), and we have the space for chickens. Much luck with house hunting!

Sue W.

Congrats on a contract! Try not to stress too much about finding a house. You will know it's right when you pull in the driveway. I know I did!


Well, I'm going to be gentle with the house hunting lady, because it sounds like she is at the end of her rope, and god knows I've been there a time or two. Desperation makes for craziness.
Good luck with the house hunting! Here's hoping you find new digs quickly.


Congrats on the quick contract! I don't know where you guys are looking, but we just moved out to Fallston (Harford County)from around your area and I can't believe how different it is out here. The school are great, the area is beautiful and we finally feel like we are home! Good luck on finding the perfect house!


Good luck in your hunt for a new home! I live in MD too but I'm pretty sure you won't be moving to my neck of the woods. Ok, literally the woods. It's hours away lol.


Another long-term Howard County resident. Send me a note if you have any questions about the area.



(Adding my vote for Howard County - Columbia is awesome, particularly Kings Contrivance... just sayin'.)


Another HoCo person here, with connections in the SpEd department if you are seeking any input.


Several friends have chosen to rent for six months to a year while they figured out the area and found the right house. So, maybe keep that in mind before you panic and buy something crazy?


We moved to the country last summer (Mt Airy/Frederick County-ish) and it was the best decision we've ever, ever made. Hope you're enjoying the calmer pastures (and wine) soon!


oh man, that is AWESOME. congrats on being under contract so quickly! i have full confidence that you'll find the perfect house immediately now too :)


If you're going up to Frederick County, the SET program at Lewistown Elementary was AMAZING with my son. I regret that we moved away from that school...

Crossing my fingers that one of those 17 is exactly what your family needs and your offer is accepted quickly!


My house in HoCo ( specifically Fulton) has been on the market for three weeks so congrats on the bidding war!!!! Good luck with your search, take lots of pictures and copious notes. They all start to run together after number 5 or so.

Suzy Q



Are you moving to Frederick? Because my across the street neighbors have chickens and I am not even kidding. Also I know of a kick-ass Occupational Therapist up here. (My oldest is on the spectrum, too, maybe. Or ADHD. Jury is still out).


I'm super curious where you're going in Maryland. If it's some areas in Frederick, Carroll or Howard counties I could help - or be your neighbor!


Wow, so great! We own a townhouse in Germantown, but have no chance in hell of getting an offer that would let us sell at a profit (bought in spring 2007 - ouch!). We considered moving to Poolesville last year (we could have a yard! A big one! And a great school system!). But we didn't end up going for it, which was all for the best when we somehow ended up in New Hampshire 9 months later. i wish you luck with your hunt, you can do it!


Take lots of notes, even if your notes consist of, "you couldn't pay me to live here!" And take pics of the crazy $#it you see. I still laugh at the pic I have of a ceiling of IKEA 1'x1' mirrors. I mean, seriously?


Live in HoCo and have for my entire life (Highland, then Clarksville). Also married to a HoCo teacher, so if you have any questions (if you are headed this way), please let me know!


Piping in for Anne Arundel Co--specifically Linthicum. ten minutes to Baltimore but one block walk to library and two blocks to Baltimore Annapolis trail. Great schools and easy commutes.


Another vote for Kings Contrivance in Columbia. There is a huge 4 bed 3.5 bath house on half an acre up the street for 525k. I can walk to the river, in the woods, the pool,the high school, my yoga studio, the grocery store, an ice cream shop, a sushi restaurant, a bagel shop, the bank, etc. We have the walking paths (with plenty of playgrounds!)are right behind our house. We were across from the Strathmore before moving here, and I have no regrets.


Another HoCo resident---who moved here for the schools and got screwed by redistricting. Reach out if you want to hear about where NOT to move.

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