Eight Crazy Days
The Move That Almost Wasn't

A Brief Update







Headed out to finalize some school stuff today. Movers coming to finish packing tomorrow. (Oh god bless them I don't care just take our money and hellllllllp usssssss.) Loading the trucks and cleaning and saying goodbye to the townhouse on Thursday. Night in a hotel, then back-to-back settlements and moving into Yellow House on Friday. 

At least, that was the plan as of 10 minutes ago, and the plan has changed at least a dozen times this week. 

So ready for this to all be over, Internet. So, so ready. 


Sue W.

Oooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. Peace be with you.

Sue W.

Ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm. Peace be with you.


Woooooh Saaaaah. You got this. It'll be a memory before you know it. "Normal" life will return. Hang in there.


You can do it! Yay packers! Yay almost over!

Doing the settling into the new house feels SO MUCH BETTER than getting out of the old one!


Hang in there! You can do it! You are amazing!


I'm doing the same thing right now! Super fast settlement on old house, up-in-the-air settlement on the new house, packing, packing, packing, registrations, inspections, etc. GAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Good luck!


It's funny because when I was pregnant with my daughter, you were pregnant with Ike (I was just a couple of months ahead of you), so I really enjoyed reading those posts as I went through my own pregnancy. And now here you are moving, and so are we (for us it's due to my husband being in the military). It's nice hearing about your craziness at the same time that we're going through ours!


Holding you in the light as the craziness unfolds. Enjoy the excitement and newness of it all. Breathe deeply ----- it will all be over soon!


GOOD LUCK. We moved this summer, just from rental to rental, and it nearly broke me. I definitely reached a point where my moving budget no longer mattered, so long as the guys just got it done. Oh, and WINE.


Hang in there, it'll be over soon and you can put your feet up, sip some wine and enjoy the Yellow House! :)


So close to the next adventure. So close!


Consider your self lucky, here in Long Island, NY it takes at least 3 months to close on a house.


Almost there! We are excited for you and can't wait to see new photos! Hope everything (or as much as possible) goes smoothly.


Me, on moving day morning when the truck that was supposed to be there at 9 am wasn't there: Hello, Ryan? Are you on the way.
Ryan the Shady Mover: Oh, I meant to call you. I don't have that truck available.
Suebob: Can you send another truck, because I need to move today.
Ryan: I don't have another truck.
Suebob: What do you propose to do, since we had an agreement that you would move me today?
Ryan: Uh....
Which is how I paid a couple of guys who looked like meth freaks $150 to throw my stuff in a U-Haul trailer and drag it across town. Most of it remained relatively unbroken...


The last time we moved, a long time ago, the police closed off our street and told us the moving truck couldn't come within a block of our house because a commercial was going to be filmed in the park across the street. May that not happen to you. (We raised holy hell since we had no prior notice and were able to move after all. I think they saw the look in my eye and realized that they were going to have a batshit crazy person on their hands if they didn't agree.) It will be wonderful when it's done.


It's Thursday night. I am hoping everyone is fast asleep in the hotel room, all dreaming of your new home. Move in Day, hurray!

Elaine C. B.

Happy move-in day!

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