A Brief Update

Eight Crazy Days

This is where a blog post should go. This is where I should be typing something of substance, or at least stringing words together in a somewhat coherent manner, to create said blog post. 

Instead, my brain is reduced to nothing but a string of letters, onomatopoeia style, as I am completely overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done before the move. Which is NEXT WEEK. When did that happen? The last time I checked I still had like, three weeks to go. What the ever-loving FUCK, oh ye relentless ongoing march of time? Can you just chill for a second?

I toured a couple preschools earlier this week, one of which had the word "Montessori" in it but then I showed up and was like, "you keep using that word, blah blah tired Princess Bride quote, NOPE." Another one was really excessively Jesus-y. I'm going back early next week to tour another one that seems only moderately Jesus-y. Oh, and to enroll Noah and Ezra in the public school, with LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. Surprise! Scooch over and make some room for the Storch boys, kids. 

We chose our crazy short-slash-ambitious closing date (YES WE DID THIS TO OUR OWN SELVES ON PURPOSE) because we really did want to get in before school started. I definitely wish we could go back and start the process much sooner, because it's been a sprint down to the wire to get all the paperwork and proof that yes, we really ARE moving to your district and no, we really aren't lying because we feel like driving our kids to a school almost an hour away every day just for kicks. 

(Technically all we needed were two reassignment forms, one copy of our ratified contract, and a letter from our real estate agent confirming our close/move-in date. But we are dealing with a relocation company, whose sole purpose in the process appears to be creating an extra wall of paperwork every step of the way, and then letting said paperwork sit around on a desk for a few days while everyone pops out for a nice long lunch.)

But whatever. Everything is coming together as it should, albeit just a tad more last minute than I would have preferred. But what can you do? I am zen with a side of assddlkvljaefnldflnmelhfdvnaejrflajcanlafh. And now I need to get back to putting things in boxes and then forgetting to label the boxes, seriously Amy, you only have like 14 dozen jobs right now! Get your shit together!




I feel you. After living vicariously through your recent selling/buying experience, I accepted an out of state job two days ago and am already buried under the mound of paperwork. And we have to prep our house to put on the market. And schedule a house-hunting trip. And oh yeah, I have to tell my boss I'm leaving. And, and and...


SO CLOSE. The last part is the worst part, but you will be there so soon, and then you'll start a new beginning.

Alison F.

As a school administrator, I can tell you that of the two options, I would rather have two last minute additions, rather than deletions. BUT - really, really important - make sure Noah's former principal/teachers reach out to his new principal/teachers before his first day so that everyone is on the same page, and there is no oh-my-gosh-that-would-have-been-so-easy-to-avoid crisis. I'm sure you have that well, in hand, but those conversations are GOLD for kids with special needs.


I move next Wednesday. I'm so overwhelmed that I've just stopped packing lol. Luckily I have a b-day party to go to on Saturday and hubby can take the reins for a while. I'll think of you fondly as I'm lugging kids and junk an hour and a half away.


We are probably moving due to my husband's job and I really, really want to hear, in fine detail, all about what it is like for you to move an IEP, start a new school and make sure all your special kid's needs are met, how Noah handles it, etc etc etc. Leave nothing out! I want to hear it all, because I'm totally freaking out.

Julie w

Check out bet yeladim preschool. Play based, non profit, and close to you. A reasonable emphasis on the Old Testament and the kids celebrate Shabbat every Friday. We are Unitarian and loved it. Part day and full day options. (Tell them Alex and Ben s mom sent you)

Sue W.

And there will be much Kermit Flailing Arms! It will all be over soon and will just be a distant memory.


Preschool with a side of Jesus? Chrikey, how far into the sticks are you moving!


I am sure you've got this handled but speaking from experience having a child whose IEP makes you go ohhhhh shiiitttttt what the helllllll - get in there girl.


I hear you. We close on our new home in 3 weeks. Granted, we are just moving down the road a bit, the kid is staying at her school and I don't have a whole other home to prepare to sell but the list of stuff to get done before the move is taxing, to say the least. I want to crawl under the covers and stay there until it's over.


Check out the Goddard School off of route 100. My kids went to a different Goddard school but did really well there. It is not Montessori but they have a well established curriculum and your kid will not go into Kindergarten unprepared. The down side is that school might have a wait list.


Fun Fact about Montessori - absolutely anyone can legally use the name. It's about as specific as 'healthy' on food packaging. There's a way to actually get certified Montessori but you don't have to be to use the name. Same thing with the word 'Webster's' on a dictionary!

Oh, and sorry but you'll almost definitely never get into a Goddard. Long waiting lists everywhere.....


You can try the Goddard in Hickory Ridge (Columbia). They're more likely to have openings.


haha the preschools you guys are recommending cost multiple hundreds more a month than we've ever paid here in crazypantsville haha whaaaaatttt


(Feeling good about moderately-jesus school! We tour on Tuesday!)

Julie w

Ha! Welcome to HoCo prices! My neighbors loved the running brook cooperative. Better price but you'll have to volunteer a few times. Also heard good things about Oakland mills coop too. Also there is a daycare run by the county at VES that takes preschoolers. And VES has a learnng peers program (works out to about $5/hr) which is probably full but you should ask too. (VES was my kid's early intervention school but we go to different elementary school) email if you want more suggestions.


Welcome to the 4th wealthiest county in the nation. Your best bet is probably to go with the Jesus school. The ones associated with churches are always less expensive. The co-ops are inexpensive, too, but I found their hours were really limited and not ideal.


My only assvise for moving is this.....
Set up the beds and make them first! Maybe find toothbrushes and put those in place.
At the end of the day when all you want is to lay down is not the time to be rummaging around for sheets.


Make sure you focus some efforts on the packing of the wine. You don't want to transport inferior bottles, so some quality control is needed.

That's what I told myself when we moved several years back. Also don't want to move half filled liquor bottles either. . .


Have you looked into Childtime? It's a chain, but the one my son attended was amazing. I used them for part-time daycare in the toddler years and then full-time preschool the year before he started kindergarten. His preschool teacher, a former first-grade teacher, had him reading *well before* kindergarten started, and he ended up starting kindergarten very much ahead of his peers (like, grade-level ahead in reading and math). The folks at my Childtime were great, and the price was, well, in line with what you find in HoCo but definitely not the most pricey of the bunch. It was a really loving environment for the kids, and the long hours and rare closings made it nice on working parents.


So excited for you but moving is THE WORST and I just wish for you all that it goes as smoothly as possible. The Yellow House looks super cute and I know you will build some wonderful memories there.


Have you looked at The Young School?


Check out St. Peters in ellicott city, little jeasusy but super affordable for the area, good luck, the preschool search in hoco can be nuts


Jesus-y dang phone not liking my fake words


Oh God no!! Just say no to jesus-y ! Ick!Lol! I'd pay more, and I live in the damn bible belt. Good luck with your move! Can not wait to hear all about it!


Hi Amy. I know we don't know each other, but I just want to say how very happy I am for you and your family. I was so excited to see that you found such an awesome house, The Yellow House. We can get bogged down with crappy news and it's so refreshing to see something go right. I wish I lived near, I would totally help you move. Thanks for putting on such a great blog, even in the middle of all the craziness!

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