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So a long long time ago (I can still remember) when planning out possible topics for another NatureBox post, I decided I would write something workout and weightlifting related. Maybe go through my routines, and then talk about the diet changes I’ve made (no more hardcore calorie restrictions for this gal) and my favorite pre- and post-workout snacks (carbs first, protein after). Which conveniently, I get delivered from NatureBox! See? Easy post that writes itself! Maybe I could try my hand at some super #inspirational #fitness #selfies.


(Turns out I’m not the sort of person who puts on a full face of makeup before working out, which kind of tipped any #selfies away from #inspirational and towards #haggard and #splotchy.)

But about five minutes after I took that picture (and consumed that entire bag of Sriracha Pop Pops), we sold our house and life went into a complete tailspin. Weightlifting was replaced by packing and moving boxes. Cardio became our mad race to find a new house, and a general elevated heartrate from all the stress.

On our first solid day of house-hunting, we were…ill-prepared, to say the least. I’d grabbed a half-empty box of granola bars and water bottles for the kids on my way out the door (while forgetting both grown-ups’ travel mugs of coffee on the counter, woe), and these provisions lasted us…oh, maybe about an hour. We hit the first drive-through around 9 in the morning for donuts and coffee and our meals only got worse from there.

By the end of the day, we were completely exhausted, a little defeated, and just about everyone in the car was complaining about various digestive issues and tummy aches from the crappy, sugary food we’d shoved in our faces all day. When we got home I offered to make the boys a frozen pizza and even they were like, can we get some fruit or something? Maybe a nice salad?

The next time we went out, I came prepared. I grabbed our latest NatureBox (and our coffee) and brought the whole thing with us. Turned out to be our good luck charm.


(Nice super casual and totally authentic thumb placement over the mailing address there, Self.)


(#inspirational #househunting #selfie)

Instead of donuts and fries and chips, we ate delicious, crunchy things from NatureBox. Sour cream and onion flavored almonds. Tomato-flavored almonds. Savory trail mixes (with almonds) (I really really love almonds) and Peruvian-roasted corn kernels. Jason was dismayed to learn that he’d missed out on the Sriracha Pop Pops, but hey, there’s always our next box.

(Pause for required details/key messaging: You can choose between three or five snacks per box, and can get boxes delivered to home or office every week, every two weeks, or every month. Change, pause or cancel anytime, yadda yadda.)


(It turned out that I was in more of a chocolate chip cookie mood this month. I WONDER WHY.)

For the record, I do share with the kids. Sometimes. Since I’m the one making the snack selections I tend to favor my own cravings. (There are over 100 snacks to choose from, and I always seem to choose while hungry). Sometimes I fib and tell them things are “spicy,” but that doesn’t always work.


Ike, belatedly realizing that sour cream & onion almonds are 1) not spicy, 2) a total revelation, and 3) almost all gone. :(

Thanks to NatureBox for letting me write about you AGAIN, and for timing it right around now so I remembered that I needed to update my address. Got some jalapeno white cheddar popcorn headed my way next, sorry kids it’s spicy and it’s all miiiiiiiiiine.

Join NatureBox today and enjoy your first box on them! Click on this link to get started!

(This offer is only available to new customers in the US and Canada.)



Naturebox now ships to CANADA, he!


Those cookies look life-changing.


I know you're super busy with house stuff, but can you do a post on your workouts and your new eating habits.


I think this is the first time I've ever clicked on a link in a sponsored post and actually bought something. Snacks are the bane of my existence. I hope NatureBox will help my lunch-packing routine run a little smoother. If not, at least I have snacks to eat after the kids go to bed and I watch TV instead of reading a book.


We joined NatureBox earlier in the year (after reading about it here a few times) and we love it! So glad you have been writing about them - great snacks, good deal! :)

Cheryl S.

NatureBox? Free? Yes please! NOM. Thanks Amy.

Sarah B

I signed up yesterday after reading this post! Looking forward to the free box of snacks, and hoping it's the answer to my "what am I going to pack for lunches" daily dilemma. Thanks for the link!


Yaaaaasss! You turned me onto Naturebox months ago and it is THE BEST! We love it at my house.


Absolutely LOVE my Naturebox! I've only had a few snacks I didn't care for (the dried apples for one... ick! and the beef jerky was not a fave), but even those were liked by SOMEONE in the household. They have amazing granola, dried fruits (the pineapple and cherries/cranberries are amazing), and other little snacks. I wasn't sure at first, but a couple months in I was loving it.

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