First Look at the Yellow House

Worry Ike

When I told the boys on Tuesday that we were going to see Yellow House (and they'd get to go inside), their initial reaction was along these lines, again. Much jumping and clapping and shrieking with glee. 

But then a little later...



Now, Ike is definitely a cuddler. But he has different cuddle styles based on his mood. And THIS cuddle ...facing me, head on my shoulder, one hand deep in my hair for comfort...this is a classic "I'm unsure about something and bordering on a little scared" cuddle. 

Poor little guy. He's been trying SO HARD to join in his brothers' OVER THE MOON excitement about moving, but it's clear there are still big gaps in his understanding of what's happening. 

We made him an "Ike Is Moving!" book through TwigTale* that has REALLY helped, but I think Tuesday threw him for a loop. We weren't supposed to be going to the Yellow House yet. The movers hadn't put all our boxes and things and toys on the moving truck yet. Were we leaving it all behind? Were we coming back? Where was Dad? What about the pets?

We cuddled in silence for awhile and then I started volunteering a bit more information about what was happening that day, promising that we'd come back to this house and all our things. This wasn't moving day. This was visit-the-new-house-and-pick-out-your-room day!

You know, the way I should have explained to him in the first place, rather than dropping it on him en masse with his brothers.


He seemed to feel a little better.


Or maybe his Inner Ham was just too powerful.



Just to be on the safe side, though, he insisted on bringing a few Good Friends with him to the Yellow House.


They all made it back home, safe and sound. 

*Not a sponsored link. Isabel from AlphaMom gave me her promo code to make Ike a book, with no expectation of a review or mention. But the book is great and helpful, and I really like the other offerings as well.



Gah he kills me with cute. Do you stop sometimes and just marvel at how there are so many of us who are going to the yellow house with y'all, who are excited and happy, and ready for new yellow house stories and stories happening in the yellow house, and school, and remodeling, and and and. There is joy for you.


My daughters are still processing the move, 8 weeks in. Hell, we all are! I find mid-week is the hardest - we all hit the wall Wednesday or Thursday and just have to veg and let the new shit soak in. Then we're okay for a few more days. We acknowledge how hard it is, esp. for little ones who've never uprooted their entire lives and moved somewhere else. Acknowledging sadness and anger helps, as does lots of hugs and maybe some ice cream.

Jen R

One things that really helped our four year old was to draw the floorplan of the new house on a piece of paper. Even after he had seen the house he was nervous about how our things would fit and where we would sleep, and "what about your car, mommy?" So we drew the floorplan and we could point to where things were going to be after we moved. He was comforted knowing that there was a place for everything he cared about in the new house.


Totes doing one of those for my 3 year old who is starting drop off preschool next month. Also, any advice on going from home every day to school 5 days a week? It's only 4 hours a day, but we did a little trial run with 2.5 hour art camp this week and he pulled off happy for 2 days, hit a wall the 3rd day and declared he's never ever going back to school the 4th day :( Lots of cuddles around here this week too!


I never noticed how much he looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Adorbs.


Credaholic - When my daughter was starting preschool, we visited a week or so before and took lots of photos of her in the classroom, all parts of the room itself, and of her with her new teachers. Then I added labels in photoshop (you know, for my non-reading 3 year old), printed them "snap-shot" size, and used a little "bragbook" album to make an "Ellie Goes to School!" book. We read it every night, talked about the different parts of the room and the routine, teachers, etc.


Good luck with the move. We moved when my oldest was 2 1\2 and the book Moving House by Usborne books was super helpful. It even described a visit to the house to measure rooms, etc. (Horse may have left the barn on that one). We also moved with cans of paint in our car so we could paint his room as the men moved stuff in. Seemed insane, but it really helped him feel at home, having his room painted the way he wanted it right away.

Sue W.

Baby Ike is still Baby Ike.

Katie H.

Awww! This is so precious. We just told our almost 10 year old we are going to move and she was the same way. She just wanted to be sure all our pets would come too!


This is the book that answers questions that kids dont know how to ask. I bet you can find it at the library.

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