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Kitchen, Hair & Spiderman's Hot New Look

We have counters! 


In real life the counters have a bit more brown/putty color in them and the floors have more gray, so it all ties together in a really nice neutral-as-shit boring way. But I still have some lingering pain from our house-hunting days when we're walk into a (clearly expensive as hell) remodeled kitchen that was chock full of...um...interesting design choices. 

Things we do NOT have:


1) The back panel for the peninsula because mystery. 

2) Non-hideous lighting because I only just finally made up my mind.


3) The correct cabinet for this spot (it was supposed to be drawers for pots and pans, not doors) because we needed SOMETHING to go wrong and hold up everything else on this list, including getting the fridge out of the dining room.


4) A functioning dishwasher, sink or disposal because of that damn cabinet. 

5) Cabinet hardware because of that fucking piece of shit cabinet.


6) A useless desk in this spot, sized for a hobbit. (This is a good thing.)

7) A pantry door because backordered.

The (asshole) cabinet should be in this week, at which point the crew will come back and knock out all the remaining loose ends, leaving Jason and I to paint and install a tile backsplash. Neither of which we've picked out yet, because decisions are hard and terrible. 

Which is why when I showed up to my hair appointment on Saturday (OKAY GOOD SEGUE THUMBS UP NOT AWKWARD AT ALL), I just sorta shrugged and told her* to do something fun. 


And now my hair is all sunset-y fall leaves and FIRE. I love it even more than having kitchen counters. I would post more pictures but I haven't washed it since Saturday and...um...I need to. Now it's more like a grease fire.

*She = Kiera at Bombshell Salon in Ellicott City.You should totally go see her but if you take all her appointments I will be so mad. 

FINALLY, this happened:


Ike put a bra on his face and yelled I'M SPIDERMAN!

And I think we can all agree that's clearly the most important part of this post. 


(Final shameless plug-n-shill: If you'd like to get a copy of Everybody Gets Scared in time for Halloween, TODAY is the order deadline to get in time. Enjoy and thank you muchly.)



Love your hair! :D


We have that granite! It miraculously hides every stain. It also hides anything silver that is set upon it. Rings, screws, coins, safety pins. You set them down and you will never see them again.


Your kitchen layout is very similar to mine, but I want more storage space. Did you consider trying to knock out some of that drywall bump (I have no idea what it's called) and get taller cabinets? Our kitchen is in good condition (just not our style) and without extending the cabinets up, there's not enough justification for a remodel. I appreciate any advice you can give.


Oh, and awesome hair!


Bra=Spiderman. Totally. Not working at my house cause my bras are all neutral, or black.

Margaret van Velthuyzen

Omg, love your hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I LOVE your hair! So awesome!


Your hair is BEEOOTIFULL! As is your kitchen. And your bra is very pretty. And Ike, of course, is Ike. But your hair is really gorgeous.


omgomg the hair! The Hair!! Love!!!


Your hair reminds me of Sunset Shimmer's hair from My Little Pony Equestria Girls


I love your neutral kitchen. :) My dream is to someday have just as neutral of a kitchen with nice floors and counters that don't show how dirty they really are.

Love your fire hair and Spider-Man's new look. I think it's a childhood rite of passage for every child at some time to use a bra as a mask or glasses or whatever.


Can you give the details about your kitchen floors? I was looking into a similar look for our basement.


OMG your hair is everything! It's amazing!!!!
Yes, the kitchen is good too, much better than before. BUT OMG THE HAIR!!


Your hair is beautiful!

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