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Palettes and Pallets


We have floors! And a full set of cabinets! Including one that is wrong and needs to be re-ordered! (Arrived with doors instead of drawers, nobody noticed at first because we were simply blinded with joy over having cabinets again.) Now we're just waiting on the countertops and new light fixtures to arrive, and to settle on a paint color.

We went to the paint store yesterday, because for some reason we mistook ourselves for Confident Proactive Decision Makers and thought we'd be able to pick out not only a color for the kitchen, but an entirely new color scheme for the entire main level of the house. We'd start with the kitchen and then move into the dining room, living room, the foyer and all the various big ass walls and we'd come home with a whole slew of paint and FUCK YEAH HOME IMPROVEMENT. 

Instead, we were promptly overwhelmed with all the choices and frustrated by our inability to remember/recognize any of the paint colors we liked from the old house. (Although the million barely different shades of yellow-ish beige that tormented our touch-up/patching efforts for nine damn years are still all seared into my brain, probably forever.) So we bought some chalkboard paint and decided to wait on a main wall color until we saw the countertops. Especially since we both only have a vague memory of what the countertops even look like anymore, because we looked at approximately eleventy billion options before finally settling on one sample slab, held it up in victory, Lion King style, and then immediately moved onto the next nervous breakdown over cabinet pulls. I believe they are a blackish/brownish area. With points

Jason also loaded up on free wooden pallets from the parking lot, because he's on a Pinterest bender right now and plans to make us a coffee table and some shelves. Maybe a wall covering, if he can collect enough pallets. PALLETS PALLETS PALLETS. It will be fascinating to see if any of that actually happens or if PalletWatch is the new TireWatch, because he's filled half of the garage with pallets at this point. Here is where I remind people that I do not have a Pinterest account, mostly because somebody else registered the Amalah handle before I could and I've been in an irritated snit over it for years, but my husband's DIY pallet project obsession is not helping me re-think my stance. 

(Also because I keep getting tempted by all those damn Overnight Oats recipes, like the kind you make in wee little jars and keep in the fridge for a Healthy & Convenient Breakfast Option? Kids love them! So cute! So many flavor possibilities! And then I make Overnight Oats and my kids are like, this is DISGUSTING, we want the NORMAL oatmeal that comes from the MICROWAVE, Mom.)

(I've tried like five different recipes with no luck. Why do I keep trying to make Overnight Oats happen? I DON'T EVEN LIKE OATMEAL.)

In conclusion, the kitchen still isn't done and look at all these goddamn pallets.




As soon as I read the title, I thought "OOH PINTEREST I HAVE SEEN PALETTES ON PINTEREST" help what has happened to me.

I will confess to loving the oatmeal in a jar although the last one I tried was so gross that I might be ruined forever.


Are pallets going to be the new Tire?



P.S. the floors look AH-MAAAAZING!


I keep trying the overnight oats, too. They are good every three times or so. My kids won't touch them.

The floors look great!


Day. Made. :)


you have chosen the perfect floor for a house full of boys! nothing will show on that! I love it!


Not that you asked, but....
Benjamin Moore Aura paint - Caliente (a beautiful paprika-y red color) and Lemonade (a lovely clear pale yellow), and Peach Straw (a pale peach color) are some of my favorites. My least favorite? The mushroom-y beige, poorly-touched-up paint that pervades the rest of my house, because we ran out of energy to paint the rest of the house....sigh.


I make oatmeal for my kids a lot - almost as easy as the prepackaged stuff:

1. Put some oatmeal in a bowl and cover with milk
2. Microwave for 2 min
3. Get cinnamon and something sweet out during the two minutes like brown sugar, maple syrup, honey etc (during which I am also making or drinking coffee).
4, Add the cinnamon, sweet stuff and sometimes I add vanilla, and stir. Microwave another minute or so till :"done".
5. Add milk to cool it down for kid.

I suppose I could make this easier by premixing some oatmeal and sugar and cinnamon ahead of time, but I have never gotten around to this. I have been doing this since my kids were toddlers, and they are now 12 and 16, so given I have not gotten around to it yet, it is unlikely I ever will!


I always use Sherwin Williams paint colors because it is super easy to find real pictures of the paint in houses. Sherwin Williams also has these "paint collections" so your whole house will be coordinated. I usually have Home Depot color match the paint in Behr, they usually have the formula right in their system.


Behr "Wet Cement" hands down, best color we've ever stumbled upon. I use it everywhere and it looks a little different in each room.

I love your floors and every since you posted about buying them in bulk to eventually use them throughout the first floor, I've been mildly obsessed with the idea. We are planning a kitchen reno for the next year or so and I would love the idea of using the wood style ceramic tiles but I worry that it'll clash with the hard wood foyer and the eventual hard wood we want to put in the living/dining rooms. But with two dogs, I am so hesitant about installing new wood floors. But if we did the foyer and kitchen now and then did the living/dining rooms in a few years, that could work. Hmmm.


We paid $300 to an interior decorator to do a color consultation with us and it was money very well spent. She helped us select colors that worked together throughout the house and worked with existing elements like countertops. Also we have things like walls that run from the formal dining room into the kitchen and I would have had no idea how to handle those. I know its a splurge but painting costs time and effort too so getting it right the first time was important to us.


Isn't it great to have a garage to store said pallets? I am very envious.


I would be very interested in seeing Jason's real-world completed palette projects. They always look lovely in Pinterest-land but I worry my efforts won't yield quite the same results.

Amy A

I'm going to be the pallet buzz kill girl here, but please check out the marks on your pallets before making anything with them. I was totally on board with the pallet furniture making craze, until I started hearing about them containing potential pesticides, bacteria, bugs, etc. You can research on the web regarding what toxins they might contain, and what ones are considered safe. Personally, I wouldn't use any of them, even to burn, because I don't know that any are really safe.
Also, just a tip-buy the sample size paints and put on many different walls. Paint colors are never the same in your house as they look in the store.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I figure better safe than sorry--


just remember if pallet projects don't happen they make great firewood.


Definitely wait until the counters are in before deciding on a paint color. It took 9 samples before I found the right color for my new kitchen because now that it's open to the living room the color has to work with the rug and art in there. We somehow managed to accidentally pick a counter and cabinets that look great with all the art and textiles in the living room; I guess that means it's a color palette I'm comfortable with.


Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) is all I'm going to say. (No, seriously..magical paint color that makes every room slightly different, but uniform).


Yes to Sherwin Williams for picking out paint colors! They have the giant, confusing, wall o' many colors, and then they have concept books that narrow them down. You pick a style, and your choices are instantly narrowed to a manageable number of choices that ALL GO TOGETHER. Saved my sanity when we bought our house.

Joy Wenberg

Floors look great! I love Sherwin Williams for their big paint chips, but for big jobs, always get a sample to make sure. Love the $300 paint consulting idea. Paint is expensive--I am pretty confident in my color decisions too, but it would be great to have that second professional opinion.


I made the overnight oats in the peanut butter jar and served them to my friend and she asked why I gave her homeless people food.


Is the haunted floor creak gone?? I've been so worried about you.


Please be sure those pallets are the safe kind before using them around the boys. If the wood is treated, they can be toxic.

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