It's the Most Germiful Time of the Year
Back in the EI Life, Again

How We Do It Where We From

So not long after hitting the publish button on Wednesday, the plague swiftly moved onto both Ike and I, which was swell. And entirely predictable. 

It had just occurred to me that the tired-grumpy-headachey-soreness state I was in was probably illness-related, and on my way to find the thermometer I bumped into Ike, who informed me that he had a cold. In his neck. Also this part, the forehead part of his face. 

We both had fevers, so we spent a cozy little sick day together. Ike hauled every book off the bookshelves one by one to his bed, where he buried himself in stuffed animals and honestly didn't complain all that much. While I stayed in my bed, literally accomplishing nothing but whining to people over text message while watching Missy Elliott's new video on an endless repeat, be still my 90s girl heart. 

(Scurries off to watch it again. Yep, everybody go home, my life is complete, let's just shut 2015 down already.)

Still not feeling 100% myself yet, but determined to get a little bit more done today, like...taking a shower! Writing some words! Then possibly microwaving some soup. It's gonna be a big day, for sure.

Ike bounced back incredibly quickly, probably because today was his turn to take the "Me Bag" to preschool, something he has been waiting for HIS ENTIRE LIFE. He was going to get better and lower his body temperature by sheer force of will. I only learned about the Me Bag last Friday when his teachers sent it home with some instructions, but Ike promptly lost his mind with excitement because OH EM GEE IT'S THE MOTHEREFFING ME BAG! 

The Me Bag is basically show-and-tell, but you get to include as many things as you want, and I guess everything is supposed to have an autobiographical angle to it. Ike took his selections VERY seriously, and he really did chose his most "special" toys, plus things he received from special people, like his aunt or Nana, and had the backstories all ready to go for each one. He also took both of his Twigtale books (INCLUDING THE ONE I WROTE OH RIGHT PLEASE BUY THAT ONE GUYS) so he could show pictures of our old house and have his teacher read the "funny part about cheeseburgers" (THAT I WROTE) to the class. 



(Spikes football, also again, be still my heart, which actually is beating a little fast because I think I mixed a little too much coffee and Advil this morning) 

Ugh, okay. I'm starting to feel like flu-garbage again and I still have to go write some words in exchange for actual money. Have a nice weekend everybody, and for the love of God, get your flu shot.



Oh I so know how you feel right now, we've all had the same thing, and the kids bounced back much quicker thankfully, but I missed so much work... and we had the flu shot so WTF?! Feel better soon!

Sue W.

Love the choice of clothing AND mask for school!

You guys feel better.


Feel better, Amy!

Would it be strange if I bought the book for myself?


That's how I spent my Thursday too! Well, except my husband was out of town and my only child was at school all day and then went home with a friend and stayed for supper because I have the best friends ever. But definitely Missy Elliot on repeat, which was just perfect for my fever-addled brain.

I also have high hopes for taking a shower today and eating leftover soup. Sick Amys FTW!


Did not know about the new Missy video! It's amazing, of course. Three things stood out:

1. Those puppets were freaky and looked WAY TOO MUCH like them for my peace of mind.
2. Missy looks INCREDIBLE! Seriously, she looks better than she did 20 years ago!
3. Props to her for being able to ride on that Segway thing (is it still a Segway if it doesn't have handles? Well, whatever it is!). I would be like those people in the videos who are constantly losing their balance and falling down. And those videos are also delightful.

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