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PalletWatch Pt. 2

Hey remember all those damn pallets?

It's okay if you don't. I practically forgot about them too until this week and I walked by them every single day, so thoroughly resigned to their continued existence that they ceased to register in my brain at all. 


But then stuff started happening!


Cutting stuff!


Staining stuff!



And...well. That's actually as far as stuff has gone, because the hairpin legs we ordered haven't arrived yet. Today, hopefully.

Because tomorrow we are hosting a huge-ass Friendsgiving/housewarming party and invited way, way too many people because we figured only half of them liked us enough to trek out to the new far-flung 'burbs but then almost everybody said they could come and gaaahhhh omg I don't have enough chairs or bowls or coffee tables. 

We should have enough turkey, though.  I picked up two hefty-sized birds from a local farm yesterday which are currently brining away in coolers. 


The smaller one is getting deep fried, because I'm starting to suspect that moving to this house was all just a ploy to give Jason an excuse to buy himself toys like tile saws and Dremmels and deep fryers. 

(Although I mainly moved here for the bathtub tbh.)

Anyway. I have a million things to do and clean and stress over right now but Ezra requested that I inform the Internet that he lost a tooth this week, a tooth that has been loose for damn full year now and practically disintegrated before finally letting go. 


Golf claps, tooth. Congrats. 

(For all of our guests tomorrow apologies if I'm making that same face all day I really am happy y'all could come and I'm just sorry there's probably no place to sit.)



If you went to Maple Lawn for your turkey needs, I think you will be very happy. I got my turkey there for the first time last year and it was very good; service from the staff was excellent as well.


My son lost a tooth this morning that had been loose forever as well. I was so happy it came out at home so we didn't have to worry about it getting lost at school. Except he decided to take it to school today. I give up!


jason is way ahead... My husband has been on pallet watch for over a year. But he just used a couple to house some flooring we pulled up so I'm feeling super justified at the moment!!! (Ignore the other six...)

Amy A

Way to go, Ezra! Your internet fans think you're a rock star :)


Don't worry no one ever has enough chairs. It will be totally fine. Have fun!


Love Zah's Texas Ranger badge. I totes got my husband Ben one when I was in San Antonio.

Sue W.

Party on everyone! People won't care about chairs or bowls or coffee tables and if they do, eff 'em! I would come if I were closer!


We have hosted parties with "bring your own chair" requests before (not for everybody, just for those who had folding chairs or who lived next door). It's a bit of organization, and you sometimes get some weird looks from any uninvited neighbors as people show up hauling chairs, but it worked out for us pretty well. We do have awesome friends, though, so there is that.

If you don't have enough table space, sturdy plates are a must, though. People can eat on their laps or even standing (although that's a lot harder when there's food that needs cutting) as long as the plates hold up to it. I don't care whether they're Chinet or a giant stack of mismatched oddballs from the thrift store that you'll then return to the thrift store after the party, just don't go for Thin But Pretty And Seasonal Party Plates from Target that will then wobble, bend, and dump food on people and on the floor, to everyone's embarrassment and to the carpet's lasting regret. The festive designs are not worth it. Get something plain that will hold up to the job... it'll be covered in food soon anyway. :-)


Pssst- make sure none of those pallets have been treated


*raises hand as volunteer floor sitter. I'll bring my own glass too.*

Yay, tooth that finally decided to leave. I hope your tooth fairy isn't a lazy, forgetful cuss like ours.


Glad to see the tooth finally let go. I have a kid who won't pull a loose tooth and the rest of us nearly go crazy trying to restrain ourselves as she complains about one that's flopping and dangling. That's one happy Sheriff!
Happy thankful housewarming! (You must be so happy now that it's done. I'm happy to throw a party but perhaps the greatest thing is realizing that it's over.)

Celeste L.

Looks like Ceiba's on Turkey Watch.


I really like that idea about buying from the thrift store, and then donating it back to the store after the party is over. It's an environmentally friendly, low cost rental, that also helps a charity.

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