I'm Sure This Will All Go Fine & Be Super Okay
It's the Most Germiful Time of the Year

Ta Mothereffing Da

The tile backsplash was installed almost entirely without incident. I KNOW RIGHT?

I believe this is a direct result of me not really helping, other than providing Jason with rags occasionally and then getting the hell out of his way. 


And now the kitchen is done, mostly on schedule and well under budget, thanks to some nice Angie's List discounts, the seriously marked-down floor tile, and us sticking to our DIY guns on the painting and tile work.

(Also plain white subway tile is seriously inexpensive. It's like the manufacturers haven't figured out that plain white subway tile is practically the new mason jar on Pinterest right now.)

(Also also, black triangle thingies are vintage glass planters I got on Etsy. Top one holds our corkscrew and other small wine accessories and the bottom one catches the caps from the beer bottle opener in between. These were ABSOLUTELY the first order of hanging-up business once we painted.)



Okay, I fibbed. We're installing some under cabinet lighting soon-ish and that lamp above the sink is still up for debate. I love it but it's too bright and hangs too close to eye level for Jason. I vote dimmer switch but he's leaning towards a swap. Either way, those changes are not at all interesting enough to undo my declaration of DONE and my commitment to blogging about something other than this stupid kitchen already.

(The paint is also reading a bit greener than we wanted and while we both agree on this point, there is no way we are repainting anytime soon nope nope-ity nope nopenope.)

Obligatory before:


And after:


So...different yet same-ish. But I at least have proper corner cabinets and pots-and-pans storage, plus Star Wars pancake molds. 

Also, because I love you, here's all the shit I shifted around the kitchen before taking those photos.





Love the kitchentruther shot! All looks good, congrats!!


Ok, more truth please. Can you link to the bulbs you got for those fabulous lights? Ever single cage bulb I've ever seen is just.. awful and dim and while lovely, useless for a kitchen. It's like working in a cave. We have that fixture in our dining room and I don't want to ruin it with regular looking bulbs.

Sue W.

Fab.U.Lous! Strange how you didn't add any square footage yet it "feels" bigger.


I have been looking at all the kitchen articles lately because we are redoing our kitchen and subway tiles are most definitely hot, hot, hot :) Your backsplash looks wonderful. The whole kitchen does. I am looking forward to obsessing about drawer pulls and light fixtures when the time comes.


best blog post title ever

Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

Congrats on finishing the kitchen! It looks great.


It looks awesome! I love the Subway tile, and feel somewhat motivated to redo my backsplash. Probably not motivated enough, though.

Amy A

Great job! Love the subway tiles.
@Candace--get LED cage bulbs. Makes a world of difference--much brighter. Those Edisom bulbs are worthless, IMHO.

Ann Uphill

Congrats on finishing the kitchen. It also must be said: I love that your kitchen walls totally match your blog background.


Gorgeous! And good job Jason on the backsplash, especially on not insisting that you get the "real" subway tiles that have flat edges instead of slightly rounded, which are a custom order and thus stupidly expensive. (Not that my husband pulled a stunt like that with our bathroom or anything. Just a hypothetical.)




lol @Ann Uphill! the walls DO match the blog background!! hilarious.


I can't help noticing the Technivorm coffee maker. Makes the best coffee! Your kitchen looks wonderful!


Looks great - I have a question. In this light the top cabinets look to be a different color than the bottom ones. Yes? No?


It looks great. Enjoy your new kitchen, Amy.


This is where I officially become not-Amy's-weird-internet-fan/friend. Didn't you paint AFTER the new cabinets were put in? In the timeline of the blog I'm certain that's what happened right?

Because the paint color looks exactly the same.
(*cringe as I get Amalah evil eye).


I think the paint only looks the same because the lighting is totally different now!


Question regarding your bottle opener: how is it installed in the wall? I have a similar wall in my house and installed one and the screws just popped right out. Is the answer really as simple as needing drywall anchors? Or is it something more?

Leslie in MA

Nice job!


Respect re the kitchen truther shot. Nice job on the Reno!

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