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This Thing Is Still On, I'm Sorry

Back in 2003, just a couple days before Halloween, I registered the www.amalah.com domain. Then I sat on it for a few weeks before actually taking the plunge, and I hit the "publish" button for the very first time about a month later.

Twelve years, three babies, 2,161 posts, 134,790 comments, the social media revolution, the rise and fall of the entire personal blogging establishment later, I'm not sure what it says about me that I am still -- STILL! -- the sort of person who forgets to update her stupid credit card information and accidentally lets her domain expire, and who still has an obsolete yahoo.com email set as her primary means of contact info, AND who doesn't even realize what's happened until multiple days later, like OH SHIT, GIVE IT BACK GIVE IT BACK IT'S MIIIIINE!

(To be clear: No one else wanted it. Amalah.com was simply floating out in domain name limbo, slipping and sliding around the Interweb Tubes, which for some reason I am picturing to be kinda like waterslides. Wheeee!)

Actually, I know EXACTLY what it says about me. Zero personal growth for the win, baby.

(Also, I probably could have gotten everything back online faster if I just picked up the phone at some point yesterday instead of waiting until I could live chat with customer service over the Internet this morning. But. You know. I love this dumb ol' site but it's still not phone-worthy. Also, it was the weekend. WHO CARES.)

Anyway, the blog, it is back. In case you even noticed it was gone, which if you didn't, nothing to see here, move along. But in case you DID notice, no, I did not get hacked or pack up and quit in a blaze of 404 ghosting glory, I am just kind of a moron.

And although that fact has been extremely, overly well-documented here on this very website, I am happy to report that I can continue to add to that particular pile of evidence once again. And over and over again, until 2019 rolls around and the auto-renew option fails AGAIN because I forgot to give GoDaddy the updated information on my credit card retina implant, or whatever. 

P.S. Still having intermittent technical issues with the design and photos not loading thanks to having to re-map the domain to Typepad. Should resolve within the next 24 hours but you might need to clear your cache and try again. Or not! Your cache, your choice. 

P.P.S. We successfully painted the entire kitchen! And chose the backsplash! And the Last Cabinet Standing is getting installed right now and my fridge will be out of my dining room by tonight! And I also washed the kitchen curtains because they were covered in construction dust, then re-hung them with a nicer curtain rack before realizing they'd shrunk like six goddamn inches in the dryer. IT'S LIKE A METAPHOR FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE OR SOMETHING. 



I did notice! And thought NOOOOOO! I knew you weren't a quitter! So glad your back!


I was toying with the idea of reserving it for you in case it got scooped up. But i got distracted by the kids. Welcome back - I missed ya!!


Oh, me! I still have an obsolete yahoo address! I have had it for nearly 20 years now and you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands before I give it up. I also still double space after periods and have an old Windows 95 machine in the back of my closet. Yes, I am that old.


I noticed, and was quite scared. So glad you are here- can't wait for more kitchen pics.


I didn't notice but would be devastated if you left, especially without saying goodbye! Don't leave, ever!


Squeee you're back!


Ever Ever


i saw and sent you a screenshot on facebook messenger. i guess you already knew.


Noticed, but figured the hamsters had finally gotten too fat to power it, and then I thought OMG I follow an animal harmer: HAS SHE CYCLED THOSE DAMN HAMSTERS OUT IN THE LAST 12 YEARS?

Alison F.

So glad to see you back - thought you had gone to the internet wasteland. There be dragons!

Amy A

I did notice; so, so glad you're back!! The designer in me is anxiously awaiting pics of the finished kitchen :)


Welcome back! Who wouldn't forget to update the credit card in the midst of a kitchen reno, Halloween and Daylight Saving Time! I sent you a message via FB which you can now ignore since you are up and running again.

Sue W.

I promise to remind you in 2019 to renew!


I rarely comment but I've been faithfully reading since I googled "speech therapy" in 2008ish? (kid #2) and somehow, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, found Amalah. Add that I grew up in the DC 'burbs (and miss it), have kids similar ages, an entire house of IKEA and, well, don't ever leave us! Glad you're still here!


I blame Halloween for forgetting to return to the library 47 books and September for forgetting to pay Visa. My brain likes habits and uneventful months. For those who don't know, you hand curtains to dry directly on their rod....


Oh, wow. I had a second kid in July (two boys!) and spent a large part of my pregnancy and maternity leave re-reading your archives to remind myself that It Gets Better. I actually read the post about the last time your card expired (http://www.amalah.typepad.com/amalah/2011/07/its-tradition-dammit.html) and you said, "Maybe by the time this current credit card expires. In 2015." and I was TOTALLY going to email you in a jokey-way to remind you but I though it would be lame. This present predicament is obviously all MY fault :-) (My frequent use of Caps Lock is totally YOUR fault, btw. Making a difference!)


Oh my gosh I was so scared. Don't ever do that again young lady!


This is fucking hilarious. I'm gonna dedicate my glass of wine to you tonight.


I figured it was something like that but I'll admit I was worried you might have disappeared forever in a fit caused by remodeling. Then I saw there was a new smack down and stopped worrying.


I noticed and was going to twit you or DM you on Instagram but I thought it might be too stalkerish. Glad I didn't have to resort to creepiness. Welcome back!


I love that you are still here doing your thing. Never change! Except your hair - looks glorious!


Just...thank you for still making every day a little more awesome for all of us! If you ever do hang it up I MIGHT NOT SURVIVE.


I'm glad you're still here. The last PPS was classic. I would miss that crap most of all.


I thought my work internet filter decided to block you and was totally devastated!


I got worried that maybe my employer noticed that I was reading something entertaining and had taken it away from me like everything else. So glad you are back!


So glad you are back! Baby shampoo will un shrink your curtains. I just did the same thing to floor length curtains over my sliding door. When the dog walked under them I knew I was in trouble. Wash in cold, with baby shampoo, and gently stretch while wet. Hang dry and your curtains are back. Your kitchen is coming together beautifully.


I'm good with all that, but I really just checked in for the Halloween pictures, please.

Sue C

Welp, I for one, am glad you're back.

Leslie in MA

I noticed you were gone even though I've never commented before and have only been reading you about 6 months. Glad to see you're back. I'm old - it's hard to adjust to change.


Did you just call a curtain rod a "curtain rack."

Pfffftttt. ;-)

Whatever, lady, I came here looking for Halloween costume pictures of adorable Storch boys!!!! Gimme gimme!! :-D

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