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Let's Talk About Food & Then Let's Also Not

So this week is off to a FLAMING good start, with a nice little stomach bug that knocked us all over, domino style. Ezra, then Ike, now Noah, and oh right, MEEEEE, somewhere right in the middle of everybody else. 

So it's been great! Just super great. Very ready for the winter stomach flus to move along so we can get to all the spring colds and allergies and hay fever crap.

But I do have some good news today, for anybody who is like, "why am I reading about someone else's vomiting children I have taken a very wrong turn on the Internet," by (apparently!!) popular demand, I have a new post series launching at AlphaMom. And it's about food! And cooking! Specifically, healthy cooking for (and with) kids. 

First recipe is for Ezra's absolute favorite food to eat and cook: an easy citrus sweet potato mash that works as a grown-up side dish, a step-up puree for older babies (provided they can handle a touch of orange juice), and can be modified and rolled into a homemade sweet potato puff. (Without the excessive sugar/salt/preservative crap.)

I make this shit by the truckload, freeze it, use it for school lunches, serve as a healthy side when my kids are slumming it with some nuggets, whatever. And Chef Zah helps with almost all the steps, as you'll see in the GORGEOUS photos that I did not take with my stupid phone for once, because I did not take them at all. (AlphaMom does things right and hired an actual food photographer.) 

So yay! For those of you who have requested more (non-#spon) details on the kinds of foods I make for the boys, anyway. I'm not 100% how often these will publish but I'm super excited to do more. (Advice Smackdown will hold relatively steady with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.) If you have any specific requests or ideas shout them out. The plan is more school lunch menus, make-ahead versions of convenience foods, healthy swaps for picky eaters, the surprising stuff my kids have magically decided is delicious, etc. And of course all things that can be considered doable even if you don't have a million hours of free time and are also pretty damn lazy. Like me!

Anyway, I think I need to stop talking about food now. Erp. If your stomach is okay though, you should go check it out



Sue W.

Gonna have to try this! Hope you all feel better soon.


Please write about what I am meant to feed a toddler who will literally only eat two things (bread and fruit). I'm dying over here. Thanks in advance!!


Yay!! Looking forward to it. I'm into Blue Apron because of you, and I'm trying to psych myself up to go full Satter on my 6-year-old twins and my 2-year-old. I'm having some incremental success lately but your posts give me much-needed motivation and inspiration.


This is wonderful, thanks so much! I need to read up on my ellen satter as my almost three year old gets more complicated and my almost six month old starts trying solids - since I don't want to repeat any mistakes this time around, if I can help it! So yes, I love this type of stuff (and more on the satter approach!) - thanks and feel better all around!


omg amazing! I have all those ingredients in my house and did not have a good idea for dinner. thank you!!!


My kids have loved two recipes you have posted - the mini pot pies from Food Network and the salmon bulgogi from Epicurious, which we coincidentally had for dinner last night. So keep it up!! And we will definitely give the sweet potato recipe a try.


Oh em gee Amy your hair color is to die. And I'm totally making this! I'm determined to convert my husband to the sweet potato side


What perfect timing! We are just about to move back from Japan to the US (Maryland, actually, or possibly DC) and will have access to orange sweet potatoes again! All my life I took orange sweet potatoes for granted, but never again. Here they are purple and are excellent for filling pastries and flavoring ice cream, but not for roasting or mashing or any other non-dessert situation. In just a couple of months, I'll be cooking orange sweet potatoes all the ways, including yours.


This is perfectly timed! My 18 month old will NOT eat any vegetables!! Going to try these sweet potato tots with him sometime this week when I get some time to cook!

michelle b

I'd love to see nutritional, make-ahead breakfast items that I can just warm up in the morning.


Do you have a recipe for homemade fish sticks? I remember it came up in a post once and have always wondered how that's done...

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