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That's So Ezra, Part Four Million and Three

Actual voicemail I received:

"Hello, this Nurse [Redacted] from the Health Room at [Redacted] Elementary school. I'm calling about Ezra, who was brought here earlier after getting hit in the head by a door, and he's fine he's fine he's fine, he's back in class, but um...I just...well, I'm just a little confused by some of the stuff he said while he was here and am worried that maybe he isn't so fine after all, so can you please call me as soon as possible?"

Actual conversation I had: 

Nurse: Okay, so an adult accidentally swung a door open directly into Ezra's head and knocked him over. He came here for an ice pack and since the injury involved his head it's policy for me to ask a few questions to make sure there's no disorientation or confusion.

Me: Okay...this could go one of several different ways...

Nurse: He answered everything correctly, his name, how old he is, what grade he's in...until I asked him to name the people in his family.

Me: Mmm-hmm...

Nurse: It all started out clear enough, Mom, Dad, Noah, then...Ike? Is that another brother?

Me: Yep, that's all correct.

Nurse: And then he started talking about Buh...Balloon? Bloon? And a...Bubby and Baby Bat? Who were also brothers and sisters but were all babies and all belonged to him? And Bloon would be in school but she's "home with the throw-ups?" And I don't really know, he just kept talking  and talking about how Bubby is also Superman and Baby Bat is sleeping but it wasn't making a whole lot of sense, so now I'm little worried that he maybe got hit a little harder in the head than we thought.


And that's how we got an official Health Room Incident Report that specifically mentions the existence and full proper names of one Fisher Price My First Bear and two Ugly Dolls.




V luyster

Oh wow, sooo cute. I mean I am glad he is OK, but wow sooo cute!!!


OH God I <3 this is so many ways.


HAAAAAAAAAA!!! Are you like me when the school is calling? It's ALWAYS "Shit. What has he done?" And I'm actually relieved when it's only a injury or a sick child.

Ezra is so...Ezra. What a sweet heart that kid has. Made my day.


*an injury. Derp.


Too cute! Love this so much! Evan was just the same with his favorite stuffed friends too. What a great little boy you have.


Bahahahaahahah!! Flat-out awesome.


Oh, how I love me som Zah. (also said for the umpteenth time.)
Also, our ADD children's book arrived yesterday, and has already made the younger girl child feel better, so thanks.


My goodness! Glad he is okay. I am also glad I was not drinking anything b/c this made me laugh out loud in my office. I can just imagine the nurse listening anf trying to figure it all out. Love the mind of the Zah.


He is so delicious.


"Maybe he got hit a little harder in the head than we thought." Burrrrrrn.


He is precious. I'm pretty sure my ovaries just exploded.


Like everyone else, I'm relieved that he's okay. "Home with the throw-ups" just made my day.


That is adorable and also reminds of Clara's first few months of pre-school where the staff thought I had another child named Buddy because Clara talked about them being best friends so often (spoiler alert- Buddy is our dog).


What a cool little kid.

Candace Kochosky

Is this nurse new to dealing with children? It all sounds perfectly normal to me!

Though I love the 'he's fine, he's fine, he's fine!" thing. Our nurse starts out with, "Hi, I'm Nurse X and I'm calling about Bennett and he's fine." It all runs together like 'I'mcallingaboutBennettandhe'sfine..'


OMG. Dead of extreme cuteness! Glad he's okay. :)


but the real question is how is bloon??? hope he gets over his throw-ups soon.


I thought that Bloon was actually... dun dun dun... Bluen?

Sue W.

Mighty Zah is such a sweet soul.


Thank you. Just, thank you. This was so important to share with the world, and I am deeply appreciated. Today is only at 9:45, I am already stress eating chocolate, it's about to get worse, but you were here for me. You gave me this, and now I think I can cope with my day.
Thank you.

Amy A

Oh, Ezra--you are a gem. Love this and the way his mind works. My nephew once informed his teacher that he was going to have a baby brother. After offering her congrats to his ( shocked) mom, the teacher was told that wasn't happening. When questioned, my nephew stated he said that because he wanted one. Gotta love those little minds!
He's still the youngest, BTW ;)


I love it. So cute!


Kids are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this day-making chuckle.

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