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Tracking PixelThis post is sponsored by Blue Apron Wine. This is the sponsored post I was born to write. 




Wine wine wine-y wine.

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Oh look, more wine.


In summary, wine.

The end.

Okay not really.

But oh, what a happy delivery this was. Six 500ml bottles (about 2/3 the size of a regular bottle), three whites, three reds, each one selected to pair with our upcoming meals from Blue Apron Proper. Delivered right to our door like some kind of boozy Christmas miracle. 


Along with some dinner-time reading for wine nerds. 


(We are totally the nerds who read every word about the wine and vineyard, attempted to identify each of the listed flavors and notes, and saved the cards of our favorites so we can track them down -- or wines like them -- for much re-purchasing.)

We're actually not big white wine drinkers, and I admit I was worried we'd get a box full of big oak-y syrup-y Chardonnays that we hate, but instead we received three pretty unique whites we'd never tried before, and ended up loving every single one.

It helped that the suggested meal pairings were. Spot. On. We tend to just grab whatever bottle we have on hand without putting much thought into it, so it was REALLY FUN to feel like we had our own private sommelier service for the month.  


Having the perfect wine to drink with your crazy delicious grown-up Fontina-and-Meyer-lemon grilled cheese sandwich? While your kids are so jazzed about the fact that they're getting GRILLED CHEESE FOR DINNER and ORANGES IN THEIR SALAD BOATS (aka endive) that they let you drink said perfect wine in relative peace?

That's some excellent dinner-timing, right there. 

Not a subscriber? The first 50 readers to sign up for Blue Apron Wine will get $20 off your first wine order (33% savings) via this link. You don't need to be a Blue Apron subscriber to join the wine program. Skip or cancel anytime. Each bottle (with shipping) costs $11, but represents a wine in the $20-25 price range. So you'll be drinking nice and classy and stuff. The 500ml size is great for two people to share over dinner and/or for you to pour into Amy Schumer's giant wine glass from that Football Town Nights sketch and go to town. No judgement here.




Yeah, I signed us up for this as soon as I heard about it. Because WINE. DELIVERED TO MY DOOR. I fully, heartily second the recommendation for all the reasons you mentioned. Fine, Blue Apron, take my money. Just keep bringing me wine! 🍷💖


Curse living in Pennsylvania. :(


Paid to drink and tell others about the drinking. My life is a waste.


Can you share the names of those lovable whites? :)


I second Lisa's request for the names of the whites. Some of us live in Canada and can't sign up for this and that makes us sad and so we need wine to drown our sorrows. :(


CURRENTLY DO NOT SHIP TO MICHIGAN!?!?!?? MAN this was right up my alley too!!!!


Whelp. That's that. Pack up the blog, Amy. This here is the pinnacle of the mom blog career - paid to post about wine delivered to your door. It's over, folks. Move along. No more to see here. Thanks for all the memories!


I, too, live in PA where we cannot get this service NOR can we buy wine at Trader Joe's like the good Lord intended.

Boo-urns. :(


I wish I could convince myself that someday they'll offer service to Alaska, but I'm a realist. :)


Oh my gosh you just saved me $20 on wine! You are the best ever. And thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try it (we do the meals already also compliments of you) and my husband is all, "blah blah blah, not full bottles, blah blah white wine, blah." So I'm overruling him. Wine! Come to meeeee!

Jess F

Yes! I have been trying to convince my husband to try the wines! Thanks for the excuse and getting us on the Blue Apron bandwagon to begin with!


Hahaha, I wanted to read your post at work over lunch, and blocked you because of alcohol and tobacco. Gotta use my phone now!


I was reluctant to get the wine from Blue Apron because ONLY 500ml -- What's up with that??? But I was feeling wineless one day and bit the bullet. Wow! The two I have already tried were amazing. Looking forward to the rest of my box with dinners this week and plan on continuing to get the wine from now on.


They did not offer this back when we were doing Blue Apron on the regular! And now it doesn't make sense for us to get since I'm pregnant and won't be able to enjoy until July :-( Maybe post baby!


This is when living in Utah makes me sad, no wine deliveries for us!


Why, oh why, am I Canadian?! :(

Steph T.

Damn you Massachusetts and your liquor laws! No wine for me. *sad face*


Amy, a few months ago I wrote a (what I didn't realize at the time was) bitchy comment on one of your Blue Apron posts. I was all, "dude you're being pretty over the top with these posts." But a few weeks after that, I thought, "well Lauren, you definitely had a case of the grumpies that day. You know Amy tells the truth." So I tried Blue Apron, and I love it. Thanks for always telling the truth on your blog. <3


@Steph T they actually do deliver to Mass!

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