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The Volcano Flowers are Multiplying

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So the lovely folks at The Bouqs Company asked if I would like to write another post for them, and like last time, included codes for two of their glorious sustainably and volcano-grown bouquets as part of the deal. Unlike last time, however, I did not order the flowers for myself. 

Okay, that sentence makes it sound used my good fortune to spoil my mom or my sisters or surprise one of my friends. Which would have really nice of me! They probably would have really appreciated that! Had I done that. Which I did not. 

No, this time I simply forwarded the codes to my husband, like OH HEY LOOKIT COUGH HINT HINT WHEEZE. Happy early Mother's Day. Or happy random Tuesday. Your call, honey. 

Now Jason is a wonderful husband who loves to send gifts and little surprises, and who definitely spoils me and the boys (and now Beau, who already owns more toys and treats than most newborn babies). And oftentimes those impulses make it hard for him to follow basic instructions, so saying "go to Target for paper towels and a roll of wrapping paper and THAT'S IT' means he is most definitely going to come back with toys and candy for the kids, a cute PJ set and a dress for me and probably not the wrapping paper. 

So while at with his free codes in hand, when he saw that he could upgrade to the next size up for only $10 each, he was like I GOTS $10 and proceeded to send me two of the most gigantically bonkers bouquets I have ever received in my life. 


So, so many of my favorite yellow and orange roses; so many that I didn't even have a big enough vase. 


I know. TWO SEPARATE VASES OF ROSES. Life is so hard. 


And more sunflowers than should be considered decent. 


I couldn't even get my hand all the way around them.


He also included a note to me that is completely unfit for Internet consumption. Even Lego Poe Dameron was a little shocked by it.

Once the roses opened up, I split them up even more, and ended up with enough colorful little arrangements to scatter throughout the house. 


(This is most of them almost a full week after delivery. Hearty little suckers.)

(And yes, that one vase IS actually an empty beer growler. Because we're super classy and also out of beer.)


The sunflowers traveled around with me. I took them down to the office while I worked, carried them outside while we relaxed on the deck, put them on the dining room table at dinner, whatever. They were so cheerful to look at, and also TWICE THE SIZE OF MY HEAD.

I love sunflowers (more relationship TMI but "Sun" is one of Jason's pet nicknames for me, hence this particular bouquet choice), but always have the worst luck getting them to last more than a couple days. These stayed at peak full bloom for over two weeks.


...which means I will require new bouquets in time for Mother's Day. Better get on that, Jason. 

Thanks to The Bouqs Company for the (mostly free) flowers and for sponsoring this post! Readers: Use this link and code MDAY20 to receive 20% off your order! (Expires in one week, btw.)


Jessie Chen

So excited! Ordered for both my mother and my mother in law. I am usually disappointed with flowers but yours look amazing!

Jessica V.

I fully giggled at "I GOTS $10!"


Just to echo the love here- they are my go-to flower delivery service and I have never been disappointed. I regularly have people tell me that they are the most beautiful flowers they have ever received. I discovered them from your first post on them, so thanks for making me look good!


Ordered for my mom! Hope her roses are as beautiful as yours.

Nicole P.

Mother's Day flowers - ordered! Work productivity - killed!

Now to find someone to order ME some of these gorgeous flowers.

Amy in StL

It's so hard to find good sunflowers to send too! I tried to order some for Bill from some internet company and I got kind of blackeyed-susans maybe. They were wilted within a day and were smaller than a white castle. I'll have to keep this in mind since I try to get him flowers from the dogs for father's day.


I feel like there is something symbolic that you are getting something to joyful and meaningful out of something that terrifies you. Like...silver linings and stuff. Am I misunderstanding what volcano-grown means? Am I being too literal?

Nicole P.

And you get an email from the farm/farmer that is growing the flowers going into your bouq?! What is this company?! Can I have a crush on a company?


I signed up for a Bouqs subscription a month ago, not with your code, but in part because I had read about it here and elsewhere. I pre-paid for a year's subscription for flowers.
And no flowers have come! Every time I login to the website it tells me the delivery date has changed. I've sent 3 inquiry forms. I prepaid a LOT of money!
I'm sorry, it just happens I read this blog post 5 minutes after sending them another follow up about WHERE THE EFF ARE MY BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS and am feeling some feels.


Sunflowers are scary


I love Bouq. We had a great experience sending Chrismas bouquets to relatives from them last year.

And, when one of the bouquets came through damaged, they gave us a credit for a replacement almost instantaneously. Wonderful service there, and the new bouquet just stunned my relative.

another sue

And did you know that if you go through ebates you get 7.5% back?

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