May the Overlords Have Mercy
Who Needs a Title. CATS!


The cats! The cats are here! 

I bet you want to see some cat photos. Good because I have a lot of cat photos.




Outstanding camera work, self.

We brought them home last night and they immediately fled under the first bed they could find. It was Ezra's and they stubbornly stayed put in his under-bed hoard pile for a few hours. The boy cat emerged first, tempted by some food, then happily climbed in our laps for some cuddles. Girl cat remained under the bed for awhile longer, only visible by her reflective Halloween-y eyes, but eventually got curious enough to explore a little bit and to accept some cautious petting. 

Once Beau was crated and the kids were in bed, they got braver and (I assume) spent the night wandering around the house, with occasional pit stops in my bedroom to jump on my head and meow in my face for no reason, like YOU'RE STILL HERE RIGHT. JUST CHECKING OKAY BYEEEEE. 

Beau is being very friendly, but at level that they are so not ready to deal with yet. He's like HI HI HI HI HI OMG HI HI LET'S SNIFF BUTTS AND CHASE AND BE BEST FRIENDS OMG HI CATS HI.

Cats are like, chill, motherfucker. 


Beau took an extra crate break this morning so they could have some out-from-under-the-bed time. 


Girl cat is shy but curious and sweet. If you're patient, she'll come up and sit on your lap, but definitely needs some time to figure out what just happened to her life. 


Boy cat is much braver and already wants to be on a lap and snuggling all the time, but it seems like he's looking after his sister until she's more comfortable. Their bond is no joke, and very cute. 


Oh, I bet you also want to know their names. To be honest, so far they've mostly been going by Boy Cat and Girl Cat, as our chosen names suddenly went back to the debate table all night to make sure that they "fit." But in spite of all that build up, we went with the most obvious choices, and the names 99.9% of you predicted:


Hey, Rey.


Hiya, Finn. 

It's nice of you to join us. I think you're gonna like it here. 



This is the most real cat post, ever. They're adorable and I'm so glad you guys were able to get pets to soothe your sad hearts. I also love that you're cat people. :)




Congratulations on your new loved ones! It doesn't matter at all really, but not being a Start Wars fan I immediately related all 3 of your new furry kid's names to the word "rainbow" when combined. Which is semi cool when you think about where Max and Ceiba are. Anyway...too much coffee haha. Congrats again :)


LOVE! They are beautiful additions to your family. Such lucky kitties!


Hi Rey and Finn! (And hi Beau!) You guys are adorable! :)


I truly believe that cats bond better with their humans if they are in pairs. "Bookends" always.


Julia is smart!!!


Whew, I can stop refreshing your site every six seconds : )
They are lovely, and I can't wait for Beau to bond with his buddies.


Oh I love it! Perfect cats, perfect names.

Kathy W

Is there a polydactyl kitten in the house? You'll be getting high sixes from Finn in no time.

Congrats! Keeping life interesting, one pet at a time...(or 2)


Cat pictures is exactly what I came here to see! I'm impressed they came out of hiding so quickly.


We had one of those second story ledges that our cat just loved. He would sit there for hours surveying his domain. It was also great because the dog couldn't fit between the railings and he could sit and go 'neener neener neener' to her.


I also have a Finn and Rey.

Amy X

YAAAAAAY!!! I'll be honest, I checked your site probably a good 20 times yesterday hoping for this post! Couldn't wait to see the newest additions. So adorable!

ccr in MA

They're doing so well! And they're so cute! I'm so happy for them and for all of you.


Just saying, I bet Beau wouldn't even notice a subtle transition to being called "Poe"....


Also, just saw your shirt. #YAYHAMLET!!!




Yes to Jamila! My thoughts exactly.

Sue W.

I just squeed and fist bumped the air! I guessed right on the names! Welcome Finn and Rey! You've got some good people to live with!


They are in a great home!


Awesome that they are out and about already!! And yeah, get those names in use ASAP, lest Boy Cat and Girl Cat become permanent. I have a Buddy Cat at home because I waited too long....thinking the perfect name would come to me, and instead, Buddy Cat stuck.

Amy A

I haven't seen a Star Wars film since--gulp--1979(?) so I can't reference the names, but I like the choices, anyway :). All three pets are adorable.
(Please don't judge me--I've been very, very busy) 😁


Aw, so happy for all of you! In my experience female cats tend to be more shy and cautious while the males are friendly off the bat. Rey will come around, she just needs time to adjust. When we brought home one of our rescue females she hid in the dresser for DAYS. I started to worry she'd never adjust but she did. I'm sure having Finn there helps Rey a lot. It's so sweet they are so bonded and that you adopted them. Made my day to see this post


:-) This post really made me smile. Last year, we adopted two cat brothers. Nothing more adorable than seeing them snuggled up together in a nap. And warning: it is nearly impossible to resist snuggling up with them... and then falling asleep, too! Can't wait to hear more about these 3 amigos and their adventures. Enjoy!


My Boy Cat and Girl Cat are a little sad you didn't keep those names. They totally get made fun of on the cat playground because their mom is a spaz and hasn't decided on a name in 9 months.

Totally good job naming them. Way to be committed. :)

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