May the Overlords Have Mercy

So on the one hand, it's probably some form of public service to immediately let visitors know that yes, a crazy person lives here. 


On the other hand, I'm totally HA HA-ing myself, Nelson style right now. What a dork. Look at how it's trying to blend in with the furniture all casual-like. 

(I am also simultaneously fretting about the corner placement, because I bet they'd rather have it in front a window or sliding door. But then you don't even need to come inside to know that the pets run this bitch.)

Beau is both casually ignoring the influx of Cat Stuffs while also eyeing me like he knows something's up.


(Their foster mom texted me a whole slew of new pictures, including them in a big ol' cuddle pile with her dog. I'm getting a cuddle pile guyzzz!!!!)

Ike and Ezra, however, are OBSESSED with the cat tower and seem particularly entranced by the string of dangling balls. Um. Okay. Guess I've been overthinking Christmas. If the cats like it half as much as my human children do I'll consider it a worthy, yet still utterly ridiculous, purchase

(Monday is Catday! And they have names! Jason and kid-approved names that will come as a surprise to absolutely no one who knows us even a little tiny bit.) 


Joanna Moore

I'm thinking Star Wars names...


Rey and Finn are the obvious choices, IMO.


so, Luke & Leia then? :) (or rey and finn...just assuming the names are star wars related) :)

do you have a window spot for the cat tree? if it's in a dark corner they may not use it.



Welcome, Rey and Finn!!!


Luke and Leia?

The cat I inherited came with a cat tower monstrosity that has a freaking cat FACE on the cubby section. It is easily twice the size of what you got the new cats.

No shit, the cats ran the place when my in-laws were alive.


This is one of those obvious times when they will ignore the expensive thing you bought them to play in the box. Seriously, you know cats. Just put out some boxes.


OMG, Beau's face, though.


You get a Star Wars name! You get a Star Wars name! You all get a Star Wars name!


Rey and Finn?


Bearius and Cares, amirite.


Wait. So you're naming the new kitties Wine and Blue Apron? 😂

Can't wait to hear their real names on Monday. :)


Luke and Leia. I came up with this independent of all these other comments, though I just read through and saw I'm not alone. OBV a Star Wars name tho. Can't wait to hear. So happy to have happy pet news for the Storch clan.

Sue W.

So your house is now officially a Cat House?! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Can't wait for the name reveal on Monday.

Cheryl S.

They are black and orange right? Hmm. Vader and Chewy? Vader and Ewok? (Trying to get beyond Luke and Leia) Can't wait for the reveal!


Good luck! Our cats ignored the ridiculously oversized construction we got them. Probably because it was so big we kept putting it in a corner. Finally we caved and instead got a smaller scratching pole we can move around (initially we put it next to the sofa they wanted to scratch and they transitioned to the pole yey).this works better for us but now that I see what you got..I want one of those and I want my cats to love it!


When my twins were little, they treated the cat condo are of our PetSmart like their own private playground. Good luck with the Wondercats!


Yay! I'm so happy for you and the kitties who are going to live in a great, long term home. As the proud mom of several cats (the number changed depending on who I'm talking to and based on how I think they will judge me), you will never get sick of cat cuddle piles, double the cat cuddles, experiencing the special bond they have with each other, you may get a little sick of double the cat litter boxes but it's so worth it. I can't wait to see them once they get to their new home! Thank you Amy for adopting these two together. It made my day to catch up on your blog today


Oh and I recently got my cats a big cat condo and they LOVE it. They would be so jealous of the fancy, pretty one you have!


Dangling balls... heheh. That is all.


The kittens will use the scratchy post constantly if you spray it with some catnip and most importantly if it gets a sunbeam. Winter sun + cat post = happy kitty.

Samantha Healy

Love that picture of Beau

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