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How Many Storches Does It Take To Change a Light Bulb

ANSWER: Just one, but it'll cost ya a Lego table.


Oh the brickmanity!

Amazingly enough, I had absolutely nothing to do with this. Jason decided to install one of those fancy app-controlled, color-changing light bulb systems and thoroughly misjudged the strength of the crappy MDF and cardboard table while swapping out bulbs in the ceiling. The crash was tremendous. (He's fine. So are the light bulbs.) 

Note, however, that all the Lego plates survived intact, furthering my belief that even after a global fiery apocalypse, there will still be Legos to step on. Also, as my children work to salvage and remove as many plates as possible, this is officially the most attention this table has gotten since I made them the damn thing

And so we say goodbye to the last remaining vestige of the Isle of Sodor.


I shall of course be replacing it with something from IKEA, because life is a flat circle and also Jason spent all our money on designer light bulbs. 


Steph B



Will now spend the next twenty minutes reliving the Isle of Sodor posts which will then lead to the deodorant wars and my day will be lost!


Our LEGO table is an IKEA Lack table with four plates held on with mounting putty, so they're removable. You know, in case we need to reuse a $10 IKEA side table.


@Laurie You are not the only one :)

LD's Mom

Goodbye Isle of Sodor. The internets will miss you.


Isle of sodor adventures! I, too, must relive them from the archives, now that my son loves ALL THINGS THOMAS.

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