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Our Grown-Up Staycation Week (and yes ok fine we pushed the button)

Late Summer Wrap-Up of Nothing in Particular

Oh, hello blog. You're boring! Life is boring. I don't actually mind boring, though.

Noah finished up four weeks of a summer school program for social skills, and despite originally being supppppperr not-so-on-board with the whole riding the BUS to SCHOOL in the SUMMER, that is UNFAIR MADNESS, he ended up having a really great time. When we showed up to the open house, we immediately bumped into a boy who Noah had an on-again/off-again/on-again friendship with all year. A boy who I admittedly did not always think the most charitable thoughts about during the off-again part, but who lit up with a huge, excited smile at the sight of Noah, and rushed over to give him a big hug. His mom and I looked at each other like, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay, I get it now. 

That friendship is solidly on-again, as are two new friendships with two other boys in his grade. I think 5th grade is going to be pretty great. 

Ezra and Ike are finishing up a school-prep camp together this week, and are also having a surprisingly amount of fun despite the heavy academic focus. Learning can be fun! Especially with your brother there, even if the second you're home you're back to shrieking at each other and adding half a dozen syllables to your names. 

Tonight we're headed up to Pennsylvania to drop the boys off with their grandparents, then celebrating our wedding anniversary in Philadelphia. 

/pulls up calculator app


/it's been 18 years


Then Jason and I are driving back home, sans kids, for an entire week of wild child-free recklessness. During which we have plans to basically go completely insane and do stuff like yardwork, and painting walls.

(And of course, throwing a ton of old/broken toys, hoarded school worksheets/artwork and empty Lego boxes away while nobody is around to protest.)

Maybe we'll even push the button! I'm telling you, man, it's gonna be lit AF. as social media tells me the kids today say. 




As long as it's not "lit AF" by police car lights, right?


My friend asked her teenage sons what AF was an abbreviation for and they told her "Apple Fries". It took her a while to figure out that this could not possibly be true.


A week in your own house with no kids? Oh, man, I am jeally (kids say that, too, right?)
Also, Noah in fifth grade blows my mind, but then, so does fourth for mine.


Who's watching the pets while you're in Philly??!


We were just in Philadelphia, kid-free last weekend and it was wonderful. We had a great brunch at Wedge & Fig, it was so good, I'm still thinking about my Brie breakfast sandwich, yum. Have fun!

Chelsea Garside

Push that button, PLEASE!


Free time in your own house???

Oh, yeah. That sounds great.

Suzy Q

How the hell is Noah in FIFTH GRADE already? He was just a baby! Like, a couple of months ago!

Sue W

You and Jason are such rebels! Happy 18, and many more. Have a great sans kids anniversary. PUSH THE DAYUM BUTTON ALREADY!




Please tell me you are going to crank up the Salt 'n Peppa hit for the actual pushing of the button.


My husband and I affectionately call these kind of days "naked days". It was a tradition, back when our kids were tiny and we had very little time away from them and very little money,to spend as much of our time alone together naked as possible.... because we couldn't afford to go anywhere. Those are still some of our favorite memories, despite not being able to share what we did on "vacation" with anyone :)


Let me just start by saying I love my kids.... BUT a week + of adult no kids time... all at once? I am so jealous! :)
Get a little crazy!!


Today I can't see your blog, is tiny and wont let me make it bigger with my phone-never had this problem b4,and i make make other sites bigger,just not this one-any thoughts why?

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