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Day 9 & Out


Nine days into the school year -- not even a full two weeks! -- and we have our first kid down with a stomach bug.

This feels like a record, even for our barf-happy household. 

I suppose I could look that up in the archives, but a quick search reveals multiple hundred posts that contain the word vomit (or one its more colorful synonyms). It's almost (but not quite) as many posts that contain the word poop!

My blogging legacy, ladies and gentlemen. I have woven a truly rich tapestry. 


(Also I know, I know. Why is this kid always wearing Christmas PJs? I'm actually not sure, but you gotta admit they add a festive, cozy touch to the proceedings.)

(10 minutes after I took that photo that pillow went through something unfortunate. It's going to be a great day!)



Schools are a cesspool of nastiness, and the way kids get sick after such a short time of being there has me convinced that they all lick everything all the time. How else could they possibly share all those germs? Hopefully not-so-Baby-Ike feels better soon. And also, here's to the other 2 refraining from licking stuff and suffering the same fate!


My son was in school 2 (two; TWO!) days and came home with a cold. Definitely a record.


Poor, Ike. I hope it is a short lived bug for all of your sakes.


He may be sick, but he looks absolutely beautiful. Good luck to the rest of the family - hope you don't catch it.


We caught the first one at 9 days too! Just a cold, but it causes kid#2 to puke, so whatever. It's all terrible. Homeschool would be a real possibility if I didn't know I'd be a horrible teacher (and also I already have a job). She came home saying others were coughing on her. Seriously, stop that. She fought it well though (took us until 3rd grade apparently to not miss school for cold/puke), so there's hope.


We have impetigo here!

And my sister gets married Saturday and my girls are flower girls! On track to be hideously deformed ones, but hey- kids!


It's not fair for someone that sick to be that photogenic. When I get stomach bugs, they come with pasty skin, purple undereye shadows, and weird red blotches around my nose. But of course Ike glow.

Sue W

The candy canes do lend a festiveness to the Crud! Poor Little Man Ike. Hope he gets to feeling better and the other two don't come down with it.

April Adams

I actually really love the Christmas pj's. They make me smile :)

Feel better, baby Ike!


We only made it two weeks of big kid school and 3 days of preschool!!!!! The kids barfed a few times and felt fine -- ME??? I had it out both ends for a solid 24 hours. THANK YOU GERM MONKEYS


Poor little man!!! :( I hope the rest of you manage to avoid it. We got head colds the first week of school, but the only one that got knocked out by it was me.


Yup. We only made it to day 3 before a puke incident and kid home from school. I feel your pain!

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