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The Gang's All Here (& They All Want Presents)

And now it's this one's turn to go ahead and be all huge, all of a sudden. 

Baby ez

Tomorrow is Ezra's eighth birthday. He has requested Angry Birds Legos, horseback riding and a cheesecake.


It is also Bluen's birthday. She asked for a new party dress, in purple this time.

It is also Bube's birthday. He wants Wonder Woman, so they can get married.

Would you believe it? It's also Jimmy the Baby Bat's birthday. He wants a girl bat named Lily. Not to marry, though. They are still just babies.


And of course, we can't forget about Hobbes' birthday. He wants a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine set. 

(Hobbes is about to hit the motherload, by the way, in the form of ALL OUR OLD THOMAS TRAINS. I thought I'd given them away, but found them in an unlabeled box last week. [I went looking once I realized there was no way I could justify spending this much money on a gift for a stuffed tiger I won from a claw machine.] We somehow managed to move the entire collection from one house to the next and not realize it. So...a return to the Isle of Sodor, anyone?)

I think everyone is going to have a fantastic birthday. 


(He looks just as thrilled to be here as his baby photo.)


Angela Mott

I love reading about Ezra and his many stuffed friends. And his love of fancy dinner parties/tea parties. 8 already. Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Ezra! And Happy Birthday to all the stuffies!


Not possible that he is 8! Happy Birthday, Ezra!


Happy birthday, Ezra! Amy, he is YOUUUUU. Those eyes! Also this: I had a Cabbage Patch doll, Emily June, when I was young. I got her the year that they were impossible to get and my mom and grandma had to enlist the help of family states away to find one with brown eyes, like me. Emily June became as much a member of my family as I was. She got presents until I was .... married? Maybe? Hopefully Ezra's crew lead just as full and happy a life as Emily June has :)


Aww. Happy birthday big guy! My big guy loves his stuffed animal friends too.


You know, the train set could be the best 'gift' of them all and I bet all the boys will have lots of fun rediscovering it. Ok, maybe only for 3 days or so, but still. One last huzzah for old Thomas!

Sue W

So I gave you MOTY for Noah's birthday. Guess it will have to be MOTD ( Mother Of The Decade) for Sir Zah's!


Wow. Time flies!!


Don't give away your trains! My boys are 19 and 14, and I still have a stash of trains and track that I skim off to give away to my nephew or pull out in a toddler-guest situation. We have moved three times since my boys have played with them, and I think I'm down to one box now. As soon as the trains are gone, I'll work on getting rid of the Legos.


If your trains are wood (not plastic, except the wheels) and fit Brio tracks, I'd totally buy some if you'd consider selling... my 4 yr old loves his trains but the new ones are mostly plastic and I love the wood. Especially the well loved ones ;-)

And yeah, my babies were newborns yesterday too.... weren't they???


Ditto, keep the legos and trains forever! Blink again and the grandbabies will be visiting.


Wow, I started following your blog when Ezra was a newborn, because I'd just found out I was pregnant and searching the Internet for all things baby. It doesn't seem like it's been 8 years, but wow! Happy Birthday to the Mighty Za ❤️


That Bube has good taste. If you're gonna get yourself a wife, get yourself Wonder Woman.


Happy birthday, Ezra! :)


Your children's typical expressions, summarized:

Noah be like, "You people all fascinate me!!!"

Ezra be like, "You people all bore me. ::yawn::"

Isaac be like, "You people better not touch my hairz!!! Step away."

Happy Birthday, Ezra and BLUEN and friends! <3


Is it Bluen or Bloon?


My son also has a tiger that I won from a claw machine. He's had it for several years and is probably his number one sidekick. His name, of course, is Tiger. Happy birthday Ezra!


Tami: it's Bluen. Amy *thought* it was Bloon for most of Bluen's life...until Ezra explained the spelling one day. She's *blue,* after all. Amy was appropriately mortified at her lack of her son's baby's actual name, but she's overcome it, and all is well in Bluen's life now.


Bluen, explained:



Dori P

Happy Birthday, Ezra and your entire squad!

Amy A

In the words of S.E. Hinton, 'Stay golden', Ezra--and happy birthday!


If possible, I think I need to see a picture of all the new additions - Bluen in her dress and the new Wonder Woman and Lily dolls. You know - a "whole gang" picture now that the gang includes a new dress and two new folks.
Also, Happy Birthday to Ezra!

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