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Ezra would like to share some thoughts on today's election, along with some actual for-real head-banging and hand-wringing over the news that kids aren't allowed to vote. Which I kind of agree would probably have elevated the national conversation during this endless waking nightmare of a campaign season.

The kids are all right, even the ones running around in just their underwear.

And for the grown-ups in the room, if you haven't already:


Muchas gracias.  


Brandy K

Please tell Ezra someone will be voting to turn Nebraska a little bit blue today!


I love that he would do his chores, and then go back to bed, if Cheeto Jesus were elected.

Also, I love that your children are articulate. :) (and adorable)


Tell him he's got a Hillary vote in Iowa today.

Logically, I'll know it'll be ok even if trump wins, but it sure makes my concern about McCain and Romney seem like nothing.


My daughter's going to campaign for dogs to get the vote.


I have been down for a week and a half sick (high fever then developed pneumonia) but I dragged my sick butt and my 11 and 14 year old boys with me to vote. They even said yes when asked if they wanted a future voter sticker (I was shocked my teen said yes). I really hope my dragging them to vote for pretty much their whole life will have a lasting impression on them.


To cheer us all up, may I remind you about #dogsatpollingstations
Love, a Brit who's #withher

Dori P

I made South Dakota a smidge bit bluer today as well.


Crossing my Canadian fingers for a Hillary victory tonight....a landslide would be sweeter, but one can dream.

Samantha Leslie

Love the video, and super jealous of your shirt. #imwithher


I helped make Ohio red this morning.


Made Nebraska a bit blue- we can hope!

Katie H.

I feel like Ezra does no matter WHO gets elected! But I held my nose and voted against someone for the first time in my 51 years on this planet. Ima gonna drink and watch Idiocracy all evening... hang on!

Sue W

Mighty Zah is adorable! We have that same cat toy. Our Maine Coons werected ambivalent about it.


Just... thank you for posting this. Thank you for being you, and for raising boys who realize the importance of girl presidents. I wish I'd gotten a video tonight when I asked my daughter about running for president someday. "Um, yes? Of course?"

Lauren A

Lord help me- I'm with Ezra. Back to bed and stay there. Devestating.

Jaye van Acht

Amy, I don't think I have ever commented even though I have been a long long long time reader (i started reading in 2008). But I am thinking of you today, please surround yourself with good people who love you. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts from the asshole state of Texas.


Long live Trump. Hillary sucks.

Amy A

Ezra gives me hope that his generation will do the right thing. Ezra for President, in 20-whatever!

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