Time Is a Flat Tire
Almost Over & Out, Thank Goodness

This Post Was Written By a 39 Year Old Human, God Help Us All

Hi! Hi hi hi.

I am writing this, live and in-person from New York City,  but on my phone because I cannot get the hotel's WiFi to work. So I shall be brief because this feels like I'm typing a really really long text message and the only times I write really really long text messages is because I'm either super mad at someone ("here is everything I would say to you on the phone but won't because I don't call people on the phone!! thus I shall attempt to resolve our conflict in the least productive way!!")...or if I've been ignoring their text message for a long time and have to explain my bullshit reasons for doing that. 

So since I'm not mad at anyone, let me state that my bullshit reasons for ignoring my blog are 1) yesterday was my birthday, 2) Jason surprised me with a little just-us getaway to NYC, and 3) I'm 39 now, Jesus. I feel like that will be an excuse for a lot of things, going forward.

The weather here has been gorgeous so we've mostly just done a lot of aimless walking, shopping and drifting from wine bar to wine bar. I slept in LAAAAAATE. We saw Avenue Q on Monday and are seeing Falsettos later today. I took the following super touristy photos:




And an obligatory birthday selfie after treating myself to a professional blowout and curling-iron-ing:


And also this, which about sums things up:



I'll be back home tomorrow and shall post a much belated-Christmas update, in which A Child Learned the Truth About Santa TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS Oh Happy Day, That Was a Fun Conversation, but also lots of super excited kids and baffled pets. Okay I'm about to murder my phone and Typepad's mobile site so byeeeeee. 




I just turned 40, so that is also my excuse going forward. Happy belated birthday!


Blarg, I'm going to be 41 in March. I'm so old waaahhhh. Glad you had an amazing bday! How will Jason top it for 40? (Which, I mean don't think about that yet!)


Happy belated birthday! Your hair is amazing. And that post-it note board is awesome.
PS 40 is totally the new 30, just saying. (I'm in the years where rounding to the nearest 10 = 50, gasp! I just fainted. The end.)

Rachel in ND (where the weather sux)


Happy Birthday! I always feel like I should keep an eye out in case I see you when you come to NYC but alas my pregnant self isn't frequenting wine bars or Broadway shows.


Love your hair! Glad you're having fun.

ccr in MA

Happy birthday!

Sue W

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! My birthday was on the 23rd. I was *gulp* 60. And it WILL be my excuse from now on. Have fun in NYC!


Happy Birthday! Your hair is amazing, your husband is amazing, your photos are amazing!

Have a Happy New Year; I cannot WAIT to ring in 2017.


Your hair is lovely, also please tell me about the no Santa conversation, because I don't know how to do it without my daughters realizing I'm a giant asshole who lies. Ugh. We all should have thought this through.


Thank God - you are almost ready to start writing us helpful guides to navigating perimenopause. The internet has a sorry lack of bloggers blogging on that topic, surprise, surprise! Kidding aside, you look lovely and I hope you and Jason are enjoying the heck out of your getaway.


A friend of mine posted this about Santa and how to break the news...I thought it was a great idea. My kids are all adults now, so it's too late for me...https://imgur.com/gallery/VCZ3W

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