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Merry Laddermas


So this arrived a couple days ago. An early (and gigantic!) Christmas present from Jason's parents. 

It is a ladder. A proper, tall-enough ladder that will allow us to 1) paint some of the stupid-high walls and ceilings, 2) dust the ceiling fan blades, and 3) decorate the top of our Christmas trees without the use of a rake and Swiffer Duster extend-o handle thing. (That does not extend enough to dust the ceiling fan blades, ironically enough.)  It is so fancy it comes with a whole DVD on how to use it. 

This is officially the most grown-up gift we have ever received. Or maybe the most obvious of hints to get our shit together. 



But seriously, painting! Can possibly realistically happen! Goodbye beige and various beige-y shades of brown! Say hello to...oh God, hopefully not something that looks like a different color at first but then mostly comes out beige once it's on the whole wall. 

I should probably get the ladder out of the box and out of the foyer first, although y'all know our incredible track record on that sort of thing.

And with that, #LADDERWATCH has officially commenced! Peace and blessings to your family during this special time. 





Hope #ladderwatch is as epic as #tirewatch!!


This just made my life. Our new house has EPIC ceilings and I am wondering how long we can survive without a proper ladder. #ladderwatch is my new reason for hope in the new year


I'm a little surprised that you didn't have a ladder already. My husband had a lawn mower in the back seat when we went to close on our house. He grasps at any reason to buy new anything. Tall ceilings would have been an excuse to buy a boom lift, or maybe a fire truck.


I've had really good luck with Benjamin Moore "Limesicle" 2145-50. The online swatch looks a bit muddy on their site, but on my walls it looks lightly green, without blue tones, I would call it celery not lime. It never looks beige.
This picture looks accurate:

Sue W

#ladderwatch should be epic!

Amy in StL

#ladderwatch 2016, I'm popping popcorn now.


This is so cool and practical. I will get one soon for sure. It would be nice to get one as a new year present as well :D

Nicole P.

So are we taking bets on how long until Simple Cat gets stranded at the top of the ladder, or somehow IN the ladder?


I read on a website when I bought my house that when you pick a color you want on your wall, you should then choose a version with brown or grey mixed in. It will still look bright enough when it's on a whole big wall, but won't be as "holy crap that's green." If you don't want to end up with something that looks beige, choose a color with grey instead of brown mixed in. We painted our walls with Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and Quietude, which are super calming. I was going for bluish-greenish-greyish, and those fit the bill.


Bwahahahahah! I'd say break a leg, but no! (how long until the menagerie learns to climb??)


Yessssss #ladderwatch!!!!


Laddermas is so commercialized nowadays. It seems the ads and store displays for Laddermas are up even before Rakesgiving. Ah well, keep the Ladder in Laddermas!


I've had my own #tirewatch going on for like a year now. Husband had a flat tire and put the spare on so the flat has been in the flower bed ever since. He swears he's moving it this weekend. I guess we'll see. When mentioned it I immediately thought of population tire from long ago!

Fraulein N

Ladderwatch! Like buttonwatch, but potentially dangerouser!


Holy shit, a ladder that requires a DVD to use it? My curiosity is piqued.

As for the beige, I hear you. We rent a (very nice!) home in which EVERY room is painted in FLAT builder beige, including ceilings. This is A.) boring as hell B.) meh on the attractive scale and C.) shows and retains every tiny mark with zero ability to scrub, only touch up. Which, you know, awesome with kids.

Annie Garr

We have a Little Giant ladder and we *adore* it! Folds up reasonably small but can be extended full-height or anything in between. Cleaning gutters? Check! Resetting the stupid cap thingy on top of the chimney? Check! Putting the ladder on the stairs at two different levels so I can finally clean the weird stain/devil sign at the top of the stairwell? Check! Enjoy it in good health (and watch the video - it really helps to figure out how to use it).


I second the love for the Little Giant ladder--a true must for a house with super-high ceilings, not to mention gutters and wasps' nests. Let Ladderwatch begin!

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