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Rando Weekend

It's January 17, almost Let's Inaugurate a Lunatic Day, it's cold and grey outside, and I still haven't taken down our Christmas tree, which is dead.

Time for a half-assed, hodgepodge post of random, mostly unrelated photos!


I made this for dinner and lo, it was good. (We've been mixing it up and trying out a few of the other meal-delivery service options, so this was a Sunbasket recipe.) So good that the kids ate EVERY BITE, declared it their favorite, and then Ezra and Ike made me thank-you necklaces. 


Which I think went really well with an equally ridiculous dress. The men in my life give me weird things.


I also made a lasagna.


I was pretty darn proud of it (as evidenced by the multiple photos I took of it for no reason) and the kids ate it just fine, but alas, I was not showered in additional jewelry afterwards. Ingrates.

Our weekend was on the touristy side...first Jason took Noah to Fort McHenry in Baltimore while I hosted a playdate for the other two at home.*


20170117_160441000_iOS 20170117_160453000_iOS


He had more questions than the park staff were able to answer, but came home full of excitement, along with a bunch of books and a small copy of the Constitution. Which he now carries around everywhere and likes to pull out and ask random strangers if they know what it is, all  CAN I TALK TO YOU ABOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR TODAY? WHO'S UP FOR AN IMPROMPTU HISTORY LESSON FROM AN 11-YEAR-OLD? LET'S TALK AMENDMENTS, SHALL WE?


The Constitution accompanied us to Medieval Times (which was every bit as delightfully cheesy as I expected, and MAN do they get you coming and going with the souvenirs and the upsells), and Noah used it to test the commitment to staying in character of every actor and waiter in the place. 



Those swords were an immediately regrettable purchase, but everybody was having so much fun I was powerless to stop the ridiculousness. 


Noah did not enjoy the lack of silverware and got a little stressed over the choreographed dueling, but did great and really enjoyed it overall. Ike was absolutely transfixed by the horses and whole over-the-top pageantry of the show. Ezra ate an entire roast chicken with his bare hands and thought it was amazing.


Not pictured: The happy adults who were pleasantly surprised by the fact that there was wine! 

*The playdate was with Ezra's new BFF and her little brother (who is in Ike's class). Ezra made everybody clean their rooms the day before because she "doesn't like messy rooms" and then was up and dressed (in a "handsome shirt") six hours ahead of time and made Jason style his hair "spiky like a rock star." He then confessed that sometimes the other kids sing the sittin' in the tree song to him about her but he doesn't care because he's in love.

"We DON'T kiss," he clarified. "We NEVER do that. But sometimes we hold hands."

And finally, Batman. 





"Ingrates." Made me snortlaugh. Classy.


if your looking at other delivery services, we do marley spoon and love it. I think I have free meals and am happy to send you one if want it. Just text me.


On the precipice of inaugurating a lunatic, I read this perfect little slice of life and realize everything's going to be ok.


I was totally feeling like your first sentence when I came here but now I am so happy. Lasagna! "can I talk to you about our Lord and Savior"! the Minecraft sword at Medieval Times! A handsome shirt! The kissing in a tree song! You are all just too precious for words.

Sue W

Snorted at Ingrates!


Ezra's BFF is a lucky girl, that is so cute.


my husband is a graphic artist and last year was tasked with making little pocket-sized books with the constitution, declaration of independence, and a couple of other historical transcripts. Every fourth grader in our state got one. It was an overwhelmingly successful project. Alas, the funding didn't come through for another run so this year when I have an actual 4th grader, there's no book. :( I so wish we had a one though. I'd mail it to Noah in a heartbeat.


I've been doing Sun Basket for a few months now.... I switched over because they've got gluten free options. So far I give it 25 thumbs up!


After 18 happy months with Blue Apron (despite my attempt at their terrible wine) I cheated on it with Sunbasket (because paleo options) and have never looked back. (Curry! Cauliflower rice! Organic ingredients! Non-leaky chicken packaging!)


That is the cutest Ezra story ever. Also I really want to take my 6 year old to Medieval Times and he really wants to go but has so many issues with loud noises and food that I think it would be a waste and we'd spend a zillion dollars on crap on the way in, have to leave 3 minutes after it started and/or when we were presented with a chicken he's expected to eat and then have a miserable drive home from New Jersey. I had so much fun at that place when I was young though. SIGH. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHH.


This is the lasagna recipe that my kids invite friends over for dinner specifically to have. And that the 11 year old requested for his birthday. (Not my blog, but a clear link to the recipe...) We make it with ground turkey and no veggies, but you can mix it up with lots of meat/veggie options. http://myconvertiblelife.blogspot.com/2010/01/recipe-best-lasagna.html


Funny, my husband does the same thing with the Constitution. I imagine it goes over better with one Noah's size.


Master Zah is turning out to be a mini-Jason with the love of cooking and pulling out all the romantic moves for the ladies!


I was wondering why you were wearing a child's top and then clicked the link and saw that it's 11's dress! I second Jodi on loving Marley Spoon! Haven't tried Sunbasket. These days I'm switching back and forth between BA and MS depending on what looks better and many weeks just skipping delivery altogether. I like to have breaks in between or I get stressed that I'm not getting everything cooked before the next box comes.


A) That dress is awesome. I want it.

B) I have been making that lasagna forever. I love the basil in it, and the sausage!


I have been looking into a meal service delivery as well. Do anyone know if you are able to pick a two night dinner option with Sunbasket? I am only seeing a 3 night option in their FAQS section...I am probably reading it wrong.


Sunbasket is either 3 meals for 2 people or 3 meals for 4 people. I keep getting surveys about other options but they haven't made new plans yet. We do their Paleo plan but ,man, you have watch the spiciness level of some recipes. Sometimes they're are hard to share with our 3yo and 1yo because of it.


A friend of mine works at Mt. Vernon, and she would love Noah with the passion of a thousand burning suns. And not to slam on the lovely people at Fort McHenry, but she has never not known the answer to a question I asked. Noah should put her to the test!

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