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Man, last week was One Of Those Weeks. Jason's work kept him late almost every night, or had him commuting to D.C., while the boys all started different after-school enrichment programs on different nights of the week (naturally!). They'd come home extra crunched for time and INSANELY hungry, having missed their usual after-school snack break. They needed dinner STAT and waiting for Dad to get home wasn't an option. 

It was One Of Those Weeks where we just had to sacrifice our family dinner ritual. It happens. 

Kids got an easy, early dinner from the freezer or pasta shelf. All as healthy and homemade-ish as I could manage (I do a lot of big-batch cooking on weekends for nights like that), but certainly nothing too challenging or exciting. 

Jason and I, on the other hand, didn't have to sacrifice much at all: Every night was Date Night, thanks to Blue Apron

Usually when we have One Of Those Weeks, we end up ordering a lot of takeout or delivery, which is 1) expensive, and 2) too easy to blow through 2,500 calories in one sitting because oh look a two-for-one deal on large pepperoni pizzas plus cheesy garlic bread and Imma eat ALL OF IT. An old bad-eating habit both of us try to avoid as much as possible these days. 


Since we knew this particular week of craziness was coming, we (temporarily) switched our Blue Apron shipment from a 4-person family plan box to the 2-person plan. Once Jason was on his way home, I started prepping our dinner, we finished cooking it together, and then sat down to a quiet, peaceful (and healthy!) grown-up meal. There was no whining, no dropped forks or spilled milk, no Minecraft talk or fart jokes. There was a nice glass of wine and maybe even some candles, and on second thought there probably was still a fart joke, because we're both just kinda like that. 

There was also:


Seared Chicken with Pan Sauce and  Apple, Kale & Potato Hash


Crispy Barramundi with Melted Leeks and Roasted Vegetables


And Cumin-Crusted Pork with a Fig & Blood Orange Pan Sauce, Farro & Fennel. (All the meals were delicious, but this one was our mutual favorite, and I am stealing the cumin crust idea for a pork tenderloin ASAP.) 

While the food, wine and company all earned five stars, I do have to ding the dining establishment for decor and ambiance:


So freaking hipster, amirite?

Thanks again (and again again again) to Blue Apron for being such a great sponsor. Get three meals added for FREE to your first order (limited to first 25 readers, chop chop) by using this link here!.


Claudia Wade

We ate the same three meals from Blue Apron this week. We both LOVED the cumin crusted pork to the point that it is one of our top 3 BA favorites. So good!


We also got the same three! I have to say though, your barramundi looks a lot better than mine did! Question - what type of meals do you batch make and freeze? I'm always looking for ideas!

No poison please

I looked at the lovely food. And was instantly reminded of how important it is that our food is produced in clean circumstances with clean water. And thought about HR 861 which simply says the Environmental Protection Agency ends on 12/31/2018. Please read about the Love Canal; I am sure you are too young to remember it. Then consider making a big noise about this to your elected representatives. Some people may want the Love Canal to reappear in their local community......... if not~~~~ BIG NOISE NOW. But know what it was and can be again.

Lauren A

I loved Blue Apron when I had it... it was AWESOME for getting me through having a winter newborn and not wanting to drag her to the grocery store every day. And for making me feel like I was still pulling off life by cooking for the family. Homecooked meals with a newborn? Whoot woot! I felt like I was winning that one. But here's the thing... Blue Apron keeps trying to lure me back with the "3 free meals" thing... but it's free meals for me to send to other people, not to use for myself. And sure, I did that once, but kinda want the free meals to be for me, ya dig?


I have to wonder--are the photos you posted of the entire serving for one person? Because my husband needs at least two chicken breast halves to get filled up, and would want larger amounts of the fish and pork, as well as the sides. The portions you are showing would be fine for me, but not for a good-sized male, unless he had eaten his large meal of the day at lunchtime. I've been contemplating trying Blue Apron, but a meal that would have my spouse scrounging in the refrigerator an hour after dinner won't cut it for us. (And no, he's not fat.)


Janyll, the portions on Blue Apron meals are pretty small, IMHO. It's why we cut back to only using it once in a while. I need leftovers to take for lunches to work and there's nothing left over after a Blue Apron meal. But they ARE usually pretty delicious.


Lauren A - YES! I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years and it annoys me that I can not get the free meals. I have sent them to people and a few signed up and are still customers so why not give me some free meals???

As for the portions - I'm fine with the size and we do sometimes have leftovers however I do hear the husband looking for a snack after dinner from time to time. If I think the portions will be to small for him I will add a salad.


We had the same Seared Chicken (LOVED the Potato, Apple, Kale hash!) and Cumin Crusted Pork (the Fig Pan Sauce - WOW) this week. For our third meal though I had substituted and selected the Cauliflower Pizza which is now the first meal that we have absolutely not liked out of five weeks of meals. That's a winning ratio if you ask me! In addition to the delicious dishes, we are having such fun cooking together. We have never really done that, my husband has had little interest, but now he is totally engaged.


We had those three dishes this week too! We are making the barramundi tonight, had the chicken last night. Cumin pork= our favorite this week so far! We'll see if the barramundi unseats it.

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