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We celebrated the beautiful weather (and everyone's so-so recovery from the cold that wouldn't die from last week) by getting outside and tackling some yardwork. Lots of leaves and twigs and small branches to collect. Our trees like to shed many different things all year round.

My contribution:


...aaaaand my children's:


We paid them a dollar. 


Got what we paid for, I guess. 

Today is a professional day at school so everyone is home for the fourth straight day. We're running out of entertainment options, although my "Anybody Who Whines About Being Bored Gets Assigned Housework"rule  is working out splendidly. The house has never been cleaner!


(This broom and dustpan combo set is the perfect size for your littlest servants, incidentally.)

Ezra eventually caught on, and decided to get ready for our next family protest instead. 




Can't argue with that last one. 



I know your children hear things and make decisions based on what they see and hear. I have no issues with children being a part of politics but don't you think it is important to teach them to deal with facts? There may be valid reasons for not agreeing with Trump but what turns me off anytime I see people who are anti Trump is the news that is shared using biased wording. One example would be to let them listen to clips where other presidents have suggested the same exact things but we're not vilified for their positions. It is simple hypocrisy to tolerate views that were agreed too when spoken by another. I have never vilified a President using opinions or rhetoric. I agree or disagree based on facts and policy. I hear so many stories of the evil Trump which are not based on fact. I am not saying you do this but teaching children to recognize biased reporting might be helpful as they navigate the lovely political world.


Generous of you, Terrsa, to concede that "(t)here may be valid reasons" to oppose Trump. May be. MAY BE.

Is there another POTUS who proposed banning Muslims? Another POTUS who suggested building a wall between the US and Mexico? Perhaps you could post the mythical "clips where other presidents have suggested the same exact things but we're (sic) not vilified for their positions."


Go Mighty ZRA! I can't wait to vote for that kid someday.
And children are perfectly capable of calling out bullshit when they see it, maybe better than most adults. *AHEM*

LD's Mom

Looks like Ezra is following the facts spot on!


Go Terrsa!


When I scrolled past your broom and dustpan combo link an Amazon bar popped up at the bottom of my screen with the exact product should I need to buy it. Either really convenient or super creepy.

Protest signs are awesome. And factual. Good job guys.


I'm confused as to how Ezra making a protest sign somehow implies that the children are somehow not being to deal with facts. Protest signs are about witty saying, not properly cited facts (although now I'm sort of playing with that idea in my head...)

But for my kids, and I suspect Amy's as well, they're being exposed to the facts and policies as well, and are forming opinions based on that. I spend a lot of time discussing the logistics of the wall with my kids. And why people are having difficulties traveling to the US right now. And what "alternative facts" are, among other things.

I'm gonna' have to try that "anyone who acts bored gets assigned housework" trick. Or maybe "X minutes of cleaning will earn you X minutes of screen time."


Ezra, unlike the 45th president, seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the facts. Indeed, he's probably more qualified to hold public office than is any member of this administration.


Is it bad I wanted to finish his sign with, "has no balls"? I'm a 40-year-old third grader....


Terrsa has done her homework. hysemary has not.

Bertine Kersten

You have got to love the stupidity of people who are still talking about a Muslim ban. There is no Muslim ban! It is a travel ban, sloppily implemented, and aimed at halting travel TEMPORARILY from seven Middle Eastern countries. Also, I really hate to break it to you, but Trump is not going anywhere, no matter how many protests you attend. Sorry! Unless, as some people are actively fantasizing, he gets assassinated. Amy, I've been reading you for a few years, and the content and quality if the words you have to say on here is rapidly deteriorating. I love your earlier work. I can relate to it. If you were intellectually honest I could still read you while disagreeing with you. But the sheer level of hate for everything Donald Trump is just baffling to me. What has he done so far to justify any of your hysterical anxiety? Has your life been impacted in any meaningful way by his policies (other than inside your head)? And this indoctrination of your children, this constant stream of vilification? Be reasonable, and please get off your high moral horse. Trump is not the end of the world. Stop with the hysteria, please. I implore everyone to tone it down or people will die because of this.


"What has he done so far to justify any of your hysterical anxiety? Has your life been impacted in any meaningful way by his policies (other than inside your head)?"
I'm sorry, so only people who are directly harmed by a policy are allowed to speak out against it? Injustice is injustice, whether it's against "my group" or not. And if, as you seem to suggest, we need a selfish motive to get involved in such issues, defense of human rights means a defense of us all. Once those start to erode, there's no telling where it would stop. I see no hysteria here. Just outrage at the attempts of this administration to take away that which makes America special at its core.

"Also, I really hate to break it to you, but Trump is not going anywhere, no matter how many protests you attend."
Some folks may be working toward removing Trump from office, but whether he stays or goes, protest can have many effects short of that. For one, it shows others that policies enacted in our name do not actually have the support of all Americans. This is important both domestically and internationally. Second, it can influence the administration's policies and/or legislative votes related to these issues. Will the a bill be voted down? Not necessarily, but it gives lawmakers information about how their constituents feel, as well as political cover if they want to go against the tide (voting with the district sentiment). No member of Congress can say that there is wholehearted support for a bill if there are thousands protesting it.

Civility it is.


If we don't teach our children to speak out against injustice, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and hatred, we have lost already. Good for you and Jason for taking your children to protests and standing up for your values. The seeds of change are planted whether they bear fruit in this day, year, decade or generation. Gandhi learned about non-violent resistance from the British women who were fighting for the right to vote in 1906, then used the technique to free India from the British Empire decades later. Martin Luther King learned from Gandhi and used the same peaceful techniques to fight for civil rights. And the need for non-violent resistance to injustice continues. As Martin Luther King said, "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."


"Has your life been impacted in any meaningful way by his policies (other than inside your head)? ". Oh, Bertine, selfish people like you is how we ended up with a Trump. His policies may not be impacting my life currently but it is affecting other groups that I care about.


Ahh your kids just warm my heart! I can't even handle it. A pile of sticks just short of the leaf bag is about as far as I get with yard work, too.
And hot damn to all these pro-Trump people. If you're getting up in arms about a kid making a sign encouraging a very public figure (one might even say a "role model", though not a particularly positive one) to "be nice", I think you're wound a bit too tight.


Bertine - the Muslim ban may have been a "a travel ban, sloppily implemented, and aimed at halting travel TEMPORARILY from seven Middle Eastern countries." except that Trump called for a Muslim ban during his campaign. I find it kind of easy to draw the line from one to the other. And the courts did, too. Would I like an election do-over or an impeachment? Sure, but I understand one is not possible and the other, well, it's not something I can control. However, that is not what the protests are about. The protests are people standing up and saying that what he is doing is not acceptable. It's standing up and being heard.

Amy - long time (I found your blog through DCFoodies right after Noah was born) lurker. Just wanted to say, I get it. And thank you for teaching your children that this is not normal and not acceptable.


Doing one's homework typically requires showing one's work. Trump supporters should feel free to post the "clips where other presidents have suggested the same exact things but we're (sic) not vilified for their positions."

Here's me showing my work:
Candidate Trump calling for Muslim Ban:

Surrogate Giuliani explaining that Travel Ban is really a cleverly disguised Muslim Ban:

Was the Trump Executive Order Similar to What Other Presidents Have Proposed?

And Bertine Kersten, Somalia, Sudan and Libya are not part of the Middle East. Facts Matter.


"Has your life been impacted in any meaningful way by his policies (other than inside your head)?
My job as a human being is to care for ALL human beings. The policies are WRONG to target a group of people based on their religion. See below for a reminder of what happens when we only care about and think of ourselves.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


Guys, I'm pretty sure you're not convincing Amy that she's wrong in any way, shape, or form. Amy, please correct me if I'm wrong. It may be time to accept that you're not simpatico with her on this issue, A, and B, it's probably going to come up a reasonable amount in the short- and medium-term future. If that's distressing for you, maybe it's time to take a breather or take up yoga or something.

Brandy K

"Stop with the hysteria...or people will die because of this." I mean...the hypocrisy or worse, the threat, is astounding. (But I suppose that is a hysterical interpretation, eh?) Amy doesn't write a newspaper column here. So, like that t.v. show you hate, you can just NOT WATCH/READ since you are not getting your news here, folks.

I recently discovered someone who writes tips related to my profession that felt the need to share her opinion on a moral-political issue. It did not align with my views. I stopped reading her. Because I'm not going to change her mind making comments on her blog and really, she's entitled to her views. I don't interact with her in person (which is really the only meaningful way of understanding our differences/changing minds) so, I let that shit go. I've got plenty of other blogs/FB pages I can go to. So, that is my recommendation for all who don't share Amy's opinion. Let. that. shit. go.


Delurking to say that *I've* been reading Amy's blog and the Advice Smackdown for the last five years, since I struggled with nursing my daughter. Her words helped me to fight off some of the postpartum dispair, when lack of sleep and supply issues conspired to convince my foggy brain that I was an utter failure. I am a better mother today because of Amy's work. I strongly disagree that "the content and quality if (sic)the words you have to say on here is rapidly deteriorating." Regardless of anyone's political leanings, it is a step too far to criticize Amy's writing as a whole. Someone wise once told me to "take what you like and leave the rest." So for the Trump supporters in the readership - channel my daughter's hero Elsa and Let. It. Go.


I always find it ridiculous and baffling when someone criticizes the writing on a free blog- are you paying for this content? are you in some way forced to read this? Why on earth do you think that you have a right to criticize the writing on a free blog? If you don't like it, don't read it- why spend the time leaving a comment that potentially hurts the writer? Have you financially contributed to the writers ability to write? if not- then keep your critiques to yourself.


Aren't we responsible for teaching our children pretty much everything as they grow and mature into making their own decisions and judgments? What about teaching our kids the bible and bringing our kids to church from day one? What about teaching them our morals like whether skin color makes a difference? Or whether it's acceptable to breastfeed in public? That comment was ridiculous.


You guys...We already have a wall. So yes, another president did suggest that--Bush II. The wall is what we call a "fence" but it is high and you can't fit a person through it. It doesn't stretch the whole border, though, but they were considering expanding it.

I'm not supporting Trump; I'm just stating a fact that people seem to have forgotten. I don't support expanding the fence, or building a wall.

Amy A

I love the fact that some readers feel it necessary to educate Amy on her parenting, or, apparently, the lack of informing her children how we must accept that with which we do not agree. I think Amy and Jason are teaching their kids that every voice matters. Ezra's sign says it all - be nice. How is that objectionable? Granted, I think the dissenters may have a case if his sign stated 'Fuck Off, Trump' (while I don't advocate swearing in the young, I do nevertheless find little fault with that sentiment.) But raising your children to have a social conscience is a very good thing. I hope Amy's kids, your kids, and my kids will always be tuned in to the political climate. If nothing else, this election has raised the younger generations' level of awareness exponentially, and has hopefully motivated them to become even more involved in the election process. It's a very good thing.


Go Bertine!

Comments are open-you supposed open minded liberals can't handle free speech unless of course it is speech you agree with.

I can't stop reading you because I am trying to understand how you & people like you think!!


Another long time reader who just has to chime in -- Brittany, it's not free speech us 'open minded liberals' can't handle -- it's opinions stated as facts. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to make up bull sh** to justify a completely incompetent man's policies. This 'ban' is not at all the same as what other presidents have done. I have done my research, a lot of it. So have, presumably, the courts and lawyers who have upheld the ruling to stay the ban.

Bertine - others have said it as well - his policies have already affected thousands of people. Just because you personally may not have been affected makes no difference. This 'imaginary hysteria' you speak of is actually legitimate concern about how he is running our country (or who he is allowing to run our country, i.e. alt-right anti-Semitic Steve Bannon).

I know, no one is going to have their minds changed, but to attack Amy for instilling morals and values in her children? Ridiculous. Thanks Amy for keeping it real. Your boys will be wonderful men some day and treat a woman with respect. The same can't be said for #45.


Colleen-so angry-this is why Trump won -America is tired of being told how to think and what to believe by self-righteous, arrogant people like you!

I worked for Rabbi Heir, there is NO greater Rabbi! Wake UP! You probably don't even know who a Rabbi Heir is or what he did on Inaguration Day.

Also Amy blocked me for awhile nice of her to let me comment again! Free Speech?????yeah right!

Brandy K

Brittany, we're not in a corner crying. We're just responding, like you. So tell me how we're not "handl(ing) free speech"?


Nobody is telling you what to think Britney we're just pointing out that your argument is full of holes and ad homiem attacks.


And Free Speech only protects that the government will not control the speech of its citizens. The blog is a private publication Amy has the right to decide who she would like to block and who she does not.

Amy A

Brittany, no one is telling you that you can't state your opinion; what is happening here is called consequences. You choose to name call and denigrate under your right of free speech, and then play the 'liberals are so arrogant and self righteous' card when called on it. Amy can block whomever she chooses, and yet it appears she was gracious enough to allow you to comment again. Might I state my what is sure to be considered self-righteous and arrogant opinion that she may have been a bit premature in doing so?


I find it laughable that you call me self righteous and arrogant and then follow that with a presumption on what I do and do know know, as well as using who you used to work for as what, some sort of one-upmanship? Not sure how Rabbi Heir (who I do know of actually) has anything to do with the discussion at hand. My uncle's father was Rabbi Jacob Wolf, who was a champion of social justice - I think I am already perfectly awake, thank you. I don't claim to know everything and have actually engaged in many productive conversations with people who have opposing views as mine. One of my closest friends and I are polar opposites. We are still friends and I have striven to learn and understand where she is coming from. You said you are trying to understand how "people like you" think. I don't see anything but defensiveness and personal attacks. You might want to re-evaluate what you are actually trying to accomplish.



Brittany, you're just commenting from a different computer/IP address, dear. You weren't blocked for a difference of political opinion, but for general rudeness and name calling. Many pro-Trump readers left comments in the wake of the election but only two were blocked for failing to be civil. I am generally very hands off down here but attacks on fellow readers, my kids or openly calling me names or a bad mother will get you shown the door. Again. Move along.

(Although hahaha just pulled up your comment history and you also really hated how much time Obama spent golfing and his overuse of Executive Orders. Good thing Trump is totally different, right?)

I don't know how much clearer I can make this, people: I am a liberal Democrat. I have a special needs kid in the public school system and think DeVos is a damned nightmare. I am pro-LGBTQ rights and protections. I am pro-choice. I care about our planet. I don't want to spend fucking billions of dollars on a stupid wall. I have dear friends affected by this stupid travel (MUSLIM) ban and deportation force -- people who are not your enemy or anyone to fear. My husband's family is Jewish. I want a grown-up for president and will never, ever encourage my children to idolize or respect a selfish, narcissistic man who brags about grabbing women's genitals, constantly lies and bullies people on Twitter and in real life.

If this continues to shock and anger you, your president can probably recommend some media safe spaces you'll be happier at. But I'm just getting started 'round these parts.


Trrsa, why don't you be "intellectually honest" and just come out and say that you don't like Amy's politics instead of this back-handed, disingenuous, what's good for the children, condescending remarks which implies that you know what's better for her kids than she does and is HUGELY insulting.

Hayesmary challened those who support the current administration to show their work, defend their points with REAL ACTUAL information, and they have all gone silent (except for one whose points are barely coherent and who obviously just wants to stir the pot). None have taken her up on the challenge.

I'm willing to wager that if anyone wants to make points in favor of what Trump is doing, using real facts, or something more substantial than, "He's President, shut up and get over it" or, "Stop the hysteria, or else people are gonna die," (which sounded, well, a little hysterical to me) I'm sure you will find that most people here would respond civilly, perhaps even respectfully.

But don't expect people to read thinly veiled insults to another mom's parenting or straight up untruths and say, "Okay, well, thanks for sharing." This is not that crowd.




I love that you're helping your kids feel empowered during this scary time. One of my girls was crying the other day because apparently at school some of her friends are afraid of being deported or having family members deported. I showed my kids videos and images from the women's marches to try to illustrate that there are millions of people standing up for people's rights and to protect her and her friends from the scary stuff. (Which it's really weird and sad to have to comfort your kids that you'll protect them from the president.) We're planning to take the kids to the march for science in DC in April. I think they'll get a lot out of being able to make a stand. We're also working on maybe writing letters to our representatives and senators and I'll be letting them listen to me make my calls to our senators and house rep too. I like to think that somehow in the end of all this our country will be much stronger for having so many people (and kids) involved in civic engagement!


Free speech doesn't really exist if you are challenged for remarks that don't support your politics. There is a sign at my school now saying gays etc. have a safe place yet I would not be allowed to post a bible verse there or write Christians are safe. I do not agree with her politics but think she is an awesome mom. Obama and many others have supported a wall and deportation. It only takes a small amount of research. Amy can teach her children any way she likes as they are hers. I was simply suggesting they are making political statement against things liberals have also supported and to ignore that does not give anyone the entire story. It is so easy to find out the hypocrisy on both sides by researching verifiable news stories.


You rock. When my son is old enough to understand the shitshow that is politics, I hope he reacts the same way your boys are currently reacting to Cheeto in Chief. Love and respect your parenting and your blog. Keep on!

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