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Post- and Pre-Holiday Cheer


This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company

I waited a long time to take the Christmas decorations down. The house looked so bright and cozy with them around, and they made me happy.  I mean:


Eventually, the number of pine needles all over the floor became less bright/cozy/happy-making and I finally dragged up the boxes and put everything away. 

Luckily, I had the perfect replacements already sitting on my doorstep. VALENTINE’S DAY HERE I COME.



(Seasonal Affective Disorder say whaaaat?  It's totally spring up in this place!) is officially my go-to site for ordering fresh flowers now -- for myself or friends and family, since the flowers 1) aren't cut until you order them, so they last an impressively long time, 2) are absolutely bonkers gorgeous, duh, 3) are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms because I really do love this crazy planet of ours, and 4) giving/getting flowers that were grown on an ACTUAL VOLCANO is just kinda badass. 


(Third-party certified by both The Rainforest Alliance and my cat.)


(Just making sure I trimmed the stems properly, of course.)



Yep. Those'll do. 


(I kept the BB-8 ornament out. BB-8 just feels like a year-round decoration.) 




(Officially sense a new sponsored post trend going on here.)

Thank you to The Bouqs Company for the happy-making roses and spray roses (both from their special Valentine’s Day collection, full of gorgeous everything for both rose- and non-rose-lovers), and ON THAT NOTE, Valentine’s Day is coming and you should go make someone happy:

Get 20% OFF for Valentine’s Day with the code AMALAH.

(This Valentine's Day, say it with VOLCANO FLOWERS!)




Love Bouqs! The quality is great!


I use Bouq now the flowers we send out at the holidays to various far flung relatives. They're just outstanding, way better than what we'd been getting elsewhere.


I placed my Valentine's Day order with them last week! I love them.

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