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Wellllllll, look who got her shit together this year. 


Just look at this shit, and how together it all is. 


I completely forgot about the boys' school Valentine's Day parties last year (and every other year, to be honest), which resulted in  2) a mad last-minute rush to a ransacked Target and the purchase of the world's most objectively ugly/lame Valentines, 2) an $800 car repair  and 3) three kids up way past their bedtimes filling them out while I stressed out over spelling errors because we literally did not have an extra card to spare and ugggghhhhh they were super-glossy cards that you couldn't use a pencil on whyyyyyyyyyyy....I vowed to be more on top of things this year.

I added these three Valentines sets to my Amazon cart on February 15th, 2016 and clicked "Save For Later." Then I created a reminder in Google Calendar for January 31st, 2017 that said MOVE VALENTINES TO CART AND BUY NOW WITH ONE-CLICK HURRY DO IT DON'T BE DUMB. 

(Please note that my day-to-day life and organization levels still operate at the normal level of "complete and utter clusterfuck.")


But hey. Valentines are done. With a whole day to spare! 

I also had to text a certain girl child's mother last night and give her the heads up that this will be happening tomorrow. 



Oh, Ezra. Just...never stop Ezra-ing. 




Is it just me, or do the Animal PJs just make it that much more freaking adorable???


Go Amy! I didn't realize that my preschooler's Valentines were due today instead of tomorrow (why?) so we got to frantically fill them out this morning while he cried about it being "too much work." Killing it.


This year I thought about buying Valentine's early and then thought "No, the kids should pick their own," apparently forgetting about my own rule of never ever taking the kids to Target with me. Then I FORGOT to take them and even though I've walked past Valentine's 1000 times in the past month, it wasn't until yesterday that we finally bought them. But whatever, we're done and ready for tomorrow. And now I shall go and add some to my Amazon cart, TYVM.


Last year I bought 8 boxes at Walgreens 90% off. I ALSO was a genius and bought 2 "DIY mailbox" kits so I didn't even have to attempt a shoebox. My kid is only 3 and only has 16 kids in her class, so 8 boxes with 24-32 valentines each will last me a while!


I just wrote Valentines on my hand so I'd remember to have my daughter try to sign her name at least tonight. I bought those suckers like 2 weeks ago, but have yet to do anything with them since...


I saw this post and then frantically texted my husband, "Are we supposed to send Valentines to school tomorrow?" SO ON TOP OF IT.

(Thanks for the reminder, holy shit.)


And this is why when we got a note from my son's preschool teacher saying, "We don't exchange Valentine's in our class," there was much rejoicing.

(And Ezra is the cuuuuutest.)

Sue W

So I can be expecting a ring from Mighty Zah tomorrow? It is definitely warmer and way less sick here in Florida!


I needed change of a $20 a week or so ago so I went into the Walgreens near my office and realized I could FINALLY be prepared for my kid's in-school Valentine's Day celebration. I was so proud of myself.


Just got back from buying ring pops at Dollar Tree for valentine's because there was nothing left at CVS. This is the last year of ES for us and I didn't think they were doing them. Ah well.


We have Valentine's Day ridiculousness in Australia too, but I've never heard of kids getting into it? Is it an organised thing at schools? Whoa - I have enough issues with Easter, Xmas etc, I hope the kids don't catch on here (although the thought of my son buying a sweet little gift box for a special someone is very appealing!).


I am super excited to see the valentines you chose! My husband works for Peaceable Kingdom's parent company and they are good, good, good people. Mamas bring their babies to work, nurse during meetings, the company is LGTBQ friendly, raise people up, and sensitive and helpful with families deal with illnesses. Right now, my husband says there are quite a few babies in the office! When you walk through, there are swings and pack n' plays. And Ezra is the sweetest!


We were blessed with a snow day yesterday, which gave us plenty of time to make Valentines with whatever random paper we could scrounge around the house. But it's a snow day today too, so they'll all be late anyway. You'd think since I'm actually my own kid's teacher we'd be on top of this, but no. And to answer the question about why teachers want them a day early, it's so we have time to fill in the gaps for the kids that didn't bring them or didn't bring enough or whatever. It sucks to discover at the last minute that someone got left out.

LD's Mom

Oh, Ezra. Just...never stop Ezra-ing. Exactly!


My child's teacher emailed us 2 weeks ago to say the following: "Although there are many thematic cards to buy, we do encourage kindergartners to create their own as a meaningful way to use those fine motor skills — cutting, glueing, coloring, etc. Also, as a kindergartner, we are asking the children to not only sign her/his own name, but to also address the card to each child."

I decided this was utterly unrealistic and just bought the pack of Star Wars valentines anyway. It still took the full two weeks of daily cajoling and hard work just to get him to write the To and From part of each card -- he has 22 classmates and 2 teachers!

Holly W.

Pfffshhhh - your organizational skillz are totally on point. People know me as organized, and what you described is exactly how it happens. If I mess something up, forget something, or randomly think of some stupid thing I have to remember to do later, I put a reminder in my calendar. School crazy picture day, buy a birthday cake for my own damn son, schedule that doctor's appointment I keep talking about needing to schedule, yadda yadda. it's on the calendar, and I do it right then. Right then. No exceptions. so then I'm 90% on track, which I think is pretty much the best percentage ever with four kids 5 and under. #winning


My 13 year old daughter and I paused briefly by the Valentine's cards in CVS the other day, and in a moment of shared Valentine's PTSD said "thank god that's over, never again". So thankful for middle and high school aged children who are blessedly free from the Valentine's Day card-for-everyone whirlwind. Ezra is awesome.

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