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There's a Suckerpunch at the End of This Post


Happy Friday!


Not much to report from here, as usual. 



Really only here to phone something in real quick so I can go play outside in this perfectly normal 70-degree February weather. Hopefully the sun doesn't explode while I'm out there. 

One semi-related follow-up to Wednesday's post, where the reality of "Noah's going to middle school" hit many of us like a sack full of existential bricks, the school yearbook staff requested baby photos of all the fifth graders. 

And like many modern parents with way, way too many millions of digital photos scattered across old laptops, flash drives and cloud storage, I went and swiped some random pics off the Internet. Specifically, this post, which is really dumb so don't go read it, instead, look at these photos and try not to wither into old-age dust.


The squirrel cheeks, OMG. 


I can still remember the EXACT sound of the cooing noise he was making at this moment. 


100% without a doubt contemplating the possibilities of time travel.



...we'll bleed and fight for you, we'll make it right for you. 

If we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you..


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...and you’ll blow us all away.


Laura Beth

😭😭😭😭 you sucker punched me good, even with the warning


legit thought the first pic was Ike before I started reading.

Nicole P.

How do you even pick which picture to submit?! HOW?!


Even with the warning, I'm still crying. Go, Noah. You have a strong community and amazing parents supporting you. <3 <3 <3


Saw Hamilton Thursday. Cried during that one thinking of my 1 year old nephew. Now tearing up at work thinking of Noah. DAMMIT. Also, damn right we will.


She was warned, she was given an explanation, and nevertheless she reading a post she knew was going to make her cry awkwardly in her shared office.


Noah, you outshine the morning sun. What a privilege it has been to watch you grow up. Go out and blow us all away.

Judy P.

So, the sucker-punch didn't get me because I think I'm the only person left that hasn't heard the Hamilton soundtrack, but I googled and found "Dear Theodosia and then got chills/goosebumps at those lines.


Yeah . . . no one warns you that the growing up part is THE WORST and THE BEST all at once. My daughter graduated last May, and throughout her senior year the two of us became more and more obsessed with Hamilton. I cannot listen to Dear Theodosia without major sobbing, and when we saw the show in Chicago in December (her graduation gift!), I clutched her hand and cried through that whole song.

Sue W

Damn guuurl! Right in the feels.
Our youngest nephew graduates high school in May. I swear he was just born yesterday!


Thank you for sharing your boys with us.


Ok so I'm an idiot and went back to that linked post, and then, then! r ad every previous post up to Birth Story part one (and then part two). I'm crying like a baby over sweet baby Noah! And so amazed and in love with this big kid, 10 year old Noah...who, I really don't know but feel like I know.
I don't know how you pick the baby photo...I love the one of Noah in a hooded towel, with his fist kinda raised up.
BTW my son shares the same bday week as Ezra. When we get to 5th grade with those boys, I know I'm going to be a wreck!


So beautiful.


I remember this post so well. There's still not another baby who is turtle-ier! What a privelage it's been to share in your Noah's life for so many years.

My second is just gone three months and the only reason I'm not sobbing at her growing older with each day is that I need to her to hurry up and grow up so she can take over as Anna in her older sister's perpetual game of Elsa and Anna which I SIMPLY CANNOT PLAY ANYMORE I AM GOING FREAKING BONKERS


I can't believe this is happening! I can't believe our babies are getting older, and I can't believe we gave them Trump. Neither of those things was a possibility in 2009.


My goodness, those photos. What an adorable little baby squirrel.

Incidentally, I remember that original post. I started reading (and mostly lurking) before you were even pregnant with Noah. Wow.

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