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Awesome. Happy Randomly Awesome Day!

michelle b

Yep, we got married at 23 and 14 years later I'm happy we did, despite the fact it was stupid!

Sue W

I was not a child like you when I found my Prince Charming, but we will celebrate 28 years next month! I love him more every day.
Happy Random Awesomeness Day to you and Jase!


My husband and I were also naïvely stupid and got married at 23. 19 years and 2 kids later we're still happily married. Guess sometimes it works to grow up together : )


1. That is awesome!
2. There is some little advertisement video at the bottom of that post and it was playing a video of a tire rolling through what can only be described as "a tire obstacle course". I really thought it was part of the post.


In light of what happened in your "backyard" -what are your thoughts on Obama immigration policy now ???


Brittany, I don't understand why people (like you) paint a whole group of people (immigrants) with the same brush.
Just because one person does it, does not define everyone else.
By your logic, since it was males doing the raping, we should be afraid of all men.
What's that you say? Not all men rape?
You're right. And not all immigrants (illegal or legal) are dangerous people.


Awww......That is pretty awesome.
Whose backyard? What? Here is whats happening in mine.....


I'll have to go back and check, but pretty sure nobody involved in the Penn State child rape scandal was an immigrant.

Okay, back from checking! Yep, all U.S. born white guys!

Jenifer Alonzo

Husband and I got together at 19. We didn't get married because we thought that would be stupid. Thirteen years later we sheepishly got married because it was starting to get embarrassing. That was ten years ago. Now I'm thinking 19 year olds can pry be smart enough to find someone kind, loving, wonderful. Get married if you wanna, kids!


Awwwww! So sweet.


You guys are great! Thank you for being here!


LOVE it worked this way for y'all...and now the world has the gift of your boys as well!

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