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Tuesday night I came down with what I initially thought was a stomach virus, but has since turned out to be a mild case of food poisoning. And while I'm still not back to 100% (can drink water just fine but can't eat anything without disastrous consequences), once I realized it was NOT something that would ping-pong around the entire household, resulting in a week or more of bodily fluid hell, I was downright relieved.

So I ate some bad chicken at a restaurant over the weekend! The kids all ordered pancakes off the brunch menu! Jason got a steak salad! It's just me! Everybody else is gonna be fine! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!

Or more accurately, this is the most Mom I've ever Mommed. I am celebrating my own wretched but non-contagious food poisoning. We have hit Peak Mom and surprise! It's DISGUSTING. 

Tonight we're supposed to get in the car and drive seven hours to Vermont. I should be better by then, right? Or at least super skinny? 

Shit. This is probably gonna suck. 



Sending gentle hugs and watered-down Gatorade.


Oh no! Good luck on the drive to Vermont tonight. I too just got over something (just me), and I don't know if it was food poisoning or a stomach bug. All I know is no one else got sick so hallelujah!


I read this initially as "get in the car and drive seven hours to Vomit." So hopefully not that?


Feel better! And welcome to Vermont (in advance).

Sue W.

Hope you made it to Vermont without any adverse reactions and that you can enjoy your time there.

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