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Marrch of the RR Key

The rr key on my keyboarrd is sticking. Not every time, so I keep forgetting about it, and then rrealize a second too late that I've just sent an email or article or blog post into the worrld with a bunch of r-rrelated typos. It's great. Rreally grreat. 

Luckily this dump doesn't really care for stuff like "editorial standards" or "prroofreading" or "grammarr that doesn't fold and collapse in on itself under the weight of the seventh line of a single run-on sentence" or "CAPS LOCK IS LAZY AND SHOUTY," so I should be okay.

rr. r. rrrrrrrrrrrr.


Anyway. How's everybody's week? Mine is boring, although I'm trying to pretend it's not March because March is a very bad, not rreally grreat month for me, historically speaking, what with it being long and cold and grey and oh right, the month where everybody and everything I love dies. Not to be dramatic, but well, March can suck it. Rey was making some vomit/heaving noises this morning and I was like, DON'T YOU EVEN START WITH THAT I CANNOT. 

(It was a hairrball.)

Last night we trried to make falafel pita sandwiches and something went very, VERRY wrong and the patties distingrrated in the pan and ended up more like burnt glue than falafel. I'd made a side of sweet potatoes that turned out okay so the boys got sweet potato pita sandwiches and Jason left to go get us some damn Indian food. And then the bag carrying the damn Indian food ripped, multiple containers opened, and our entire orrder ended up on floor of the restaurant. They kindly remade it for us, but it was overall just not our night. The pre-Ides of March, I suppose. 

Did you know that you can make sweet potatoes in a slow cooker? (Trransitions? Segues? Wat?) Like, I don't quite understand how this was brand-new information to me, but it has quite literally changed my life. You don't have to...DO anything! You just wrap the potatoes in tin foil and just pile 'em in there. 7/8 hours on low, but it's not like you can overcook them or anything. Easy overnight sweet potatoes. 


All the goopy mess-juice stays in the foil so you barely even have to clean. The skins peel away like paper once they're cooled. I grab one for lunch and top it with whatever I can scrounge up, the rest get mashed up for the boys. I include an apple or two and mash that in too, skins included. The end result is so naturally sweet (and word-that-is-like-moist-but-not-because-moist-is-a-garbage-word) that you definitely don't need to add any sweeteners orr butter. Though I do add some cinnamon, because yum.


Visually stunning food photography.

Anyway, I feel like a damn genius, because I can finally keep up with my children's mashed sweet potato habits, which are legit insane. They will happily eat sweet potatoes at every meal, including one right from the slow cooker at breakfast (or spread like jelly on a waffle), then packed in a Thermos in their lunchboxes. And now sweet potato pita sandwiches are a thing that exists, and will likely exist again, because I will probably opt for leftover Indian food for dinner tonight rather than attempt anything that could result in further life tragedy, like burnt chicken or the oven catching on firre. 


(He's got his cowboy hat, safety goggles, his girl Alexa, and a huge mouthful of sweet potatoes. Hit it.) 



Sweet potato not moist..... how about velvety and smooth. Melty. Creamy.
Hope these help......


Falafel in the oven: Spray the baking sheet, spray the patties (not balls) flip once. Crispy and easy, and not fried!


This information is LIFE CHANGING! (With all of the time this saves me, I plan to explain to my kids what a vegetable is...)


Turkey sloppy joes served in a baked sweet potato are super yummy.


WHAT is that wrap on Alexa? Very cool


I'm doing this. I wonder if you can do that with regular potatoes too?


I LURVE baked sweet potatoes, with a little butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar. It's like dessert, only with fiber! But I would not want the skins to peel away with the foil, because the skin is the best part!


I've had the same heartbreaking experience with falafels, but never tried sweet potatoes in a slow cooker. Thank you for the inspiration! I always love when you share your home cooked meal ideas because they're always so perfect for a real-life family. I still love the mini chicken and broccoli pot pies you shared ages ago.


You can cook potatoes in a slow cooker, too. I don't wrap them. Cooking Light magazine had a recipe in their Jan/Feb edition with a barbecued chuck roast in the slow cooker and potatoes wrapped in parchment perched on top so everything was done at the same time for stuffed baked potatoes. I'm going to try it with sweet potatoes next time.

Sue W

I make a gluten free ground turkey or chicken, depending on which is cheaper, sloppy Joe and put it on top of sweet potatoes for me, white taters for hubby, who is not a sweet potato fan. Ummm. Ummm. Good!


Could you reshare the mini chicken and broccoli pot pie recipe?


Recently discovered: chorizo (the crumbly kind) mixed up with mashed sweet potato. Sweet and spicy and OMFG dinner/breakfast/whatever is served.


Someone beat me to it: oven-baked falafel.


Best falafel ever


I just got my BA box with that falafel meal in it. Hope my experience goes better than yours did! Although I must say that Indian food is always a great back-up plan.


I think your keyboard is just talking like a pirate. Arrrrgh!

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